Content Cop: Wet Wizard RSPS YouTuber EXPOSED

so some of you might have seen where was this exposed video on me so I just want to address this really quickly it's basically for the voice and I'm gonna go through it bit by bit explaining why that's true so first of all like if you watch this video like you might as well just take a look at the top comments so let's hook on this thread so I'm not gonna go through this video too much since I don't really want to listen to his voice that much but basically we says is first of all that Stewart is working with us and that his exploits in the client or something like that and then he talks about how we've stolen the valises source throughout the rest of this video I think so he then shows proof of how we've used valises source and shows all the other youtubers videos and then basically says that I'm lying about how the server has been in development for over six months along with some other stuff so I can understand after watching this video you might be slightly concerned so yet this thread was posted before what was it even uploaded his video and he just completely ignored it he didn't even mention in his video like you can see this supposted three hours ago whereas as I'm recording it it was one hour ago so he knew about this thread he didn't acknowledge it whatsoever in this video even though the thread was posted before and he did read it as well he just didn't want to mention it is video for some reason which I find kind of interesting this is one of our developers Patrick Tuohey and he is a developer for Sohan scape my current server if you give this thread a quick read I will link in description below as well basically when he first joined values as you can see as a pretty dead end server using a very old base and he was working with divine who what was it mentions in his video it was the owner of alias at the time and they basically got rid of their old source and started using the ascend source just him and divine and Patrick Tuohey was meant to receive 20% of all donations so time progressed other developers came and left that he stayed with various throw it all even owns the github repository which is a development thing so this basically counts like how much work each developer put into coding the server so the number of commits is how many updates they've done essentially so as you can see Patrick Lee had almost 500 where it's divine almost had a thousand but as you can see the vine as many responsible were just custom content and item additions which are really quick to do and because there's so many of them that basically like inflated his number of commits so even though he has almost a thousand patched he was the one actually doing most of the work because he focused on doing new content and bug fixes which takes a lot today I could take like entire packages of code and as you can see valleys didn't really have any real community management the stuff was done right the community was a shambles Devine was making errors in his code releasing into the game driving the player base away even further and Patrick Tuohey and other developers begged him to change and since Valles is literally a dead server right now the vine didn't really choose to change anything and Patrick Lee checked the donation logs at the time of him leaving values and he wasn't receiving what he'd been promised out of the kindness of his heart patch she told Devine he could skip payments cause he knew valise wasn't doing well and instead of just one week it turned it to several weeks and Devine just pretty much refused to pay him and essentially scammed Patrick Tuohey Patrick Tuohey was pretty much the one doing most of the work as you can see in the announcements section of the discord he was a one typing like all the messages getting the players online by most players of the server he was essentially regarded as the owner more so than divine and then to find out that he wasn't even being paid for the work that he was doing and how much time he was paying in he chose to leave alyas so this is when he contacted me so I did make a video for Valley as' before and Patra essentially contacted me and so landscape was actually based on a different source the reason we're using the current source that we are is because of Patrick Tuohey we would not be able to use the current value source if not for Patrick team and considering he did most of the work for that source and the fact that Devine had scammed him I saw nothing wrong with using valley as a source so yes we are using this source but it wasn't stolen like what was it was saying in his video and yeah as Patrick Tuohey began to work I paid him on time every single week where his divine just pretty much scammed him so that's one of the reasons why he wants to work for us now another important issue Brett was talking about Stewart working for us all essentially in the very early stages of so hand scape I was essentially looking for someone to do a lot of the work for me because as you guys probably know I pretty much post videos almost every single day i livestream almost every single day if I'm not editing then I'm recording a video if I'm not recording a video I'm probably live streaming and I've got stuff to do in real life as well so obviously I wouldn't have that much spare time dedicated into building a service so I was looking for someone to work with elves when Chloe really reached out to me so essentially she helped me find developers she helped me find the right people to do like graphics work for a website or for and she and even though we were using a different source at the time Patty allowed to seize new source but bear in mind like obviously I didn't actually know who Chloe was she was a complete stranger to me she never had access to the client the forum's all the website any of it there was no way she would be able to put any code without it first of all being approved by me and we had strict systems put into place to ensure that because obviously I was going to trust a random person with my website in client so even though I later found out that Chloe was sure she or he I guess never had the opportunity to put anything malicious into our client and we've had over 50 beta testers on the client already and it is very easy to spot any malicious code if there was any malicious code then we would have been exposed by now so Han scape is completely safe to play you can scan it yourselves using any antivirus software and yeah Patrick Tuohey was working for us behind the scenes all this time doing a lot of the development work so yeah another thing of what was it said in this video that I lied about it being in development for months well technically we only started using the new source two months ago so even though so landscape had been an idea for around six months we only started using this new source two months so we've put like two months of development into this source and we've added loads of content in that time we spent loads of hours adding discord integrations so everything is loads pretty much we have an afk Island new home blada braid alter dice and loads of other really cool updates and with the amount of bugs that we've had to fix as well like honestly don't know how I obviously don't know how valios was even up and running there are so many bugs of yacht's fix and they've taken up the majority at the time this is just a very small amount of them these are just like ones done in the last week but for the past like two months we've had to fake so many bugs so yeah as you can see on the stuff update Chloe has been demoted and banned so he will so he or she I guess will no longer be part of the server any longer and you can see all our stuff updated we are currently accepting service support applications so feel free to check that out see ya essentially what was this video was just a bunch of lies see honestly oh and take any point and all what a surprise that tough comment which people like actually just got deleted so you know who's the shady would here he just deleted that code exposing the truth about how everything said in this video was a complete light so if there's an enough proof that I don't know honestly I'd also like to thank well-weathered for bringing all this advertisement I haven't even uploaded my video for sohan scape yet it will be coming out maybe later today or even tomorrow depending on how long it takes me to edit it and yeah the link to the Zohan scape discord and the forums can be found in the description below but yeah my next video is gonna have a lot more information on what exactly so Han scape is about so hope you guys are looking forward to it and yeah don't be so quick to believe someone's lies guys and thanks for watching

23 thoughts on “Content Cop: Wet Wizard RSPS YouTuber EXPOSED

  1. literally is exactly as i been explaining to people
    along with wet wizard just bashing to try and steal viewers.

  2. Funny how everyone loves sohan when there's a giveaway on the videos and give him abuse when they've nothing to gain.

    Toxic motherfuckers.

  3. Im alredy remvoed my subs to wizard fo check commands #sohan
    We all trust and love u sohan wizard is nt worth anything in real life make more vids to ur server ur a good guy im happy to u sohan

  4. wizard its a hateerrr ffs just aprove RWT on your server and dont banned people 24/7 on your server and staking will be active make people make osrs money by playing your server ikov has players because of their staking thing without it its ded content.

  5. Wet Racist sounds mad, he was planning on that server making some $$ so he could fix his fucked up teeth.

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