hello guys how's it going it's naturally a packing here for another video kapa naughty have apparently sacked poet because of these comments Twitter tweets actually he's sexist which in the past now this is gonna this is controversy really really big poet he's on comments below copper naughty twice three times a week you know honor it's like their foot Bush I covering with his made David Bowie anak fantastic characters both in an absolute laugh he apparently the sexes tweets in the past a long time ago and let's have a look what did what he actually said because this isn't very it's not nice to look at I must say because he's these Twitter about 2015 to back to 2011 so it's a bit of uh it's not great because he's attacking women women's day he's attacking that going back to the kitchen stuff like that nowhere makeup is the worst thing in the world so it's really hateful women's football and you get you get the the gist of it he's really against that stop and these go back way back to you 2011 all that to 2015 he's recent bad to wait but it's a bit of a shine because you wouldn't expect it from power a great character on YouTube fantastic absolute banter really is heave he makes me fucking cry like craft from laughter really that way craft laughter like most of time cuz he's him a VI – fucking make that show as good it is and it's like it's really really it's it's just you don't want this shite to happen there because this women her name is she rain 40 bedsheets armored footie batches why is that meant to me fully bed sheets of a fox I fucking Twitter bar out beyond ideas a sports a Pollack there is a field I'll meet you there sports activist writer consultant single mom in brackets she and her and she fucking for she fucking tweeted copper 92 fucking have a look at these tweets and the copper night obviously you know apologizing this we don't obvious you know we don't condone this type of behavior and so on so on port has been he's not gonna feature in the content in in the short-term future at the very least and he's like you know this this needs to be happening and so on so it's like it's really it's not a good look on poet and what is really disappointing about most of this is the way people act like everyone isn't angel so many people are Oracle ninety percent ninety ninety percent of people who have jobs would get sacked if those employees would see them what they're doing are on Twitter Facebook in the pubs what they're thinking of with the maids what they're trying to do the shite they did on holidays and so on song with their friends they would get sacked if they thought but because this is on Twitter poet is a celebrity I think Joe Rogan mentioned this in his pockets once that is what in his 50s run out of like forties fifties I think he said that he was he admitted he was uneducated dumb in 20lb paraphrasing for sure but I think he mentioned he's answering POTUS I can't tell you when it was he said it but it says something about they grow as a person you grow you experience and in life you educate yourself you read books you learn and so on and so on batting that back as so many celebrities tweeting bad shit in those days 2011 going all the way back so people just didn't that he's a platform didn't know if that was actually sexist or racist as a kid get out campaign and hopefully we see that kicking kick it out no pun intended but what that's actually means kick it out so these remarks these be people like people said dumb shit in the past obviously but it feels like these employees don't like don't know that people grow there must be the fucking angels of the earth if they they will send dumb shit that person there whatever armored whatever that woman is called or she like though there was a dumb machine in the past in their 20s went in like a high school they would have it's obvious like a guaranteed it's just people just do it it's just a walk work of life isn't it isn't that true I mean I'm not I'm not I don't have to say dumb shit whatever because I'm still young you know I'm 18 right i I like I when I got Twitter a couple years ago I knew from then I cannot say this shit and I've got to be lot so many people use Twitter and this could easily be reported blocked used in future I can't get jobs if I decide I understood it and luckily but some people didn't understand Twitter back to that back in those days how would affect their working life mayor possibly so it's a bit of a it's a bit of a conundrum it's to say like it's a bit your it's your like idea of how to use the fucking system of the fucking social media platform and people 70 people in the 50s what is the assumption a person that would admit it like ah yes it dumps you in the past but I learned I grow I understand the world better I understand everyone else better it's it and it's just it's just how life works and if power gets suspended I'm sure human be honest the fucking best might they'll go on and do something big better for themselves individually and I'm sure I'll be on that I'll be on that board chain because I find it hilarious and they're not there right now they Park is not sex is he he's one of those that loves rooms for a just what he thought in the past and people grow people grows people we have to realize that and it's a bit annoying that maybe should get fined maybe caponata should do something about it but it's fucking suck and forever from that company is a bit bit harsh in my opinion because we've all stood up in the past every way and I'll follow fucking poet wherever you guys and fish because if they make me laugh all the time on comments below and unfortunately that might not happen ever again on that fucking channel but guys leave this leave me your comments down below what you think of poet and his situation right now with these employers follow me on instagram and without link will be in description down below subscribe to natural red and I'll see you guys later you

16 thoughts on “COPA90 SACK POET??

  1. How did it take me a week to find out about this? I just assumed Poet wasn't on the most recent Comments Below because he couldn't make it/was somewhere else etc.
    This really sucks!

  2. I m a big fan of vuj rather then poet but they work together well on comments below. Dosent feel right when one is away

  3. The woman who pushed Copa90 to sack Poet is a massive hypocrite, she’s made racist comments constantly in the past to white people and a Mexican on twitter. She has no right to speak. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it in this video.

  4. This is happening all too often. Fuck Copa90 and every organization that fires people for tweets they already had up when they hired them.

  5. I love you and your channel bro! But this video is you just saying how much you love Poet and finding ways around this incident. You need to realise that these tweets go up to 2015. That is not a long time ago. He was employed to Copa 90 at that time and much before that. Just because you said it in the past doesn't mean that everyone should just forget about it and move on. Just because he makes you laugh a lot, you forgive him for what he has said. You're saying that he has moved on. How do you know that? I also loved Poet before I found about these horrible comments. I'm going to be behind Copa90's back. they made all the content I enjoy. Poet was a part of that, along with many other people.

  6. I like poet but I can see why Copa90 had to sack him. He was saying this stuff whilst employed by them. He has the right to think and say anything he wants as long as its not publicly- these opinions he had or has aren't what Copa90 represent and he was one of their biggest representatives of the company

  7. It's like the book, 1984, Big Brother Is Watching You, especially on social media nowadays and, although all this pc, sjw, is really bs, we do have to be careful what we say. Talking to ur buds at school or work is one thing but in public, social media, some gimp is gonna be triggered, offended. It is absurd but that's the stupid world we live in.

  8. The thing is humans make mistakes and forgiveness is a very important act when people make those mistakes . They didn't even give Poet a chance to apologise or be forgiven. At the end of the day, if someone apologises for a first time offence, we have to believe that they mean it and just move on. At the very least, suspend him for a few weeks. On the other hand, I understand it because Poet is one of the faces of Copa90 and if they kept him employed, that would've been a reflection of Copa90 as a whole. I just think that twitter and social media can be to the detriment of a person's character because it broadcasts and lets lingers old mistakes that lots of people have made that would otherwise be forgotten if just said out loud or in a private situation in real life. I'm very sad that Poet's gone.

  9. We all need to learn to ignore the bollox that we all think about, so many people, good people get their lives "ruined" cuz of the LGBT/Feminism/racism movement (which had good intentions but has just gone too far) Everyone needs to chill out, relax and realise that Humans are fokin crazy and sometimes we think and say fucked up things based on impulse. Wish everyone had a 'don't care' attitude to protect themselves mentally from 'hate speech', cuz at the end of the day if its not hurting anyone physically, then who actually gives a fuck. I guess it's a side effect of Twitter, well social media in general…

  10. 100 percent agree with you similar things happened to brother nature and people charged a crusade on him, I am sure he is sorry about that, he is one of the best football YouTubers I watch, that's annoying.

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