Conan Travels – "Writers' Strike Tour" – 1/2/08

22 thoughts on “Conan Travels – "Writers' Strike Tour" – 1/2/08

  1. Thumbs up, but I'm sure Conans guitar playing is much better these days hahaha.. #coversaregay 2019 lol Anal Sneeze over it all!!! Rock on!

  2. Lol I relate so hard to this… I walk around the house playing "Sunshine of your love" all the time. It's just such a fun song to play

  3. It doesn't look like Conan decorates his office as much at TBS as he did back at NBC. You could tell that he really thought that was gonna be his home for life. His TBS building is a lot less inviting in comparison. I wonder if any of his staffers have said something to that effect.

  4. The writers strike episodes were some of the greatest television. I can’t find many clips however.

  5. Introducing Team Coco with vocals from Conan O’brien as well as guitar and a lifeless blowup doll on the drums🤘

  6. I saw Schlansky, and immediately scrolled down to the comments, knowing exactly that the top comment will be about his appearance. 😀

  7. each vid a tiny pillar and testament to the greatest host tv has ever known, conan 😀


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