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  1. 6:16:45 You should all know me as the RAY announcer/best Metal Gear follower of all time. Here is the perfect thread catered to the 20-25 RAY fight. Who would win? 25 METAL GEAR RAYs or ONE JACKIE BOI. Also shout out your favorite RAYs. My personal favorites are RO1E and RO5E, but i'm more team DOG PATROL.
    The teams are as followed.
    Alpha Eagles. A(R)01E – A(R)05E
    Beta Force. B01F – B05F
    Charlie Hellhounds. C01H – C05H
    DOG PATROL!!! D01G – D05G
    End of Line. E01L – E05L

  2. George, I have to say, you are the best at metal gear content! The quality really shows when you release a video on a video game on the same day as the game is taking place. Keep up the good work my man!

  3. You know if you just heavily edit this some more with memes and Trump, you can call it the best MGS2 playthrough.

  4. Is it just me, or is Emma's and Hal's story the most saddening thing in this game? Because for some reason I don't care much for Raiden's tragic past…

  5. Ok so your play through was 7:33:00 hours all the cutscenes combined are 5:21:00 hours that means that your gameplay footage took at least 2:12:00 hours not including the credits and intro

  6. Dude, Solidus is such a badass, he took out 3 Rays with a P90!! He didn't even aim at the last one, what the fuck…

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