Content Driven Advertising – What's it all about

we received a brief for a ven the Nissan nv200 the unusual aspect of this vehicle didn't make the job any easier the van is a 100% electrically powered vehicle as a result the campaign's target audience was extremely small to date and of course in this campaign we've always deployed ads and spread them over various online platforms in the hope that they would spark interest among users and ideally lead to a click-through to the brand's landing page now we didn't reinvent the wheel we simply applied existing technology in a new way a teaser article with the headline vanitha future or new trends for urban entrepreneurs speaks directly to the decision-makers and directs them towards the contextually relevant content the subject matter itself needs to be engaging to the reader on the same page we then embedded the Nissen env 200 slideshow and display ads we created a unique opportunity that enabled us to own the content and place miss Anne's brand and innovative then in the middle of it all in the relevant place the technology behind it all optimizes the articles and automatically delivers them along with our heads via various news partners this way content driven advertising provides a new opportunity for publishers a new revenue source content driven advertising also provides a new opportunity to receive consumer feedback on the topic while a campaign is to life regular optimization needs to maximize to performance based on the teaser articles we were able to identify a specific area of interest among the target audience and determine what editorial content is relevant to them then we optimized towards the best performing articles putting an emphasis on the bounce rate was the lowest we've ever witnessed during a campaign only 30% of users left the page this show us that content driven advertising leads to higher engagement among the target audience and enables us to reach the very people we want to target one of Miss Ann's kpi's is the qualified audience which includes the users 12-time and interactions on the landing page compared with classic display advertising we increased the qualified audience by 236 percent and reduced the cost per qualified audience by 206 percent the result a successful campaign

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