yes if I finish up a new feature so cool yeah send it over last week so cool yeah I mean who knows you know it's all cool Hey hi this is Ben Van kelt sorry Ben Kelly I was I wanted to check in because I sent a script about a week ago I just wanted to make sure that they got yeah they asked for it and Kelly hey oh you're a do to stuff I used to watch your video so I don't think eight where'd you go where are you the fourth diary seems the funniest man you gotta you gotta make more fart diary I love that part the guy marks its own pants off his pants he farts them right off the fourth guy yeah thank you Oh low blow blow oh oh my god oh my god son of a shocking Duncan I'm look hey what's up hey hey this is it's me Ben just finished reading your script we loved it very good to hear that is a happy sentence okay oh yeah yeah yeah please my god yeah let's let's do it let's do draft you one little story yeah lay it on me man do it yeah I just think the script will be really improved by you having more Instagram followers right this is a that's a story you know yeah actually one OneNote snapchat she okay yeah so you used to do YouTube right and we look for what is it you call yourself a writer influence we are looking for influences and your channel numbers are a great starting point oh yeah I understand I just so I don't think that I exactly like fit on YouTube anymore it's or in the future of filmmaking Ben you should have vlog stay present talk about a shoe yeah okay I mean is the script okay like is this is the story working for you yeah just go ahead and get those numbers off it really help you out all right would you wanna cuz I feel like I could give you another yeah I know set up a follicle great bus trough bill stop vlogging and a bunch of kids just came in the shop and stole some stops so uh you're fired [Applause] [Applause] these are my pants listen well what's up guys today I'm gonna be talking about my top 10 favorite pillows they're all me of one I can clock hey this can work you know back to my roots analog or digital am i selling hey got hey guys it's Ben hey it's butt does it not even been Kelly what year is it for you 2017 and there's I mean you're not hearing this because this is a camera you know somebody else named van Cali you're probably dead I'm insane see ya you don't say it I can hear you right now we're in a temporal loop that needs to connect okay in the future earth is visited by these aliens they're weird because nobody can see them but they're around and they've been guiding human life for the last ten years they drop at through time in different dimensions or something and sometimes they leave these ropes behind and those reps can mess things up for us and right now we're about to fall into one of those ribs because of this camera you have and that would be bad so if you have any questions what you need to take the camera to grab to the part next to that outdoor stage by the zoo it's one of the first places the aliens showed up so throughout all time there's an echo there a time echo I know it sounds stupid but it's a real all right take the camera to Griffith Park next to that stage put it in the echo otherwise the future might never happen what you weren't supposed to have this camera it was supposed to get lost in Griffith Park and then radiate it with all the temporal energy that's how we're talking right now what what is so confusing about this listen if you don't do this the future might change so much that they never even come to earth we need them what they help us get where we want to be okay all right so these what are these aliens they they tell us what we have to do or what no they gave our minds a window they show us the strongest path they're like a tool a means to an end okay all right their tool so what happens when when they get used by a person who is bad then bad things happen yeah when they help good people we've come far faster than we ever would have well what kind of bad things have happened you're really missing the point to think I am I I think you're talking about an invasion I think I think you're talking about aliens and losing control of our future changes good or bad grandpa it's both and when the good can meet this good please just do it take the camera to go to the park to rob it in the time I go save the future dummy okay when do I have to take it contacted ourselves from the future we told ourselves what happens you can't let those things come and change the world oh my god today is so weird what are you holding don't worry about it's a temporal medigun you please shut up I hate you Clancy get the hell out of my apartment oh your things right okay I'll get it why are you doing this to stop the future Harry what did I say about saying things in the same time you know what Clancy to have them once in the car and you won't let it go hey good yeah I forgot to tell you you got to get the camera work by 6:33 otherwise there's possibilities that the universe could end oh my god give us the camera should I stab him it's a neighborhood why do I have the knife people walking their dogs and shit okay she's fine at 6:33 fuck 6:30 oh shit I don't wanna smash in his window what do you want to do please you want to ask we just leave kara who smashed its magazines you smart windows look how about we just get in the car what if I told you – rawness it's not on purpose yeah we could definitely rip the universe in half you don't feel like dying but like Fred oh my god oh thank you so much he turned oh my god you gotta follow him of course I'm gonna follow him it's a chase yes no good thank you honk that's very nice that'll end the traffic you figured it out yeah like two feet you can pull up I'm not gonna pull up two feet just to wait that hey I'm here I have no idea what I am doing so let me know what to do and you sure to smash that like button will you Heinlein the tree oh man that took like a week listen I'm sorry but the girl told me here ash I mean she made it sound a whole lot like these aliens might do a lot of good for oh who cares about the goods she didn't talk about the war did she what work with the aliens no not with them those things help everyone sounds nice but it's not I think every idea should be allowed to happen you think every person should just be able to get what they want me oh no man I I think it already happened okay and I think that if we try and change it now we're just gonna wreck everything so who cares maybe the aliens come and then maybe we use them and maybe we can outweigh the bad holy shit what no way I mean there's there's this whole thing that was going on with me like in my life and that was kind of I just weirdly summed it all up like this this adventure that we were just on was kind of weirdly parallel the echo really not that way would've been cool you said don't man don't give away the future not what I'm confused why did it disappear I have no idea dude whatever way to go stupid and we lost everything you

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  2. I still cannot understand how a short film about aliens and the future can relate to dodie’s song.

    but also this film is genuinely amazing and I enjoyed it so freaking much, thankyou dom <3

  3. should I stab him?

    “it’s a neighbourhood.”

    then why do I have a knife?!

    “people are walking their dogs and shit.”

  4. Tbh I'm just here for the short films. I probably wouldn't watch a vlog, nothing personal. Also your fart videos are not my kind of humour, but your short films are amazing!

  5. if only youtube recognized artists with actual talent like Dom rather than talent less assholes who film dead bodies

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