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hello and welcome in this video I'm going to show you how to create a table of contents and the table of figures in Microsoft Word 2010 so the first thing I'll do is show you how to create table contents that's more common thing table of contents is something that you would insert under the references tab alright and that's typically go at the beginning of our document so if I go to the beginning of a document and I need a new page before the beginning I can just insert a page break so I can go insert our page layout break so I can just do ctrl enter for a page break now I've got myself a blank page and people I've seen this a million times people go up to this spot right before the page break and they say I want to insert a table of contents I'm not going to make a big deal out of formatting I'm just going to pick the first one alright and I get this message saying something about you don't have anything in your table of contents you didn't do anything wrong not really so there's two ways to do this there's the there's the mark your entries and then put create the table of contents or create the table of contents and fix it I've created a blank table of contents let's fix it so if I scroll down through my document I need to make some decisions about what do I want to show from my table of contents and what do I not want my table of contents there's essentially two ways that you can mark things for your table of contents I have a blank table of contents because I didn't mark anything but if I click on introduction presumably I would want that in my table you can apply the heading 1 style right it's kind of ugly but now the fact that it is heading 1 does imply that it's going to be in my table of contents clinical study 1 let's put a heading 1 on it and I'm just going through and I'm finding all my headings notice I don't have to select all the text right this is a paragraph style it's a link style so it's going to apply and heading 1 heading 1 right this is getting kind of boring it's there's no more to it than this results let's call that a heading 1 study 1 results I'm going to call this a heading 2 and you'll see what that looks like you can see visually what it looks like you look at results it's a little bolder a little darker it looks different it's going to look different in our table of content this is kind of ugly oh good it grouped it with the paragraph heading to and conclusion I'm going to call that a heading one right and that is essentially my document now if I press ctrl home or however you'd like to scroll the beginning of your document you'll notice that I still have a blank table of contents just like I did in the first place you'll also notice that once you click in your table of contents you've got this option to update table I click update table and bam there is my table of contents all right so it's not a difficult thing to do you just need to understand the word while it's pretty smart it's not smart enough to know what you want in your table of contents and here you can see the relevance of the heading 1 heading 2 or heading 1 just means they're all indented on a certain level heading 2 is slightly more indented while we're at it just in the interest of maybe at some point you might be asked to do this notice that if I click on this here you can see that the heading 1 is applied the other way to mark things for your table of contents is on the references tab and this in the table of contents group there's this add text button you notice how level 1 is checked this is similar to heading 1 heading 2 heading 3 if you mark things in this fashion it will show up in your table of contents you can also tell things not to show up in your table of contents here as well that concludes my lesson on how to create a table of contents but since it's so similar let's also do the table of figures all right unless a table figures goes between the beginning of my document and the table of contents so I'm going to do a page break to create a new blank page and I'm going to go right here right in front of the page break I'm going to insert a table of figures which is right here I have some options I'm not going to worry about those you've got a few different styles you can choose from I'm just going to go generic no table of figures found there are no entries I guess for the table of figures found this should be a common theme kind of similar to the one before if you have a mess around table of figures it's basically a table of contents for the images in your document and so here's an image and I might want this image to show up in my tea in my table of figures so I need to mark it now common mistake people go to picture tools and then I go out market well you're not going to market there you're going to market on the references tab and what you want to do is you want to insert a caption all right figure one is not really negotiable you're going to leave that there you can change it but that's making things harder than it needs to be if you want to change that you could change it like that I'm just going to leave it as figure one I'm going to say like vials or something like I guess and you notice now I get a caption below the image and you're thinking okay once why would I do that you'll see it's insert another caption we'll call these beakers and notice how it automatically calls it figure 2 that goes from top to bottom my document things are going to number themselves automatically let's do another caption then this will be test tubes alright I've set captions on my images now let's go check out our table of figures which is here nothing found guess what we need to update this and we can update it here or you can also right-click and update most things I update and it now tells me the page number of the various figures that is table of contents and table of figures you see they have a lot more in common than you might have thought one of the other things which I kind of will do right now notice the table figures does not have title so you probably use a need to put title on that something like that and guess what we might want to have that in our table of contents as well I could have called this example over or not just for fun let's go add text on this guy and make it level 1 and that I think a took it so let's update our table of contents entire table and there's my table of figures sure it doesn't look very fancy I could fancy it up if I like or how about just change to heading 1 that concludes our lesson thanks for watching

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  1. For some reason my table of figures is not updating even though I have been adding captions in the same way πŸ™ do you have any idea why this could be?

  2. This only works because you haven't specified numbers for your chapters. If you do this in an actual thesis, where chapter 1 is the introduction, after your acknowledgements, abstract etc your intro becomes chapter 5

  3. My pages are all numbered normally 1 to 300 but the table of contents has all the dozens of titles listed in roman numerals!
    Where are the page numbers?
    How can I fix this?

  4. is there any way to integrate the table of figures directly into the table of contents? instead of having two separate tables?

  5. Can you use table of figures for images without having captions? I don't want captions with images but need to create of list of where I got the images for copyright purposes. I can manually create a page but was hoping for some way Word could do it as it does with endnotes, etc. Any ideas?

  6. Why do my attached documents in my appendix that are referenced in my Table of contents, showing up in the contents.

  7. Hi thank you for the video.
    Just one question, when you own a picture, and you want to insert in your thesis, how do you reference it ?

  8. Ken.. awesome.. thanks for that! Been trying to work this out for a couple of hours now.. all done! πŸ™‚

  9. You are a life saver, thank you for the video and being so clear and easy to follow on the formatting. You are amazing

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