Composer Portrait: Fang Man

all the music in my head is very nice big sound I always loved Chinese opera voice I think that maybe it's the drama you see the tools are very exciting all these shapes of the expression this specific Chinese opera will be played by the clarinet this is quite complex this is the opera voice first I used this program to analyze the opera voice this is the shape and then show this patch you get the pitch but it's not supposed to be listened like it's just get a peach now what I do is I made a tape for the I mean I I knew I was in for this when I when I when when Mandy asked if she could write me a concerto I I knew I was in for this process because I know she's and she loves to experiment with all different kinds of things one of the things I liked about her as a composer she has a lot of ideas about electronics but she's been studying electronics in France for a year at ear comm very intensively in learning these new programs which are very cutting edge you can kind of see that there's a phrase here and it's here also and I heard of some higher notes than what came out on the computer printout and I just went with my ear and now I've got to go over to Mandy's and talk to her about it and see what she says basically what we just need to do is go through here yeah uh yeah you could put one quarter note there and then but uh what we need is the dynamics now sorts I think now you have to sound in your head yeah so it's much easier to yeah yeah she's trying to find a way to incorporate these incredible tools with her dramatic urge this is the struggle of our ages had to incorporate technology into a dramatic context and it's not often that a composer can reconcile these two things and it's it's really it's kind of fascinating to take this journey with her oh wow yeah I can do Peking Opera in my next slide

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