Contact – "They should have sent a poet"

38 thoughts on “Contact – "They should have sent a poet"

  1. Yeah, it feels kinda like this, It's SO BEAUTIFUL every single moment that awaits me, & for SO MANY YEARS I HAD NO IDEA

  2. I've read the book three times. One of my favorite movies, even though it doesn't follow the book exactly.

  3. They should have sent DeGrasse from a parallel universe where he is a genius poet without any scientific knowledge. Laughs please. 🙂

  4. the shit with the chair always scared the hell out of me, it still freaks me out a lot for something thats just a chair breaking loose

  5. I must of seen this movie a hundred times and this is the beginning of my favorite scene. But in all the time I've seen this I've never noticed that 2:15 Jodie Foster's younger and present character are inhabiting the same time/space. You can seen the young actress who played Ellie face and voice imposed over Jodie Foster's. That just adds to the greatness of this scene.

  6. The overwhelming sense of wonder and discovery in this scene makes me teary eyed every time. And people question our space programs.

  7. This makes me cry every time. I remember the first time seeing TRebs planet on Capella. Still chokes me up, 

  8. Yes, a wonderful scene, from a great movie.  Unfortunately, it all goes tits up in the next scene. where she meets her father.

  9. Thank you sooo much for posting this beautiful excerpt from Contact, and really appreciate enriching comment from Jordy R below as well!

  10. This is my favorite Sci-Fi movie.When making this movie they had Carl Sagan's wife for advice on some of the space scenes.Still Hollywood got some scenes wrong.It was a great movie in the end.Thanks for the upload!

  11. From 2:00 you can see her face warping into a few different facial expressions that come with emotions which they did with CGI. I love that part.

    "Director Robert Zemeckis had asked her to repeat the pod scene six times, each time with a different expression (intense joy, fear, sadness and so on) and then the SFX crew quickly morphed her face from one take to the next. For a moment they also used the face of Dr. Arroway as a child." – IMDB Trivia

  12. Whenever the occasion calls for it I always do an impression (usually sarcastically) of Jodie Foster saying the last few lines. Inevitably, only I end up getting the reference… but that's good enough for me.

  13. i remember hte scene where she told them not to edit the schematics and she was right. the seat was useless and extremely troublesome.

  14. Uh… I've actually taken pictures through my smaller scope, the colors are mostly correct. The only exception is when they intentionally create false color images to show features outside visible wavelengths.

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