Cracking the Coding Interview with Author Gayle Laakmann McDowell

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  1. yea… implementing this on the spot is tricky, thus the camera cut. I've been asked some fun ones, "implement auto complete", "implement infinite scroll", "implement search engine", "implement pig latin -> english translator n vice versa"… fun stuff indeed.

  2. I got interviewed for a position and the interviewer only asked me one question. What's is a UDP, TCP and the difference between them? Just finishing college I don't think I even had a networking class but I still knew how to use TCP AND UDP but because I could not explain it in the way he read it from his book I was rejected. Then he recommends me to read this book. If it was really important to learn about network protocol hire me and give me time to learn that.

  3. Interviews should focus on real world problems. I understand the whole problem solving aspect but interviewees are literally just going to learn these for an interview and forget it in a month.

  4. For those who think these types of questions are outdated… you are not thinking about it properly… if you learn basic mathematical operations, you apply them in real life… this is similar… when you are at a place where your code uses other peoples code and vice versa, you want it to be as fast as possible, and as clean as possible and as scalable as possible… if you are having more than a few years of experience in tech and you still think this is not important, best of luck…

  5. and Im here struggling like fuck with the "easy" problems on and still fail interview tests cuz they feel completely out of touch from what I learned in college, lol

  6. Here is a similar solution I wrote in c#

  7. There is no such thing as a matrix inside a computer, everything in the computer is stored sequentially,
    even a matrix will be stored sequentially,
    we just abstract it to fit our human syntax of a matrix

  8. I have this book and I did this problem and I also have to agree that it's pretty difficult to come up with the formula to get the offset. But eventually you kind of just memorize it after you see this type of problem

  9. Just pick up the whiteboard and turn it clockwise and set it back down on what was it's right side. Done. I can even create an "Undo" and "Redo" fairly quickly if needed. You don't need a microprocessor to solve this problem. Don't over think things people.

  10. Or you could map the index directly like this:

    int n = res.length – 1;
    for(int i = 0; i < res.length; i++) {
    for(int j = 0; j < res[0].length; j++) {

    // magic line
    res[i][j] = a[n – j][i];
    return res;

    Here res is a new matrix. So we dont change the original matrix. This is not in place but has O(m*n) space complexity i.e., we duplicate the matrix. Time complexity is also O(m*n) same as the one mentioned by the author, but ease of implementation is higher in this solution. Also this solution is based on simple math(you need to figure out a function to map indices).

  11. I so much feel like punching in her perfect face and then destroying that white board. This interview mindset is nowhere near real work experience

  12. I'd write on the board:

    * let newmatrix = rotate(oldmatrix); *

    and then I'd say: "put me in charge of one junior dev, and I'll have him implement function rotate() on my first day."

  13. So the first advise is "Ask questions"? Well, once I got interviewed by a company from Washington DC and the guy would not let me ask any questions. He answered rudely: "Come on! All the informations you need are already written in the PDF!"

  14. The only accomplishment Gayle Lackman should proud of is single handedly turning interview questions into a mental-masturbation exercise. She forgets what's between her legs and how that's one of the only reasons she got hired. She couldn't even last a year in a company before she took the easy false prophethood route.

    People like her have tarnished the tech industry and reduced engineering to some fake acting role. Beware, her methods are lies and you won't last.

  15. I'm going to have to watch this video multiple times to grasp that solution. This makes me feel even more terrified about my interview later. Maybe my Masters in CS was a waste of time smh.

  16. And for your next task…
    I want you to write code in assembly that will land be able to land a SpaceX rocket on a launch pad in the middle of the Atlantic ocean at night.
    You can use whatever color marker you like.

  17. How sad that we need to learn a completely different skillset for job interviews than the actual skillset needed to do the job.
    The hundreds of billions of dollars lost by engineers wasting their time on practicing crap like white board coding, which is never used in real life engineering!
    We have IDEs and compilers now, you know.

  18. I can make web applications in my sleep and do 3-D rendering with no problems. But I wouldn't have been able to do that

  19. I thought this was one of the hardest problems when I first read her interview book, now it's not too bad. Guess it just takes time.

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