Content Consistency Strengthens Relationships: Private Practice Owner of the Month

[inaudible],Hi there, private practice owners
this is Lisa Wozniak with Woz Marketing with another episode of private practice owners
of the month This month, we are featuring Heather Parady. Heather is the host of the Unconventional
Leader. She interviews leaders from all over the world
who have built great things from the ground up. And she also facilitates the Content Lab,
which helps mission-driven leaders connect with their audience through authentic content
marketing strategies. So welcome Heather, thanks so much for being
with us. Thanks for having me. I'm a huge fan of yours, Lisa I love the stuff
that you're creating out in the world. You are on point and I love it. Talk to us a little bit about that moment
where you decided to, take your education and move in a different direction with it. Yeah, it was probably one of the scariest
things I've done just because I, you know, most people when they leave their job, they're
all mad at it and they're like, I hate this. I forget these people, you know, and they
just move on. And I couldn't do that because I love mental
health professionals like you do Lisa, and I love psychology and I loved a lot of it. And so I think what's really hard is it's
hard moving away from something that you don't like, but it's really hard moving away from
something that you like; to pursue, something you love. And I found myself at this crossroads where
I love psychology and I love helping people, but I also just could not get away from how
how drawn I was to this online platform and this business world of what you can do by
building a platform online. I just thought it was amazing and I just felt
really drawn to it. And when those people in my cohort were going
home and reading more psychology books for fun, I was going home and listening to Gary
V and getting on Periscope and doing lives and all of this stuff. And so it was, it was a really hard decision
to make, but I also came to terms with that you can take the skills from the mental health
field and helping professions and really use it in different ways outside of discipline
counseling room. But yeah, I'm still just a huge fan of therapists. I think everybody needs one and that's why
I love what you do so much. How did you decide for yourself that podcasting
was the way to go because like you had said, there's Periscope, there's Facebook Lives,
and there's all sorts of different avenues that you can go down. How, how was it that podcast you can do your
thing. Yeah, I think it's really important to look
at your strengths. I've always moved towards the strengths based
approach in most things were, you have to look at the things that come naturally for
you and that you enjoy because you know this, Lisa, putting out content and marketing all
that is a long game and it's a lot more work than people think. And that's why it's so great to have services
like what you provide Lisa, you know, if you can outsource that, that's phenomenal and
have people help you. Uh, but either way, there's so much that goes
into it. And so it's kind of like, why would you marry
somebody? You don't even like, you know, and you're
marrying yourself to your content. It is a long relationship that you are committed
to if you're serious about it. And if you want to see results. And so you need to date, I think at the beginning
date around a little bit, try out different things, blogging, podcasting, whatever it
may be. Find your sweet spot before you marry them. And, but when you get married, you've got
to stay committed. So I think there's no right or wrong answers. People constantly asked me and I'm sure they
do with you too Lisa. Like, what is the best strategy? And you're like, you, you are the best strategy
figuring out who you are in your voice and really like we're celebrating whatever your
strength is and going all in with it. So one of the other things that, uh, you do,
speaking of being married to the things that you love, um, is you now help other people,
produce and execute their podcasts. And how did that come about? I just, well, people just started asking me
because I started putting out, you know, all, all of my work and I'm like, Hey, can you
help me with mine? And the cool thing about your going down this
path on, you know, like we've said, you started off in mental health. You, um, now have a wildly successful podcast
and you're helping other people do the same thing. And yet this, I mean, this isn't what your
background is in. Media and communications and marketing is
not what your background is. And so how did you gather up all of the know-how
that you needed to go down this road? That's what impresses me so much. Google and YouTube. Even in college. Um, outside of, well we're in a context we're
talking about, I um, you know, share her story a lot that I really struggled in the education
realm because I didn't, I really had an education growing up. And so going and getting my, my college degree
and my master's degree was really, really hard for me because I had a lot of catching
up to do. My education stopped around seventh or eighth
grade. And so I had to re-learn all the stuff, people,
People knew going into college and I learned then how important and how valuable the Internet
is. You can literally Google anything and figure
it out. And so that's what got me through my undergrad
and my masters degree. And I, I've really taken that on with everything
else. I mean, it's amazing to me how powerless people
sometimes present themselves and I don't, I'm like, do you realize you literally have
the world's holding hand, you know? How do you, Heather know, um, that what you're
doing is working? How do you know you're being successful? This path that you've, you've gone down. How do you measure that? Sure. Um, well, in one or in two different ways. I like you love analytics. I think analytics are really important and
if you're serious about, if you're marketing, you need to be measuring your efforts because
otherwise you're going to burn out and you're wasting your time. You're wasting your time. You do not create a Facebook page and the
post and just start posting it and walk away and leave it. That's not what it's designed to do. A lot of this is testing and figuring it out
and seeing what resonates and what works and what doesn't. You know, I'm hearing you say that consistency
is a big part of it. Huh? Don't get me started. I get on a rampage with consistency. Yeah. Yes, yes. Yeah. It's, it's those things. I've heard some, some folks say that it's
those, it's those things that you continue to do even though nobody's watching. And even though you're doubt yourself and
even though you're wondering whether or not you have impact, you continue to do it. Yep. Well, we're building relationships on line. And why in the world do we think an online
relationship is anything different than an personal relationship? Why? Just because you're virtual, Lisa does it
makes you less of a human. If I say to you every single Tuesday, I'm
going to send you a newsletter. Okay, let's just talk about this. And like you don't know me, you've never met
me before. And I say, I'm going to give you five tips
to reduce your anxiety, Lisa, you've been having really hard time with your anxiety
and I'm going to give you five tips to reduce your anxiety because I care about you, I trust
you, I want to help you. And so I start sending those to you, and they
start helping you and you start getting value from them. And then one day I just don't show up and
you don't hear from me for two months. And, I come back and I'm like, Lisa, I care
about your anxiety, here's some OLD tips. You don't think I care. You care about my anxiety for those two months
and then didn't show up. Now we understand that, you know, physically
we would never not show up for our clients in the office. We would never do that because that goes against,
you know, code of ethics and all of that and oh Heather, you're taking a little too seriously. No I'm not because I like it or not we're
moving into an online space and like it or not, a lot of our work is going to be shifting
into an online model and we have to respect and honor the, you know, the engagements that
were, the commitments we've made online just as much as in person. And just, because you may not be getting quote
paid for content right now, your client and the person you're trying to reach doesn't
see it like that. They just say, hey, Heather didn't show up
this week. And she said she would. Yes. Oh my gosh. That is so powerful. I just love that. I love it. I love it. I love it. You know, because it's so true. I mean, if you, if you're regularly receiving
content from somebody and that all of a sudden it stops and then they pick it back up and
they act like they care. Yeah. You know, I mean there's doubt written all
over that. What was, what was your major Aha moments? Your big takeaway as a solo-preneur? Yeah. So I don't know if you've ever felt like this,
I'm sure you have, but when you get, you look down at the clock on your computer and it's
time for dinner and you're like, where the blessing did the day go? Where in the world! I got like three things, you know, like there's
so much still to do and I have an idea notebook that I keep by my, by my computer because
there's so much stuff that I want to do and need to do and have to do and different things. And I just, I even have to write it down and
shut the book and put it away because there's so much constantly, and I got to this point
where I just realized, Heather, it's not that you're not working hard enough in that you're
not doing the right things at all, that it's just there's always going to be something
else to do and we have to get really comfortable with that feeling and give ourselves a little
bit of grace that there's, you're never going to be like, check, I got it all together,
you know what I mean? Like, pffft, my email is this perfect, my,
my media is on point. You know, I have enough subscribers. You know, you're, maybe I haven't reached
that yet. And so getting to a point in, especially with
the clients that you work with, Lisa, I mean they're both, they're doing full time jobs
and then marketing on the side like holy crap. And so understanding that your best is okay. Like you just need to show up. I think the most important part is that you're
in it with your heart and that you're doing your absolute best, and you know, in your
heart you're trying and that, um, you're coming from an authentic place that you're not just
being lazy, but it comes to a point where you have to just kind of let go a little bit,
say, you know what, it's never going to be done. It's okay. I'm okay and this is going to be fine. You know what I mean? Heather, for, uh, practitioners who are looking
for a little bit of support in starting up and producing their podcasts. Yeah. How can folks get a hold of you. Well, you need to consider it. Podcasting's amazing. It's the best. I just absolutely love podcasting, but I'm
happy to answer any questions. I mean don't, I mean I've, I've answered questions
like what is a podcast all the way until like advanced questions so you can reach me at
Heather Parody on all social media platforms or [email protected] Uh, just find my name. I'm everywhere and I'm more than happy to
talk with you, ask you any questions and try to prove to you that you should start a podcast. Absolutely. Absolutely. And the other exciting endeavor that you're
involved with now is something called LinkedIn Leaders, do you want to talk about that? Yeah, so a I, it's kind of a spinoff of unconventional
leaders specifically for a LinkedIn. Um, we interview one leader every single day,
Monday through Friday at just a quick 10 minute interview. And the idea is just to put a human element
back into LinkedIn. Fantastic. Well thanks so much Heather for being here
with us today. It has been a joy. Yeah. I think the world of you, I think the world
of you. Thank you so much for your work. It's huge. Oh, thank you so much. It's so nice to hear. Listen, folks, this is Lisa Wozniak with Woz
Marketing, with another episode of private practice owners of the month celebrating Heather
Parady and all of the work that she's doing in the marketplace. Uh, again, hope you're having a great day
and helping you navigate your yellow brick road. Take care.

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