Content Cop – FINE BROS & The Revenue Machine

what we do here this go back back back Oh sorry about that I just had a cleanup after all the mess that the fine bros have made over the past couple of days man it's been a real mess what am I gonna talk about if not that hey idubbbz you're gonna go after the fine bros oh boy I was all excited gonna get so many hits if you make fun of the revenue Bros this shit doesn't even look like dollar sign I was going for this epic gag but it just looks fucking retarded look it I'm Team Rocket who doesn't know how to fucking spell fuck I should have broke this story I wait a few days and everyone's making finebros videos fuck the fine brothers fine brothers more like revenue brothers revenue brothers more like money-grubbing Jews money-grubbing Jews and their fucking career and their career I say lynch him lynch those brothers how in the world am I gonna make fun of the fine bros now seems like everyone's taking all the good jokes like how his eyes are so fucked like literally fucked I've never seen Luke's pussy lips before but if I had I think those would resemble them quite nicely I mean if I put a pixelation over this dudes eyes you wouldn't know if their pussy lips or his eyes don't get me started on the other one look at his glasses what did you place at dupes would you start slipping the revenue pros already you're hurting my brain there are a lot of Internet users out there saying very generic statements like the finebros dun goofed fucking hilarious I think it goes a little bit deeper than the finebros dun goofed they duped it up again the fine cunts were looking to protect the only thing that they have their format any of these people that they feature on their kids react teens react youtubers react they could leave at any point in time and the fine brothers would be up a fucking creek without a paddle because no one logs on to the fine network to see Rafi and Benny fucked I do reactions what you guys need to understand is that they cannot function without a format because they are the corpses of YouTube what are they going to do for their videos if they don't have other people coming in to film they're gonna do it themselves fuck no corpses don't do well in YouTube videos that's why they feel so threatened when Ellen comes in this woman with a personality and jokes she comes in and does the same gag that the finebros do but she actually has an additional element to it not just random people of the finebros fine on the street and go hey buddy you want to earn a couple bucks Jimmy Kimmel just talks to some kids and they're like what do we do Benny I don't know we're off e I don't know should we copyright them I don't know if we could copyright them we could trademark some part of why we believe this initiative is important is due to witnessing many creators ourselves included having their shows and formats blatantly stolen by companies and people when you notice someone ripping someone's format off don't stand for it that incredible format where you bring people in who have opinions and also don't have opinions sit him in a chair and say so do you know a band that was so do you know who that is so you know who this is so what did we show you here overall what do you think of the video pretty good right thankfully I have a persona tied to my videos so if anyone tries to copy bad unboxing or Kickstarter crap people will be like hey you're copying idubbbz and no one can do it quite like that guy can if someone stole my content I would follow the instructions of finebros and and i wouldn't stand for it mama bunny shot an 18-inch dildo I'm a dual wielding class from an RPG my momma money shot Kobe Carmelo Michael Jordan hey that's pretty good hey hey yeah that's pretty good money shot yeah real funny guys yeah I'm a clown ha ha I get it I'm a fucking I'm a fucking clown what are you doing holy shit you realize this is my format right I just I was just unboxing dude so what I'm boxing I do everything I do everything that you're doing here I say the money shot thing I pull out I pull a weird stuff today like that dude lots of people pull out weird stuff from boxes look at you got some weird background on your on your monitor zoboomafoo dude I used to love that show as a kid we got a little gag going on my channel yeah what's that yeah zaboo ma who is a Booma fool you know I just got done watching his fine brothers video and they told me to stop people like you find who the fine brothers define brother the funny brother fuck dude you know you are a copycat and a thief – no yeah no no yes matyoo you better not know you're stealing my format go suck your steel I think the most interesting thing to come out of this fine fiasco are the channels and videos that are now dedicated to counting down the death of a channel [Applause] which is it's kind of a scary thing seems like people are getting pretty excited about it today the finebros issued what I think is a final statement saying that they're getting rid of react world and they're also going to retract their trademark application for the word react and what I thought would be really cool is if I applied for the react trademark because it's up for grabs now so I put my application in hopefully in a couple years I will fully own all the reaction channels this video is sponsored by Legal Zoom if you want to trademark any videos or anything like that Legal Zoom is you don't need a lawyer just go on Legal Zoom when you notice someone ripping someone's format off don't stand for it it's fucking freezing yeah get your hat man you need that that's your content cop outfit they take pride in

49 thoughts on “Content Cop – FINE BROS & The Revenue Machine

  1. It's weird how no one's talking about how Ian beated the shit out of a copycat of his "Bad Unboxing" format LMAO

  2. in the description you say the name of the intro music but not the outro music!! what is that sick drum n bass shit?!

  3. This guy actually predicted the sub count live prorams to show channels decline 3 years before
    This guy was way ahead of his time

  4. This comment section:

    90% – generic logan paul memes
    6% – "why is this video age restricted?"
    4% – random shit

  5. TREVOR IS THAT YOU!?!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU MY BOI? (GTA 5) these two clowns look like Trevor and Michael from GTA 5 campaign.

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