CrazyTalk Animator 2 Tutorial – Character Composer

20 thoughts on “CrazyTalk Animator 2 Tutorial – Character Composer

  1. hello, how to change the size of my caracher? for example, I want him to be small and fat or tall and slim… is this possible?
    PS: I've got a pipeline version

  2. Hi can I make custom face by own photo for g2 character. I want to change face of superhero man ( cartoon solution v2) by my own photo. Can I do so ? How ?
    Please help me

  3. Id bought CTA3 PIPELINE. Though i dont have the option to change face, hair, body type, etc… because i dont have them on my content manager. Is it because i have to buy them on a separate package????

  4. Im using crazytalk animator 7 pro. i dnt have actor fitting editor .. Anyone help me in this. What to do?

  5. 👋 I draw in photo shop frame by frame… i draw each limbs in parts, into 3 separate layers all ready ex. Arm ( 1.hand, 2 for arm, 3.bisept shoulders) Crazytalk advertises this product is user friendly.. can I n how do I transfer over n set my characters over. ?I have a seven min cartoon on my channel… complete as in it's fairly smooth n I did the mouth assignment my self frame by frame.. no prior training.. I just like cartoons allot n had photo shop. Also 🤓 Can I use my photo shop drawn back grounds in crazy talk . .. simply.. I use adobe photo shop cs3 .

  6. i Downloaded crazy talk animator pro 2 at the app store but I am not able to change skin color. the group name selection in render style is blank and unable to be accessed. How do I proceed?

  7. porque eu baixei o programa ele funciona bem mas na hora de fazer animações não funciona???? porque

  8. This just made character creation an animation a whole lot easier for us noobs

    Way easier than flash

    Thanks so much reminds me bit of fuse mixamo but for 2d characters instead.

  9. Cool video. I was wondering, how do you upload the animation to youtube so it fits the screen perfectly? Example, not having an open black gap on the right and left side. Or more specifically, what is the size you export the animation so it fits the youtube size? Thanks!

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