Conan Thanks Writer Brian McCann On His Last Day – CONAN on TBS

40 thoughts on “Conan Thanks Writer Brian McCann On His Last Day – CONAN on TBS

  1. Ah….Brian McCann and Brian Stack…..
    May the lives of Brians bless us all!!!!
    Where's MY KAYAKKKKK!?!??

  2. help me please he had a character that was a teenage singer but was now old and sang about his rump and stump,i forgot the name of the character and i'll probably never see it ,but that was my favorite character of his

  3. I’m surprised Conan didn’t mention Loser at the Beach, which they used to use endlessly, it seemed, during the 90s.

  4. i always wondered what happened to Preperation H Raymond. thought maybe he was a character they couldn't use from NBC. also haven't seen the Masturbating Bear in forever either. hell, does Triumph still make appearances?!!

  5. Brian McCann is a legend. He and Brian Stack helped make Conan what he is today. One of the funniest individuals ever! There's no reason to live!

  6. Brian's FedEx Pope character was, by far, my favorite Conan character. I was lucky enough to see Brian (as himself, not in character) do an audience warmup before a taping of "Late Night" in 2004. He was hilarious!

  7. Wow i didn't know he was a writer. This tribute is more than appropriate, this man is part of the fabric of the show. I'll miss you and wish you luck mr. Brian.

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