"Content Creator" CLAPS a Cocky "PRO" in a 1v1 | Fortnite

48 thoughts on “"Content Creator" CLAPS a Cocky "PRO" in a 1v1 | Fortnite

  1. Make sure you guys join my discord! Every week I pick someone new to be in my video to read the salty guy's comments or other random stuff 😂
    Link: https://discord.gg/booty

  2. Yo ngl you play so weird it’s so uncomfortable for me lmfaoo but some how your a god at the same time IM SHOOK

  3. Hey KC, I’m not too sure if you will end up seeing this, but I’ve been binge watching your vids recently (as in all in a day lol) and was wondering if you could clap a really toxic friend of mine. He’s always been making up excuses for his deaths (as in their my fault), and the worst part is that I’ve been playing with him since season two. He’s a really good PC player and always gets on my a** for my “console skills”. I’m positive he’s never heard of you (no offense) and you could totally clap him. My ig is thad.doolin if you’re interested :), have a great day dude.

  4. Why do you always pick the people who are ass at the game. 100% GUARANTEED I CAN WHOOP YOUR ASS. And I barley ever play and I also play on PlayStation and I would outbuild you fr

  5. Kc you are so bad but you have good content i wanna 1v1 you but i play on xbox and my epic name is jj734😀

  6. He must be good to beat snoop but in the vids he doesn’t look that good tbh not hating ❤️

  7. lmaooo u keep shooting down. i couldnt stand that honestly. id just grab 5 tommy guns and l2 spam against u bcs u would just shoot down if i did 1 90

  8. Why are you bashing him for using his keyboard vertically? People who do that just do it because they need more space for their mouse.

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