Conor Maynard “Not Over You” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Imagine you’re writing a crazy crazy long
essay for school and your computer crashes at the end of it and you’ve lost all your
work. You’ve just spent weeks and weeks and hours
and hours on this essay and it’s just gone. When that happens the last thing you ever
want to do is write that essay again. But give it like a few days, a week or whatever,
that anger wears off, the pain wears off and you kind of come to realize “I have to.” I think it’s the same thing in relationships,
you realize “well I can’t spend the rest of my life alone” you know what I mean? I think and then you realize you’re gonna
have to do it all over again. This song is actually kind of like a very international
song, there was multiple days where it was worked on and it was in all different cities
around the world. So the melodies and the chords were put together
in Jamaica. The lyrics were written in Florida, in Tampa. And the production was finished in London
and Copenhagen, Denmark. But the main one I really remember is in Jamaica,
I’d flown my two close friends out to Jamaica to basically have two weeks of writing. The whole lane was to finish off the album
pretty much. I say finish off, like literally, start an
album and finish it in two weeks. I remember this song so clearly ‘cause it
was on the third day. Up until that point, we had nothing. And I was like, “I really don’t want to
leave this place without having some form of a great song.” When we finished writing the melodies for
this song, we kind of all looked at each other like, “Okay.” If nothing else happens now for the rest of
the two weeks, at least we get to walk away with one that we think is really catchy and
really good. I literally love the way this song opens because
it depicts so well the bitterness of someone that’s broken up with someone. I hope it does go wrong and I hope your life
gets ruined but just so I can put the pieces back together and you can realize how much
you miss me. Please come back. I think it’s still kind of a continuation
of the previous thing. It’s still kind of start out with something
really negative, and then kind of soften the blow by, “But you know, if you do become
homeless, there is also my wonderful apartment that you used to live in, before you left
me. You fucking bitch.” In that bit, I meant like, “You left me
broken.” Like you left me in pieces. That was the intention of the lyric but I
think it got a little bit misconstrued with the fact that I just spoke about money before
that. I don’t think you necessarily hate them. It’s more that you hate the way they make
you feel. You hate that your life is literally falling
apart without them. It’s no one’s fault really, but it’s
nice to be able to blame them. We were together for like two and a half years
and I think it was around the two year mark where I realized the relationship was getting
a bit toxic. But you become so attached to what it once
was or what you think it still can be at some point if you fix everything. I think I had to just accept I was better
off without her even though it didn’t feel like it. I remember when we finished it, and my biggest
worry, and I said it to the guys, “I just worry it’s too cheesy.” It’s so happy and so, everyone clap your
hands together. I want to make sure it doesn’t come across
like that because I think the song could be really cool at the same time. And then we kind of talked about how the lyrics
could inject some of that more rawness and more realness into the song. And that was kind of what we did. The whole song is a juxtaposition. It’s kind of this really sweet sounding
song with actually quite mean spirited lyrics every now and then. I like to think I’ve never actually done
that. I’ve definitely maybe logged into a friend’s
account to look at an ex’s. I’ve definitely done that. But made a fake account, I think that’s
a little bit extra but I know that people have done it so I wanted to put it in there. I felt that was relatable to a lot of people
because social media now especially when you breakup… Oh my god, that’s the hardest thing to like
control yourself to not look at what they’re up to, see if they’re dating someone new
or something like that… It’s very difficult to kind of turn a blind
eye to it. I kind of wanted to put that point across. As far as the “Oh my god, you creep,”
it was kind of meant to be quite comedic and it is very creepy but at the same time, I
took a little bit of inspiration from… Do you remember “The Lazy Song” by Bruno
Mars? In the second verse, I think he says something
like, “Meet a really nice girl, have some really nice sex, and she’s gonna scream
out this is great.” And then a voice goes, “Oh my god, this
is great!” I always loved that bit of the song so I basically
thought, I wanna do my own version of that in that song. And that voice is me. I would kind of be maybe seeing, not quite
dating, but kind of on a certain level with a new girl. I remember I’d find myself in a situation
where we had maybe even just slept with each other. And I would then be talking to her about my
ex and it would go that far. She must have been literally lying there like,
“I can’t believe this is happening right now.” I feel like I took a lot for reassurance like,
“No it’s cool. It sounds like it was toxic. It sounds like it was bad. You definitely, definitely shouldn’t be
together.” Yeah I’m sorry. I’m sorry to all of you out there. There’s not a lot of you but… Apologies. You know, we spent so much time learning so
many little things about each other. I knew exactly where on the back of her neck
she liked to be tickled or anything like that. I knew so many things about her. I knew what food she liked. I knew what she didn’t like. I knew what movies she wanted to watch. I knew so many little things about her. And all of that stuff became pointless knowledge… In like a moment. I think for me, I felt like, I could never
see myself learning all of that about someone else again after that. My brother and one of my best friends saw
her quite obviously, quite close to some new guy. And they obviously didn’t tell me cause
they were like, “Well we can’t tell Conor that ‘cause he will literally break down. We can’t tell him. He’s not ready.” So they kept it from me and then I found out
another way. And it was in front of them. Someone else blurted out by accident, ‘cause
they didn’t know we had dated, and they were like, “Oh you mean… Who’s dating ___ now?” And I was like, “What?” Then my brother was looking at them like,
“Oh my god.” And I looked at my brother like, “You knew
that?” He was like, “Oh well, you know, I thought
maybe it was, I didn’t really see it…” And then he kind of just like ran out the
room a little bit. That line is referring back to that moment
when I remember like, “Oh my god. Now everyone knows she’s over me and I’m
the one who looks like an idiot here. I’m completely caught up in it still.” The way it kind of repeats at the end, yeah,
it kind of depicts that feeling of… It’s just going around and around and around
in your head and it won’t go away. I’d like to think now, it’s quite a few
years on now from then. So I like to think that I’m pretty cool
now. I’d love if I just burst into tears right
now. It really is bringing all the pain back. No it’s all good. I won’t do that. Yeah no I’m fine. It’s all good. She’s not number one on speed dial.

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