CONFESSION – Let's Play: 1st Degree Visual Novel DEMO Part 2

what else is on your mind correctly I saw up to the edge of my bed elbows are knees there on my eyes with the heel of my palms trying to wipe away the crusts walking to the mudroom I have to say it's unlocked the door for my prized pupil here we go as I opened the door I ran for another overly enthusiastic teenager to poison me with whatever food he's whipping up this time oh hi okay Oh what took you so long I was worried you wouldn't answer are you okay you look a little pale maybe you're hungry I brought you the bells Oh his smile puts the son to shame and it's too bright for my recently opened eyes but thanks I'll save it for later no sir we're eating it while we study mom always said not to like good food go to waste besides I tried out a new recipe yeah she said that but she was always tossing your food out don't forget oh shut up it was only twice I was just starting to learn to learning that you can't cook fine no free food for you um I don't know if I should keep maybe I should keep teasing while he's distracted I said up quickly and robbed my arms around him holding his shoulders and ruffling his hair until it resembles a good night of bed head even though I mean Minami as I said Minami protests it's not enough to tear me or really convince me that he's upset after his hair is thoroughly must I step back to admire my work beam Ami's hands to instantly run through his hair trying to tame back his locks hey what are you doing I kind of look God he likes that he's a real man's option I think it's Leah Minami stops and looks at me curiously because he's like the student but then again you can romance the boss too so I don't know what to yeah I've always thought your hair was cute you've gotten better at dyeing it since we did it together the first time Oh ray don't say it like that don't say it like one Minami hits you in the arm but the strike barely registers just let me inside already it's closing me I like you oh so you're saying I should let you in sign what exactly your apartment I'm serious ray it's really cold okay okay get your butt inside how about I make you something warm to drink to make up for it Minami carries his bag and carry her past me as he moves into my apartment closing the door behind him i watch him makes himself at home at the kitchen table Minami picks up the carrier and looks around where's ki today I checked the bedroom she might be sleeping somewhere in the comforter okay I'll go put Sinha and gloomy in there to play Minami disappears into the bedroom I'm so surprised that ki even puts up with the two furry bunnies at first I really thought they would just fight all the time but they actually seem to get along pretty well as I moved into the kitchen but it's like to make Minami some warm strawberry cocoa as he gets through his rapid settled he brings his Robins here as enough begins to warm I hear Minami leave the room hey ray is it okay if I give Keith some treats she's still not loving the bunnies veggies yeah they're in the same place Minami takes that i from the cabinet and disappears into the back room probably lavash and ki you with more treats and attention then she got his last visit it gives me just enough time to put finishing touches on his drink before he exits again and joins me at the table everything okay in there oh yeah he and I were just catching up oh did you make this for me I thank you she seems like a real cinnamon roll at the same time you know my god can't well it was my fault for leaving you outside to freeze I knew you were just teasing Minami sips this drink happily as I open up my old book and pick up a few notes from where we last left off so what did you want to focus on today well we have this quiz on the circulatory system and I'm kind of confused about the parts of the heart it turns out we'll have to dissect one an Anatomy it'll be a pig but gross actually the heart's pretty interesting yeah yeah but I'm not into dead things like you I just need a quick way to get through very interesting that you should put it that way okay I think I have a few tips I could share Manami takes another sip of cocoa and his face lights up great I knew you'd be the right person to ask reaching into his bag he pulls on his notebook textbook and a few pens before settling down to take notes nice to see you actually have a notebook now and not just loose papers yeah but I sometimes wind up tearing them out anyway bad habit I shake my hand and figured he'll just have to learn the hard way in college gathering my thoughts I leaned back in the chair before I began to show the words of wisdom and an old professor once passed down to me Manami makes his usual note-taking face with I squinted face serious and a cute pink tongue sticking out of the right side of his mouth unlike some previous to tutor ease he does not interrupt or ask questions before I'm facially explaining instead he acts like a sponge absorbing everything I have to say I talked for a while before he has a few questions which prompts another few minutes of explanation after about a half an hour I would expect him to want to move on to another subject but instead he seems to be distracted something else on your mind I know this is our tutoring time but do you think I could ask you something a little person what sure I mean is everything okay are those guys teasing you again oh no you were right once they found out who my dad was they haven't bothered who's your dad does he work at Nintendo I told you they're just cowards you shouldn't be afraid to throw your dad's name around once it it's really not that bad Manami absolutely pleased with its pen looking everywhere but at me and when I went to this foot accidentally hits my leg oh I'm so sorry oh my god I'm just this guy's a precious bean it's okay so what's on your mind well it might sound kind of silly but I was thinking I might be able to ask you about oh great eighteen all righty I guess he is at that age but why me he should know a lot of people better than his this kind of thing besides all my relationships are not safe for his innocence have you ever been in one yeah well I've been in lots but I'm not sure mine are gonna apply to you why well why not I mean aren't they all kind of the same oh you innocent innocent soul was I ever that naive no not really not at all actually well what should I do if I like somebody like a lot I am lost with the lava hot red manami's face becomes it the question his flustered beat red and again still I can't hold my stare it's one of those typical teenager questions that doesn't really have an answer but at least he's a brave enough to ask I always thought a Minami would stay oblivious to these kind of things well do you know the person do they know you yeah I know them and they know me I think we're kind of friends that's great it's one step at least and they said anything about liking you giving you any clues no that's where I get kind of stumped I just don't know what to say how about the truth I know some people think you shouldn't just blurt it out but I've always found it's good to be straightforward at least it works in the bar is I'm kind of nervous what if they don't feel the same never know unless you try right is that that friend of yours you do judo with Lucas right first split second but Nami looks confused before you his gaze dropping Shake side no it's not Lucas it's you I'm sorry did you talk about him like he's a cool guy though no he is and he is cute but it's not him besides he just met somebody himself he's been kind of hush-hush about it but it's definitely an older guy he seems pretty happy well there you go why don't you ask him he's much more your age and to be honest your parents would kill me if I shared my kind of hookups with you oh you mean your bar friends you still have a bunch of those whatever the urge hits me not for a couple months though why so long just not in the mood I guess but my advice ask your friend Lucas he's coming he kind of looks up too right it'd be like oh he's my teacher or my tutor or whatever and he he knows he is a little bit older than me he knows things better I think on the game page it says that Rey is 21 and minami's 18 so yeah he looks up to him he's just like yeah you could tell me what to do but you know Rey as a point you should ask your friends who are the same age kind of have the same mindset as you standing on the table I pick up his empty mug want a refill Manami still looks less thrilled about my help and shakes his head no thanks sorry I bugged you about this carrying the money to the kitchen I set it on the sink to wash later and turn him back to see minami's staring into the distance is it okay if I cut it short tonight I suddenly don't feel so Oh No why walking back to the table but my hand on the back of minami's chair and debating on whether or not to question him further it was obviously wanted to talk about something important and now he's clamoring up I didn't know if I didn't know any better I'd say it was my fault are you sick No I just think I'm done for the night okay then let's do a little roleplay roleplay Wow what are you doing right I have no self control or what before I can ask further I scoot his chair out of his hair before sliding an arm around his waist and pulling him into my chest holding him closely I feel I'm trying to squirm away but my grip is unrelenting if you want my thoughts on relationships you're gonna have to get up close and personal you're gonna confess your feelings to me I'm the person you're in love with and you're gonna tell me exactly how you feel here's something I don't think this is roleplay I legit thing Minami is talking about him no ray I can't do that of course you can just envision me as the love of your life I really can't do this okay well sorry Minami I've been watching you a lot lately and I've noticed you've been watching me oh my god they're so smart ambitious and really kind in fact you're the nicest most considerate person I've ever met and I can't help but think about you all day tell me do you think about me for a minute I'm not sure I'll respond to my little game but then his hands come off to rest hastily on my arms yes I think about you so much and I always look forward to seeing you sometimes I even daydream during school about you Oh thinking about what you're doing you're so brilliant and strong and I get hot just picturing your face gets too precious Oh sweetheart I don't really know what it all means I just know that I like being with you I wish I could be with you all the time but you're out of my league and I don't think it'll ever really happen we are just role-playing right imagine I don't think we are role-playing let me be honest we're never stands clutching my hands before his eye sweets of my own of course we are you said so yourself you're just really good at this can we play something else what else is on your mind waiting and a minami lace up his toes and presence mouth to mine this time it's my turn to freezes Minami seems more comfortable than he has then he ever has closing his eyes but his lips are soft and curious boy why does he do it oh my god his hands squeeze my arms and I returned the kiss delicately letting him lead I feel a small mouth move against mine before silly pulling back and I'm taking another small taste of my top lip doing the same with the bottom he pulls away with a soft click both are both are oh oh my god both our eyes open looking at each other across the distance thank you for being my first kiss whoa yo he's so brave that's his first kiss what the heck oh yeah well I guess if you ever need a second I'll be here but now he loves richly and though I've seen him to attend like this before I never seen I never it's never been this quite happy as usual all his laugh is contagious and I joined him enthusiastically we both threw up we both thrill in a moment of pure joy as it begins to ebb I smell down at him and kiss into his pink hair pulling back by arms slip from his waist you sure you still want to end it tonight uh yeah I need to get home and he gets the rest for the tomorrow um I'll just grab the bunnies sure they're now returns to grab the carrier before dashing to the door touching my mouth I smiled to myself and shake my head shame on you stealing a virgin's first kiss he gave it to me yeah keep telling yourself that almost too quickly Minami leaves the bedroom and crosses to the kitchen table really sorry to renege but like I said I need to get home and do some studying and some other things gee I wonder what that's some other things are gonna be no I totally understand don't forget to get some sleep – yeah sleep satu marry quickly pieces of things and it was to the door as I come to as I got to a halt Minami bumps into me from behind oops sorry I always feel sorry for her and I put a hand on her shoulder Hey mmm Nami has the days before her looks up at me I see you on Wednesday yeah I'll be there be safe on the way home okay open the door for him and I mean man just a small smile before ducking outside thank you good night oh my god he's already running away as he says it I watch you disappear down to stop see for closing the door shaking my head I laugh and run a hand through my hair well that was most interesting tutoring session ever turning all the lights in the kitchen I walked to the bedroom before our reality washes over me again Minami was a nice distraction but I suddenly realized I have school tomorrow and on top of that and have to peer leave for the worst person in the world hit hitting the bed hard I groaned and finding myself staring at the ceiling knowing him he'll probably get wasted right now I didn't want to mention it but as soon as a relationship can be wonderful they can be as awful that's the truth I didn't want to tell you October 17 whoa hey put some pants on my guy oh great just the thing I want to hear first thing in the morning I'm gonna have to get an alarm clock so I can keep that on silent he needs me that badly you can leave a message I see him in about an hour anyway what could he need at 6:00 in the morning he climbs onto my legs and makes herself comfortable in my lap and I glanced at the phone again best-case scenario is calling me to cancel class enlighten me no I can sleep in worst case he wants me to hook up before class starts either way I could figure I think I can handle it who is this I will only answer the call access the phone okay who is calling please tell me I can go back to sleep whoa my undying love and affection well now I'm tempted to let you get back to sleep it's the first day of class what is so important to replace me but just for the first class you no kidding me I can't believe they hired you let me guess you weren't out drinking last night you may know how irresponsible you have parently darts you could have going with me i cold yeah you probably did but I was busy being an adult I had work in the morning tutoring in the evening and then went to sleep knowing I had class today oh don't call that with me if you missed me you would have been here not out partying with whatever you picked up oh I picked you up once upon a time do you really want to go down there so he's one of them just tell me what I have to do pass out some syllabi give them a reading assignment and drop the name cards by my office after I'll have a special reward for you and dev it better be damn good it is and it also involves me make oh my god I'm partially interested what were you even doing on a Sunday night wishing I was with you but of course you never answer my calls your fault for sending the most annoying ringtone ever it's not my fault you haven't learned how to change it by now it's literally two keystrokes but of course I'd like to think you just pretend not to know and maybe in reality you sometimes curl up with it on lonely nights to remember all the good times we had so wait is he just a hookup because obviously they work together but like he's a teacher he's the TA and they hooked up right they're not like a thing you're so full of yourself Jesus Christ no I don't have time to play I'm telling you the class can wait I look down as I have to confirm it myself and feel the flesh both of my cheeks and down my neck even though chest is red I pulled a shirt close as if you might be able to see just a shirt it's never just a shirt oh my god it's one of your old shirts and some box oh okay so this is his shirt that sounds enticing did you really just call taking yourself off not at all I was going to return the favor as well go ahead ask me what are you wearing looking at pictures of you god you're so sexy those private pictures better be staying private for my eyes only I'll see you after class fine see you then oh and Ray what hey brush I blush again and just hang up if I did an IV x that let him play with me all day it's a speciality even after our rocky pass an intense breakup I won't deny that we're still pretty crazy for each other no matter how much I don't want to me oh damn so they were things they were dating and then they broke up oh this still kind of like I don't know they're sleeping with each other but they're kind of just like flirting with each other still regardless if they're broken up or whatever that's not a good thing you know that could be very dangerous I arrived at class just a few minutes early and even after this long still needs to take a moment to calm my nerves I've overseen tasks tutored answer questions and pretty much played June's puppet for all the things outside the lecture but facing my first time I dressed in the class on my own leaves me with a few butterflies this won't take too long it's the first day and odds are that you want this they want out as soon as possible for once we'll be wanting to the same thing June surprised better make up for this crock helping the folder I glanced at the course name just a refreshment before entering the room with the odd with all the authority and confidence I can muster as I walk in the majority of the class goes quiet and my presence while the rest can't be bothered Sunday my bag down forcefully I clear my throat and begins with the basics all right unfortunately doctor said you couldn't make it today my name is Rae kurushima I'll be your peer leader and dr. saggy Oh slave for the next thing why don't we I put that the truth gets a spatter of laughs and I realize that most of these kids have no idea what they're in for I wonder who the victim will be this semester wait to kill I mean he is a killer but I didn't think I really didn't think he kills like people he knows like obviously doesn't know the students but like it's someone in his vicinity like he knows from his job damn so he killed everyone oh jeez that's bad as they prepared to discuss both the syllabus and index cards a voice pierces through the room unexpectedly wait kurushima Rae kurashima you mean the Ray kurashima from the dr. killings were you this is internally every days it's about to happen but never thought it would be this soon at least 1% of classes run up on current events guilty but any like this all takes five minutes wow I can't believe it's actually you you're our professor not really but all right dear leader oh yeah he's standing in a professor's side yo what you listening here he has a twin then Darren can we date the toys you oh my god yeah but he's like our professor today actually today is gonna be a short one dr. Sergio has a very specific way of teaching that you will all discover so today we're going to review the syllabus fill out these index cards then you're all free to go look at some whoops and claps excitedly as I begin to pass with the index cards and syllabi wait so we're not gonna get a chance to talk to you I'm available if you have any questions about the reading or the lecture and while we're on that you're expected to read and be familiar with chapters 2 & 3 by Wednesday I will tell you it may sound like a simplistic assignment but I would try for full comprehension remember names titles and studies or you'll make yourself and the class miserable don't take this course lightly boisei Beasley all right that's what this dude says his name's Leo I don't know the brothers name with that done I returned to the desk and take a seat pulling out some paperwork for my last autopsy as they read the syllabi and fill out the card I sigh going through the motions and feel like a student myself with the worst assignment ever for ease of access I stumped by phone into my pocket for whatever I feel like in duck I need a track of time head in my hand I continue to feel their choir notes as the students begin to turn their index cards for every once in a while I glanced up it was student moved past and every time they catches the eyes of the purple to a pair twins who addressed me earlier oh great what did these two worker have going on as we continue on with Sean and Daniel's journey throughout life – strange – there is one big mysteries that still bothers me and that's their mother Karen Karen is a huge mystery okay all right oh that's a CG I know how to savour it but that's a CG Department

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  1. Anyone else seen the original, before the update, demo? Can we just appreciate the upgraded art and the changed character designs for Griffith and Leo???

  2. Im still wondering how did Rei know Minami likes guys… Did he Like Come out or something bc to me it seemed Like Rei just asumed Minami sexuality

  3. 22:15 I think he meant victim for his X. I'm guessing that he was also a student at the time they were dating. When he said victim I think meant that he prob meant a victim for his x to play around with if you know what I mean.

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    Also I think he's sus sus as in suspicious

  5. Why is the 3rd part privat?
    Is it intentional or accidental
    I dont want to diund rude i just thaught id point it out. Sorry

  6. You know the thing that really concerns me about this game is the fact that I looked at the kickstarter for this game and one of the ROMANCE OPTIONS IS SUPPOSED TO BE 42

  7. 6:32 legit my reaction to Lisa from BlackPink, my friends, my boyfriend, hunk from Voltron, and- it’s my reaction to a lot of people and things

  8. This Visual Novel has me so conflicted on feelings, because on one hand Rei is a murderer, but at the same time he's also like a lovable dork. I have no idea how to feel Lmao

  9. I took a nap and everyone updated a video but I chose your video first lu: is that supposed to make her feel special me:shut up

  10. Bets on Minami being the "Doctor".

    He's too sweet, he goes to medical school but understands everything, and that extra heart thing made me suspicious.

  11. 12:27 my mom came into my room so i quickly changed my page so she wouldn't think i was watching porn or something XD

    Through that whole seen though I was just saying out loud "Rei what the fuck are you doing to this pure bean!?" and rubbing my face.

  12. FUFUFUFUFUFU, It just started and I'm already dead ×o×. Love the vid so far, keep it up! Can't wait to see the next vid, as well as to see what will happen with the boy UwU. I don't remember if you said who's route you will be doing in the last vid, so I can't wait to see who you choose. So who do you like more out of the boss and pink haired boy? ( I'm bad with names 😣 ) have a great rest of your day/night! {~○^●~)~~

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