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what we do here just go back hello everyone welcome back to another episode of chhanchhan chhanchhan top jackie polly chan chan shop drooling leaking out of mouth i wanti a jakie polycon champ chuck out chopped a Content chopper Chomp Chomp Chomp Chun yeah if you clicked on this video with the sole intention to watch me Lampoon this guy who's been made fun of for the past three months you're going to be sorely disappointed because this video is not about this obnoxious arrogant asshole it's about an entirely different obnoxious arrogant asshole some of you might be pleasantly surprised with who this video is actually about I'll give you a hint he's very boastful he's made a video on me dingga dingga dingga nigga up but up it up it up a tad that's right everyone I'm talking about Asian Jake Paul you can't just hide hide for months and make a 20 minute video and rambling no one even knows and surprise everyone and just drop it on my head you can't just do that I'm doing that I'm doing it right now if you were to make a race film content cop I mean that would blow him up even more oh no I've been title at that I guess I'm not gonna blow up Jake Paul you've made a wonderful scapegoat so I don't have to give this bit of mucus the satisfaction of having his name in the title or facing the thumbnail now that all of that is out of the way we're going to react to a video that this hype beasts released about a year ago essentially begging for a Content comp I don't really care at all but I kinda really want him to make one on me I really don't care but I kinda really want him to make one on me these are quite obviously conflicting statements because you have no idea what strategy to actually go with should I be super confident and act as if I want a Content cop or should I act as if I don't care at all I don't know let's try both pillar rows my appearance whatever go pot bring up some old pictures of me from way back then when I looked weird what are you talking about it's like you watched the leafy video and thought this is all this guy does is roasts people's appearance I could stave off all criticism by showing pictures of myself when I was a goofball kid I'd like you when your goofball kid that's perfectly fine those pictures are great you should show the clip of you saying the rape comments is what you should be doing why he raped you nah but did it feel good how long did the rape last before I meant your list okay so it's not that bad did you still haven't shit or no guys if you want to rape her she won't see you so if you were to make one on me what would you say it seems like he wants to move past the rape comments and I don't blame him I would want to move past those as well but I'm not gonna let him off the hook that easy because it seems like he has this disregard for what he can be criticized for what would you say and I just want to spell it out hey dumbass you did something stupid in the past you can be criticized for it if you do drop a video on me I swear to god I'm dropping the best diss track ever Wow your words hold so much weight when have I heard that before and I think it's more than two likes but Mia can't talk about the drop of Bangor what'd she do bro dish yes we got a saw on the way I'm working we're about to be working all night overtime in the brief period he's been on YouTube he's managed to commit all seven of the deadly youtuber sins so that's the theme for today's video seven deadly sins it's basically just seven topics I just wanted to be cute City Angels huh more like City and Devils oh my gosh the press is going wild out there okay testing testing pussy 1 2 3 puss good afternoon ladies and gentlemen this is Jimmy Dean of 10 News and I'm standing in front of a horrific murder scene that happened just hours ago I've already spoken to the police and all they could tell us was that the murder might have something to do with the organization or cult known as the hyper beasts this is a satanic cult that has been involved in numerous murders shootings killings and homicides and also rapes sometimes they rape babies we are going to investigate it we're gonna find some answers because the police aren't giving us very many answers and we're going to get down to the bottom of it back to you Cheryl it should let me smell bro she'll let me pipe her shit Debra she definitely wants to fuck me bro she low-key gossip – I think she's 16 or 15 I go lie bro she got some titties on her breath when it comes to showing off the rapper lifestyle whether it be with women or money he has the most generic taste imaginable let me pile 14 women in front of me to show you that I women do believe that I'm not gay yet I'm trying to make up for that time when fousey was basically fondling me for a minute straight on video check out these next clips where I basically lied to some girls on my stream about not streaming to call you oh no no no I just wanted to call you I just talked I'm not live right now right no no basically we were just chilling Mego she didn't know that was live to 3,000 people with a lot of these interactions it's sort of the ends justify the means because by the end of the stream they're giddy with excitement cuz they got all these new followers for appearing on the stream oh my gosh you are lying to me you're such a goofball but of course they won't always act so coy when you've been caught lying to them so you know those messages you sent me saying that it was only streamed once and that it was not recorded and no one else would get it well I've been sitting here watching your stream like an hour and we replayed it and even after that happened it's like he didn't even realize that it was a bad thing that she found out was pretty funny I just fucking dipped and then just wait to the last clip homie just do that without talking to people we should get out seriously speaking of recording people without their knowledge there's a YouTube video he deleted about a year ago that's called Netflix and chill it's a story time video no I show her where my bathroom is she goes and for some reason she leaves her phone on the couch right so I'm awesome Curious George you know I want to go through her phone so I'm going through her phone right now and I'm looking to her messages and tell me why she texts like 10 other dudes are you awake I don't even feel special anymore and I feel like I'm just another option to her oh he doesn't feel special anymore you hear that ladies I wonder what he's gonna do now that he doesn't feel special and I feel like I'm just another option to her so I'm like you know what I'm about to get some payback and just put her ass on the Internet payback for what again because you weren't there first choice to sleep with so I set up the hidden camera man I sit back – and out of nowhere again he starts calling me or whoever it just starts calling my phone and she finds the hidden camera so I see you made it to the end of the video madam based on a true story if it is a parody of story time videos and you're admitting to almost committing a crime by recording someone without their knowledge of you having sex with them you'd think you'd at least be intelligent enough to say guys this was a joke this was a parody put her ass on the Internet you should plants for parody all over it you shouldn't say at the end of it based on a true story I completely understand why you delete that video it sort of ruins all future prospects of you having sexual intercourse with anyone at the end of the day it's just another example of you being stupid despite you saying what what do you say he would be like all right don't bullies people Yahoo for this next segment I'm going to remove myself as a critic and instead I'm going to speak as a fan because me and all the other fans want to know what happened to the clickbait challenge winner at last but not least make sure to put hashtag clickbait challenge in the description because at the end of two weeks the video with the most views and win a humungous prize so go out get creative and let's get click baiting yeah but we're still waiting for the winner you didn't announce it not on YouTube not on Twitter not on Facebook not on Instagram not even on Google+ you don't have to divulge any private information it was a public competition where there's a public winner the the person who got the most views within those two weeks who used hashtag clickbait challenge there is one thing that you really shouldn't say and that's something along the lines of I'm not going to announce the winner because I respect their privacy I'm not live right now right no no no I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with having expensive tastes the problem arises when you're obnoxious about it how much do you think this jacket was worth 16 positivity positive people clearly we can all privately laugh about making it rain on homeless people like you and your friends now yeah we're fucked up I can't believe we did that but I don't think most people would upload it because they'd realize that any comedic value is completely overshadowed by how much of a faggot you appear to be this seems like an appropriate time to show you this great opinion not osteophyte like one of the few youtubers that use the money I made from YouTube to like buy stuff to make my videos better he will often flex in his music videos most twenties I need blue on my bills rippling like the fifty bears I'm gonna flex so my wrists I put some ice he will also flex on random people in the street there's a store called supreme and they drop this today and there's like this really long line like three mildly so I'm about to walk by I see the reaction he tries very hard to convince his fans that he is not flexing on them once again I would never reflects on my fans just be flexing on the haters well there comes a point where you have to realize that your fans watch your videos more than your haters watch your videos so you are flexing on your fans one of the only decent points he's ever made is in this video where he compares his life to the life of the rich kids of snapchat and there were a lot of similarities go figure but by the end of it he says there's someone out there so what else I think that's a perfectly fair statement but you shouldn't preface it by saying guys I'm not showing off on rich these are just things that I do on an everyday basis you absolutely are showing off just fucking own it if you're showing off you're showing off also he does this horrible skit where he pretends to have a normal life best soon as the camera turns off I just have a normal life I don't have much of a problem with it being an inaccurate portrayal of a normal person's life but it's just fucking lazy heaven forbid you filmed this outside or at a friend's house or anywhere that isn't a multi-million dollar mansion so that the skit actually makes sense he is extremely insecure and he makes it very obvious when he uploads videos like this where he details how much money he earns in a month on YouTube there's like this video that has been going crazy viral and bacey in divinity shows how much money YouTube has paid him everyone just giving them so much props like everyone loves if these dude is getting so much street cred and I'm like I want some street cred too last month I made a roughly $60,000 I mean it's okay it is actually my lowest paid month once again I only got 20 million views I'm not sure what ads he's trying to improve the odds that a female will finally see him as a suitable sex candidate because he has money or the odds that his child fanbase will revere him more as a god I don't often speak on the topic of stretching videos out to the 10-minute mark for the sake of more ad revenue particularly with the ad pocalypse stuff going on if that some people's hustle no problem with it the problem is when you don't actually fill that space with more content you just stretch your outro out three minutes long four minutes long that's fucking retarded I love you guys subscribe for your new comment I read all cuz and now I try to make this video somehow ten minutes you one thing that he's very disingenuous about is when he states that all of his videos are jokes all of my videos are jokes a lot of people don't understand this people get actually mad at me like y'all relax all my bills are jokes is just for fun I have no beef against this kid no they're not and it's very obvious to anyone who watches your videos that they're not all jokes you're not playing a character alright that is you you are being yourself in these videos oh no I get it you're so spineless that you want to have it both ways you want to basically be able to say yeah I roasted this person in the past but it was all jokes it was all jokes if you want to suggest that some amount of your videos are jokes go for it you know it's very obvious to all of us that your beef with Logan Paul is just a bunch of fake shit oh no Logan stole my clothes what am I gonna do oh look at this bro where's my supreme and Gucci and babe that is all fake beef so if you want to call that a joke go for it but you are undoubtedly the biggest fence rider on YouTube you would just as soon make a diss track on Logan Paul as you would drop to your knees and suck him now we're gonna talk about the Gabi situation and if you're not familiar with it I'll bring you up to speed these two are attending a party together she goes up to him with snapchat in hand and says I challenge you to a freestyle she's pestering him she says you don't have your Ghost Rider here do you bitch he's obviously quite scared so he does the only thing that he thinks he can do I had two losses that night I could have walked away and look like a bitch or I could have did something about it and I did something about it I dropped her phone and I smashed it oddly enough is enough you little stupid bitch I smashed this phone I smashed this phone only two options that's it that's all he has there isn't a third option they got swept under the rug and that's to play along with it there isn't even an infinite number of options that allow you to do any number of things that don't make you look like an asshole or a pussy I can't just sit there and look like a bitch if you are ever so terrified of being put in an improvisational situation that you smash someone's phone for fear of looking like a bitch you sort of automatically just look like a bitch I had two offers that night I could have walked away and look like a bitch or I could do something about it it's like he's describing the thought process of a wounded animal or a caveman I either run away or I smash those are the two options enough is enough you little stupid bitch I smashed their phone if you're a comedian if and if all your videos are jokes the first thing that comes to your mind is how can I turn this into a joke nope you got the ape brain I can't just sit there look like a bitch I just want to mention as a side note that when he was on drama alert he had said that when you go to these youtuber parties it's understood that you don't bring out your phone and you don't film people really without their permission these youtuber parties people know to write or you ask permission people do film at those parties and you filmed at those parties filming's fine when people are okay with it you weren't okay with it because you got bamboozled would you guys like to hear the juiciest bit of hypocrisy price you have through her phone but I mean if you're gonna record me at a party when I'm off-guard this girl literally came up to me any person didn't ask me hey rice do you mind if I flop she just gave us a camera already on and I was unexpected it kind of sounds like he doesn't like being recorded without his consent how interesting how about not streaming though I just I wanted to call you oh no no no I just wanted to call you it just talked now if he would risk it was Stevie he he fooled you don't trust him fuck out of here you snitches mad I what I got nudes bro but y'all was really fuckin up my tempo I never know why I even lied bro fucking people snitch way too much he is very entitled so entitled in fact then when he's not invited to a YouTube related event he has to tell everyone about it instead they decided to hook up like Tyler Oakley are these water set of youtubers and fly math stuff and hook those guys up and not even hook me up if you're watching this right now you to have all those guys that are irrelevant now but you know it was at least show respect to the people that was granted you know hard as shit I can understand whining like a bitch because you didn't get invited to YouTube rewind what I can't understand at all is why you would bring up other youtubers names and talk about their numbers and how irrelevant they are these neighbors are upset if I'm calling you out of these people right here were popping in 2015 2014 late but in 2016 like who like there were so many people in the field that was like who the fuck like who are these people you are so stupid that you don't even realize that that question could be asked of you in a matter of years I guess you should just hope that future relevant youtubers aren't as mentally deficient as you during this year at VidCon there was this very annoying Instagram kid who is making a fool of himself by disrespecting the VidCon staff of course he had to make a video on this kid you might be wondering what could he possibly criticize this kid for that he hasn't done himself not much cannot believe these are actual words coming out of another humans now we get it bro you're rich or famous but that does not give you the right to be me and call these security guards irrelevant like they're literally just doing their job help all those guys that are irrelevant now but hey irrelevant irrelevant I feel like this guy thinks he's like above people he was calling people peasants and irrelevant like because Gaby show another pretty irrelevant youtuber in addition to being a hypocrite he also thinks numbers mean everything I don't even know who this guy is like after who is this guy security guard be the social media it has more followers than that kid like yes more followers of you how do you feel calls them irrelevant when he's irrelevant himself I don't know how he's missing the point it's almost as if he thinks this kids actions would be justified so long as he has the numbers to back it up him being an asshole cannot be justified by his large following the world doesn't owe you shit no matter how fucking large your sub count is only 16 thousand followers he's talking like that imagine if you had my youtube viewers yes if he had your YouTube viewers he would be as arrogant and unintelligent as you know you're not viral at all that's viral alright that's viral you're not viral you need to relax this I got a million views so like my last song about 13 million views so can I call myself mister I got 13 million views like that's it's weird it's kind of like whenever someone drags themselves he thinks that is now an opportunity to brag because the focus is on them yeah it's helping out you know depressed fans but this isn't something you like brag about you know I do this too but you know you'll see me bragging about it but you shouldn't be bright about I mean I do all these things too broad but you don't see me making us off you do not help out depressed fans what are you fucking talking about because some kid emails you and says watching your videos is helping my depression do you really need everything why in the world is it not enough to be a YouTube star who gets a lot of views by being an asshole why do you also then have to say by the way I'm also a nice guy who helps out depressed fans one of his very notorious practices is to bring up people's names with the most feeble excuses the beginning I really like these videos Oh at the beginning you like all my stuff but like what so now all my newer videos you don't like it that much me a month ago he tweeted gonna make a new channel where I only do roasts and dis track so I can whore out everyone's name in the title this tree is paeonia I got period I popped up as you guys can see I'm going on his life's tweet it says rice to them starter pack as a result of this he's constantly baiting out who the next diss track is gonna be on is it gonna be on this person who has nothing to do with me and has never mentioned my name is it gonna be about this person who referenced an ambiguous Asian character I don't think there's ever been a better way to inflate your own ego than fabricating your own genius video so you have an excuse to explain your lyrics this isn't a joke this is a real thing on top of being a musician he also thinks that he's a really good music critic my first hit single every night says is on the Billboard Top 100 this was the first official song I've ever done Wow Wow that's incredible anyways I just really have a really good grasp on music and show good music for memories basically I know what's going on there's a ton of youtubers own it she's trying to rap they need to stop but I feel like you just stopped making music and just stick to what he's good at she's really not that good at music she really stopped doing busy it's just stick to what she's good at at least get better every song like me I'm the best but I'm slowly working on my flow better this is so rich to think that other people should stop making music cuz they're not improving it just sounds bad have you heard your own shit all your fans are tense they don't know what they are doing stop dissing me go find your top lip it says we're from visor tryna rap you should probably go back I'm a clothes rack cause you look like an ogre for Mary seven honey can at least get better every song like me I'm the best but I'm slowly working on my flow it is not a coincidence that your music has improved since moving to LA you're now utilizing a professional music studio where someone else is mixing and mastering all your music they're probably writing the catchy bits for you you have someone who's filming all the videos for you and you still probably have the ghostwriter on payroll you have nothing to be boastful about you fucking moron he's such a faggot they're just thrown out diss tracks because they get views yeah I can't think of a single other person who would do that for mail us 700 K if there's one thing to take away from this video it's that he doesn't want to be known as a bitch I can't just sit there and look like a bitch I could have walked away and look like a bitch so I want you guys to keep that in mind going forward that's gonna do it for the rant portion of this video thank you guys so much for watching if you want to check out any of the channels that I collabed with to make this video possible all their links will be down below that is all seven of the deadly sins now it's time to finish where we started maybe at the end he might squeeze a district in there to show people that he can't you know you know give me a taste of my own medicine that's not a bad idea good evening everyone this is Jimmy Dean from 10 News and I'm here at an undisclosed location there's been a lot of foot traffic from height beasts in and around this area and we pinpointed it to this building I'm about to risk my journalistic career by entering this room and trying to infiltrate this cult but I hope you all understand I'm doing this in the name of journalism I'm not interested in it for the money or the clothes or that high-end fashion as a whole behind this door that's where they're at okay hi there I'm here to join your cult I mean I'm I'm gonna get over there on my knees and oh yeah punch I kind of feel a lot of place can I get one of those shirts at least or the hooded hoodies why do you walk like that you gotta pull me up Wow I don't know if you're proud wanna be I wanna know you're a rapper who can results you with words talk about you easy pace hey is that your like yo yo hey hey see the audience face a objective Satori's takes a look afraid must have seen a ghost rider will hit a little bitch but I'm not scared to show my you've been pretending everything to the device both descended lets kids think I did it all when we weren't capable of making a playground insult that's bad but then I heard you try to rap I would more disappointed that when I found out Casey Neistat boy gonna flex gonna flex flex place because when you cut no personality replace it with a Rolex you really don't see your friends bullying the rides hoping to die just so private you throw in the price of what you buy in their face no no you think they're gonna say oh my god you're such a legend you make me so wet with your reckless spending you can buy respecting your own so funny please mention fuck me you're fucking delusional so try your best to remember you're not a pimp you're a borderline sex offender this boy of flavor of the month but which is it huh a whiny Vietnamese wannabe gangster its salt and vinegar you're like Kanye without the town like Jackie Chan but a little faggot like Soulja Boy yeah you're exactly boy you just got pounded I taste it yell if you could pronounce it get it because you're Asian that's what you wanted right hey let's make fun of the ashen bow with his ashen bow sighs Jesus Christ sure is predictable as a house tour to call you surface level would be an insult to the ground floor whatever you promise to fall you quit you can't persist for shit you narcissistic praise your audience is fickle here's what I project you traveling to crash fuckin song co-come no realize they're in a bubble but let me guess I'm irrelevant right isn't that your Excuse strangers to explain abuse cause it was basic cuz I won't look Rubik's Cube you renamed secure underage you know little bitch and that's that so cut to think of a job to leave the salt filter one-stop-shop dog – – money and abusing the clips and yet you're always gonna be a little bitch now I'm finish this plan it was just three minutes oh it wasn't that bad but I got one question asks you bro did it feel good though iTunes and Spotify links down below please consider downloading to support the channel you can also use the beat to make a minecraft parody of this song I know this guy's pretty funny

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  1. Rice: Flexes how much money he has
    Google: RiceGum’s net worth is estimated 8 million as of 2019
    Also google: Pewdiepie net worth is 20 million
    Rice: Makes new music video 1 year ago, 5m views

    does rice gum realize that Gucci Gang has more views than his most popular song, and that song is literally a guy saying ‘gucci gang’ over and over

  2. Wait didn’t the gabby show fake some of her images to make him look like a wife beater?? Rice gum is still a fag and I still hate him but isn’t the gabby show worse or at least on point with the aids

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