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so you built your website now what right kind of feel like Kevin Costner and Field of Dreams before the ghost players start showing up nobody's showing up to the party they're creating this great information but no one will go there today we're talking about content marketing specifically for nonprofits so what is content marketing anyway well it's pretty simple actually think about it in two different buckets for your website right it's what you have where like like about us our vision statement it's the general things that we think of like that define us and then it's what people want it's in that area right where people want what they're looking for that you're creating your content marketing strategy so it's creating reliable valuable regular content for a specific audience in mind to attract them to your site think like a pot of honey in a bear right like Yogi Bear going after though a pot of honey kind of thing so it's been around for a while like a real long while and by the way I don't think it's going anywhere back in 1900 you had Michelin right the folks that make the tires they're like sitting around they're like well I got these tires but how do we find that audience of people that really care about their cars well they started creating the michelin guides which were basically like you know DIY do-it-yourself auto repair guides for their audience and what happens if you're reading like a free guide for Michelin on this you're more likely to buy those tires like oh those are those people that I trust to give me that content brilliant move by them over the years another one to think about is in you know that have you ever seen a Disney movie well if you have you been content marketed on I'm sorry oh gosh 1928 right the infamous Mickey Mouse comes into it comes into play as the mascot of the Disney parks they begin to create cartoons and all these stories about it like that Steamboat Willie what do you think that was they're taking their brand their content telling that story out there in order and then here's the important part the hook to get you to go back to parts the parts and the money they make in the parts are still I'd say like a lion's share of what what Disney's revenue comes from so you get an idea of what it is but how do we actually do like content marketing well it starts by having a platform right you kind of need a web platform a content management system this could be WordPress this can be Drupal this could be blogger or whatever it is that allows somebody on your team like your team the content writers to create content on a regular basis have it tagged have it in a menu properly so you've got your content platform how do we start playing the game well you have to think about your audience what do they need what do they fear you need to find the value that they're looking for that helps them that informs them that you know in some way improves what they're already doing around your cause and your content can it can follow that so you may be a non-profit and you're like okay I'm giving away free content we give away free stuff all the time well you're gonna continue to let you will lose money you just give away content for free which is why you need a hook so thinking about the hook is why somebody would give you their information and most basically make it an email right if you get the person's email and you get that permission to talk to them if you get that permission the next time you put out for the content well you can reach out to them and the next time you wanna do a fundraiser or the next time you're trying to people to volunteer you're gonna go built-in audience this is the most valuable asset that your organization will have because then you can move them up the engagement letter so I've been talking about content marketing in the abstract you're like I get it some kind of content let's talk about practical examples and this first example I want to talk about is based around something called evergreen content evergreen like an evergreen tree that's what I want you to get in your mind right we've got this tree summer winter summer winter it just does what it does it doesn't shed certain times of the year right during Christmas right bunch of people are looking for evergreen trees because they want to set them up in their homes all well and good but if we think about the types of content that could be year-round relevant while episodically spiked up and down that's the type of content that's going to produce the most value the biggest bang for your buck just out of the box so let's talk about an example power of poetry org now the largest online platform for teens and poetry a client of whole wales about a year and a half ago we just launched their site and we're thinking well what kind of resources could we put out there well we found the right kind of resource and month-over-month based on last month last year we've had 500 percent increase in SEO about 110,000 people go to the website a month after about a year's worth of work this is huge this is so much traffic and it's only gonna continue to grow because they found the right type of evergreen content that provided value to their audience in a way that they were looking for it and so I guess right now you want to know the secret fine we'll tell you what they were able to do is understand that teams were looking for how to check how to write different types of poetry so we went through found the different keywords we used Google Trends for one slash Trends and a number of other tools to figure out that they were looking for like how to write a love poem how to write an ode poem a ballad poem because they're getting these homework assignments and being like you know what I need to look up and get more information on this and then once they came to the site we had the hooks remember us talking about that power poetry's trying to get new poets new young poets to write poetry on the site so gave up the free content has the hook to create your poem on the website and boom that is a perfect example of executing a content marketing strategy let's go back to this idea of an engagement letter what how do we how do we think about an engagement letter well if we start on the ground floor right somebody was like just visiting your site you know they may be there they look at your content not now that was fun and then never you never hear from them again if you get that simple extra next step right how do we go from a visitor to like a follower or someone have the email up we want to move up this ladder which means that in your content you have to be thinking about that hook if we're nonprofit we can get them to donate get them to volunteer get that type of investment that builds a true audience and a true movement but it starts with the rung by rung we're not trying to ask somebody to marry us on the first day that would be weird super awkward don't do that let's talk about what we're doing right now we put out free content written content blog content every single week or there abouts around things like SEO things about Google Analytics things that we know people are looking for that we can put our style our brand on and provide helpful resources for people we've also launched the podcast we realize that you know audio is a tremendous platform people are looking for these things through podcasts through iTunes and so we put out stories in this case stories of nonprofit technology talking with great nonprofit and technical leaders on how they're approaching these different topics and to date that's that over 20,000 downloads and it's going really well and then finally we've got videos right now you're watching a coil TV it's the thought that YouTube is the number two search engine which means if you're looking for like content marketing for nonprofits hopefully we pop up and then you can watch this video so in our thinking is how do we find people where they are giving them content that they're looking for and then provide the hooks by the way we're going to want you to subscribe at the end of this so we can get in touch with you again so finally let's talk about distribution how do we get our content out there right we've created the content but what about that marketing side well the two simple buckets is like the search engine optimization right if you build it in the right way using the right keywords put it where people can find it right the other way to do it is thinking about you know that that little thing called social media so with social media marketing everybody basically has a reputation online and in this example we wrote an article like five five tools you can use besides Google Analytics to optimize your website in there we talked about Optimizely context tool freebie testing once we've written the article we tweeted it at them saying you guys are awesome you rock right they retweeted it and I think what that means we want to reach all of you know the semi tech savvy nonprofits out there well guess what optimizing has exactly that if you're following Optimizely you're probably in the tech field and if you're in the nonprofit sector and the tech field boom so we love the fact that you know you can talk to you anybody that you want really on social media and if you've written an article that highlights them well guess what they want to do you know repeat that and say hey look at this interesting piece of information that's just the start of what you can do with social media picking the people that you maybe interview for your content or just even reference through links finally you must measure it right if you're putting out free content and doing it over and over again getting back to Field of Dreams it's as though you know Kevin Costner didn't adjust anything and just you know built a built a field that nobody showed up to and never change anything about it you don't want to do that so look at your analytics look at your Google Analytics we've got tons of content about it do more of what works look for how people are searching for your types of content do the sample searches see what pops up mimic what's out there look at your data and adjust based on the results sometimes you can think about it as what is working how do we like expand on it maybe you've got a certain piece of evergreen content that a lot of people are looking for is there a way to divide it up into three separate articles that you've been linked to more nuanced parts of it look at what works do more of it remember if you measure it you measure the right thing it will get better that's what I got for you that's content marketing for nonprofits create valuable content for a specific audience regularly and don't forget your hooks if you have a question want some you know covered that we want to create a video about well leave a comment or tweet at us at whole whale as always here comes the hook by the way you can subscribe kind of funny this is a hook inside of a content marketing video while in content marketing to you hooking and of course videos we have more of them click on them you won't be disappointed

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