Cornel Grey – Sociology and English Literature, Trent University

My name is Cornel Grey, I am from Kingston, Jamaica. I am a fourth-year student pursuing a
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Sociology. I know I wanted to attend university um, outside of Jamaica just because I thought I wanted a different experience and Trent was the only Canadian
University that I could find that offered good scholarships for
international students. Plus, I wanted a school that was a little
bit smaller, a little bit more intimate and I was reading about the
college system on the website I was just like, this is my place, I want to be here. I usually tell them that Trent is essentially my fairy- tale school, it’s essentially everything I
wanted. When I got my acceptance letter I got like a nice note from Doctor Mike,
who’s the director of the Trent International Trent International Program, and I think
for me that was kinda the first sign that Trent was the kinda school that wouldn’t just treat me as just a statistic are just a random student number, I was actually recognized as a person
and I remember that four years later.

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