Corvid by Wix | How to Collect & Display User-Generated Content on Your Website

hi today I'll show you how to collect and display user-generated content on your site before we begin make sure corvid is enabled first create a database collection to store and manage the content you want to collect from your visitors from the site structure sidebar on the left hover over database click the plus sign here and then new collection name your collection comments and set the permissions to the form submission then click create collection next click plus here to add fields for the information you want to collect give each of your items a field name like comments once your database is set up go to the site structure sidebar and click on the page you want your visitors comments to appear on then go to add user input and drag-and-drop user input elements to collect information from your visitors like their name for this example add an additional element for visitors to write and submit their comments when you're done add a submit button click Add button and customize it finally go to add text and create a title to display visitor comments add a repeating layout click Add select lists and grids and choose the repeater you want this type of layout lets you present unlimited content from your database on a single site page next change the ID of your repeater select it and in the properties panel rename your ID to comments list you'll use this new ID later in your code now you're good to go add a data set to your page click Add database and select data set connect this data set to the comments database change the data set name to comments right set the mode to write only and change its ID to comments right this data set will allow visitors to write data into the Commons database click connect to data to link your user input elements to the fields in your database next add and connect an additional data set to the comments database and rename it this time leave the mode is read-only and change its ID to comments read this data set will be used to display the information you collected from your visitors on the page again click connect the data to link the repeater in its elements to this database in order for visitors comments to appear on your page instantly after submission you'll need to add some code to add your own code open the code panel at the bottom of the Wix editor import the Wix data library so you can query data from the comments database next how to get data function to get the information from the comments database then use the after save event with the comments right data set this will call your function every time a user submits a comment and posts it live on your site click preview to test it out now you're ready this video is always here so come back and watch it again for more help you can also visit our resource page for tutorials articles example code and more

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  1. Only one video shows from database collection from users , i want multiple videos from users that display automatically on page when user upload

  2. Hi there, excuse me can you make a video that shows how to make page view counter, for two hours i looked at codes and used them, but i could not get it, so i thank you so much if you make a video like that as soon as possible.

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