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hey this is Chris and today I'm excited to do a review for you on a product called content lab you can see I'm in the members area right now I'm going to take you through it show you how it works and exactly what it does under this video are some links you may find useful as well as a link to my website where you can get the most recent pricing for content lab as well as the bonuses I'm offering and learn more about the upsells and the one-time offers before you go out and buy content lab ok so here we are inside the members area now the purpose of content lab is to be able to create content for your blogs or your social sites but they've taken it a step further and they've added some features in here that make it very very nice for people who need this content added to their blogs and want it to be done a lot easier and a lot faster so for example over here we can see we have seven connected accounts we have WordPress Twitter we have a YouTube and a Tumblr account and you come over here and click on add integration and you can see where you can add some other sources now this may be a little bit confusing but right here you'll see Commission Junction eBay and Amazon and this is actually for your affiliate information so if you are in an Amazon affiliate you'd come here and enter your information for it the same way with Commission Junction and for eBay now for YouTube the reason we enter our information for YouTube is so we can pull videos from YouTube to add within our articles too so what you would do is you would simply come over here you can come to your dashboard see a glimpse of what's going on but then you'd go to search and what we want to do is search for something that our blog is based on so for example we can go to trending and we can do a search for that we can look under topics and we can click on any of these and get some of the most recent topic articles that's out there from RSS feeds and we can add other RSS feeds here as well so what I'm going to do is go under here and we'll just click on business ok and let's say for example we have a wordpress blog based around toys so here's an article about Toys R Us what we can do is we can view this article and it will show us the entire article what it looks like and if we like we can come down here and click on edit now we come down to edit it's going to bring in all this information from the article the image it's going to bring in the sections of the paragraphs that it's pulled from the article and even the title and what we can do is we can add all of this to the article we want to post on our WordPress site but we can do a lot more than that so before I get into that let's look over here on this side of the screen where we have our article settings this is where we're going to give our article a title if we want a main image for it we're going to upload it here at our description or keywords this is where we're going to select our blog whether it's for WordPress blogger or tumblr let's just go ahead and click WordPress we can add an extra one here if we want and let's just choose this one never want to choose next and this is going to take us to the page where we actually create the article so what we can do is we can come back over to this article in any of this information we want added we can simply click add article so at the top of this let's put this big image and then under it let's go ahead and put a couple of these paragraphs and just like that it adds it and we're not going to add those okay now we can go back and we can find more and we can add more content to this if we want to I'm going to leave it like this for now so what we can do from here is we can come over here we can edit this if we want to you can see it's got a full editor where we can add all kinds of stuff to it change the text around it even has a spin text here where it's going to spin out some of the words to make it unique for us it has a check spelling for us it has a couple other unique features including if we come back over here you're going to see all these little icons and so if we click on YouTube it's going to allow us to search for videos we can add in our articles so let's just search for Toys R Us okay and you can see here it gives us a whole lot of videos and we can simply click on one and it's going to add it straight into our article so I can click here beside of it put it in the center and that's been added just like that now we can also do other things such as adding images other types of videos things from Twitter Tumblr medium liquor Vimeo Pocket Pinterest fetch articles from external links to be able to put in our article and then we can also add Amazon products directly to our article now we didn't have our Amazon information filled out so it's not going to be able to search for s'right now but let's just say if I wanted to add I don't know like a toy giraffe I would simply type that in here it would show me the products on Amazon just as it did the videos and I could click Add and it's going to add it into my article along with my affiliate link and that's all I have to do for it and it works the same way with eBay and Commission Junction and once we're done and once we're happy with this we can come down here we can click on in page CT a call to action this is a really neat feature so if we click on that it's going to add this or bring this up so where we can find a keyword in this article let's just say Toys R Us and every time it finds this keyword we want it to go to let's just say and click generate we come up here first of all you want to click hyperlink or button and what that'll do is actually make all those linkable so if we click hyperlink generate in page CTA and what you're gonna find is anywhere where we had just Toys R Us it's gonna link it and so when it creates that article is gonna be linked to that site so this is also very useful if you're doing it for affiliate marketing if there are certain keywords in your article you want linked out to affiliate products you can just come down here click this type the keyword you want and then click generate in page CTA and it's going to automatically create those keywords to your affiliate links ok so if we come back over here because this is all there is to this this is how you create your articles you're going to publish the article and it's going to post it directly on your WordPress site now one thing that makes this really nice is that let's say you have five WordPress sites that you're managing and you're putting articles on let's say we distribute this article to three different WordPress sites that you have what we can do is once we edit this article it automatically syncs it with those other three blogs so you don't have to go to all three blogs individually and edit it instead it's going to automatically change it on all three of those blogs itself okay if we come on over here on the left hand side you want to see the scheduler and this is where we can set up when we want things to post so you could schedule out your articles to post on your blogs certain days this is the integrations page which we already seen you're going to come over here and add your integrations you can manage your users this is the training section where you're going to learn about how to do all the stuff you need to do with the tool there's the bonuses and then here's a getting started section which kind of goes in order about what you need to do first to get things really moving this is content lab there's a lot more features on this than what I went over in this video I want to make sure I include all the details about this on my website so be sure you check that out before you go and buy content lab you'll also want to check out the bonuses I'm offering I'm putting I'm putting together a huge bonus package so if you guys pick up content lab through my website then you're also going to get those bonuses as well so if you like this content lab review of me going in-depth of these products showing you how they work please like my video subscribe to my channel and click at bell so you know when I upload these new videos and you'll also learn more about affiliate marketing and video marketing

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  3. ContentLAB allows user to add their own link into editor area, once submitted ContentLAB fetch all content of added external url within fraction of seconds and makes available to users for add into their posts and articles.

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