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what we do here does go back will be a baby who is this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy yo what's going on everybody receding hairline here I'm sure you guys went and saw the leafy responsibilities already where he systematically dismantled each and every one of my arguments fucking hell the first thing I'd like to address is how frequently leafy's playing the victim card I mean it's really hard to believe from someone like leafy that's what he criticized keemstar for doing and of course there's gonna be a lot of dislikes this week as well this video is gonna get spammed with dislikes oh please show me support guys thank you for all the support recently shut the fuck up by the way leafy why did you ban me from commenting on your video I was just gonna say something supportive like it doesn't matter if you don't have a chin leafy we still love you but then I tried to use my alternate account to see if I can post anything and I can but I can't use words like chin or idubbbz in the comment oh you were very personally insulted by the video but that was kind of the fucking point I'm not here to shut down your channel believe it or not I got a youtuber that I roasted in the past 20 me on Twitter flirting with me holy God there's so much drama that you have to deal with leafy I feel so bad for you dude there's someone flirting with you man that's some serious drama dude fouseytube literally tweeting at me saying he wants to actually fight me make sure you get back on that fouseytube drama as soon as possible Calvin cuz that's that's the more important drama for you to take care of right now I found this on Twitter a few days ago and it's so true that it's scary first Calvin starts by bullying someone this motherfucker right here rapes people with that hat on Dan causes some YouTube drama fucking 30 years old we got a 30 year old man his shitty behavior backfires perfect and then what does he do he plays victim this is all at the same time of getting non-stop comments like this of course this pussy is ignoring the drama a good portion of leafy's response was addressing the whole chin thing I thought that was just a funny meme in my video to be honest but he seemed to think it was an important point in the video so he spent a good amount of time defending himself well me and all these other people are insecure about ourselves and have to hide our chin our face our ears that was a very weak and drawn-out segment and you pretty much just told me yes I am actually very ashamed of my weak chin hey Calvin I watched your response video and it seems like you're still quite a bit bent out of shape about the whole no chin thing it's probably my fault I don't think I gave you enough options the first time around so here's another option should get a bit of clay and mold yourself new chin this look right here I'm calling goats winter I think you're really gonna like this next one Calvin this one is called ladies night huh how about that bro you probably pleasure a couple of pussies but that ever since the day that mr. savage himself went from making videos like fucking this ah Slenderman Gangnam style excellent choice Turner leafy you got baited I actually played that video in all my other videos because I actually liked it a lot cringy Slenderman Gangnam style video you like Slenderman Gangnam style dude this is the part of the video where I have to do leafies job for him because he's so incompetent you see he went for Slenderman Gangnam style because I either he doesn't want to do research at all or he was on a time crunch well you didn't need a shit out of video you could have done research and you could have looked for the cyber matrix series that would have been much more hard-hitting in a video than playing Slenderman Gangnam style another thing that you harped on was the transition slides for having a music clip transition for three four eight seconds too long and you've now shortened your transitions and they're going to stay short or they're going to disappear entirely yeah you're not going to bring back the 10-second slides and if you do that sucks for you because your video is now shittier 348 seconds too long what does this guy have fucking AIDS or some shit what the I like that but what does he have AIDS or some shit that's a good part that's impactful that's the bombastic language I was talking about in the previous episode by making a joke about someone else's age I'm obviously trying to make their opinion invalid as well this next part you very clumsily try to explain why I'm a hypocrite because every time you brought up someone's age you're just saying it as a joke at 26 year old man I got comedy the first time mentioning his age the first time I got get a dude fucking hilarious 26 year old man second time I'll give you a pass like this is a 26 year old man you're a 26 year old fucking him in that old third fourth and fifth time you're starting to become a fucking moron like the actual people you're trying to make fun of your parroting yourself you do realize that for anyone who thought leafy was self-deprecating by mentioning things I could have roasted him about that was his way of trying to protect himself but in the end it just looks retarded where's the obnoxious as title mentions of course you want me to roast you about something that everyone's roasted you about that would be the perfect topic for my video where's the cyber bullying where's the cyber bullying don't pretend like you didn't watch there was 20 minutes of it where's the emo fucking hair I bet you would have liked if I took the keemstar strategy and roasted you bad you're emo hair you fucking moron where's the roast comparing me to this dude this motherfucker or pretty much anyone in anime I look like a goddamn anime character what the fuck you're all the sudden wanted to pretend like you didn't watch the video I definitely compared you to some cartoon characters dude but they weren't attractive ones they were very ugly ones without chins that's probably why you're not mentioning those once you've sort of selectively removed that from your head but since you seem to be such a big fan of the animations I'll play an animation right now from a fellow named Renkin I have this scene where he's in an ice-cream shop and he's got a big stack of ice cream covering his chin and he's saying some mean shit to people no one fucking you fucking kill yourself pussy have a nice day you stupid fucking cunt I'm killing the next scene he's making fun of more people but this time he's got a basketball and from his fucked chin but yes since you wanted me to compare you to anime as if that's the best roast in the book you look like an anime character hey leafy you look like a hentai babe that'll pretty much do it for this video though I do have a couple of closing insults stop tweeting out pictures of Sony Vegas like it's something impressive saying shit like this has pretty much been my life for the past 72 hours or so no one gives a shit I know the impressionable fanbase thinks that that equates to a lot of work it's just fucking dogshit editing like everyone else does on this fucking website I don't have to edit videos anymore or at least not that much I don't have to sit there and find videos either to all the die-hard leafy fans out there who want to show your support to leafy keep showing it in ways like this this is a great way to show your support to leafy we don't care if you don't have a chin we love you anyway that is the best way to show your support look at the hairline what the fuck dude he's actually going fucking bald this guy doing the classic receding hairline gang it's a good gag but that's not a fucking receding hairline dude let me show what you what a receding hairline looks like yeah there we go now that's a receding hairline holy shit is that silver play button leafy that's a rare leaf right there don't worry guys I can cover it up are you doing Donald Trump meters this is the look of a cute boy oh you want me to roast your obnoxious titles how about this one grown man has midlife crisis Calvin we demand a profile shot an actual profile done not you shutting your job like fucking Casey nice that style okay you gotta fucking have it neutral okay no jutting it forward cunt

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  1. I like how idubbbz just ruins all the BAD youtubers I’m proud of you idubbbz.

    Oh yea I almost forgot
    Fuck tana

  2. not like leafys video that got copyrighted for using a song even tho he already put the title, idubs just need to buy the right for using the song.

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