Composer Buddy Baker on teaching at USC –

I'm director of the film music program
here is going from motion pictures of television and this is my 13th year
being director of that program when I retired from Disney in 1983 I wasn't cut
out to be retired and they called me from USC to come over and teach a class
on animation music so in 1985 I came here and I taught in 85 and 86 and 87
and then they asked me to take over the program and which I took over in 88 I've
been here since then why is this important to you I think being around
young people and seeing them blossom out because as
you know yours yourself some talented people here and we're getting them from
all over the world and when they leave here after a year in this program what
have they gained I would say that 20% of them the first year out will be working
in the business somewhere in some capacity as a composer or an arranger or
a mixer or helping Mike post or whatever they might be able to do but this is a
good place for them to network and find out the ways to get into the business
because if I tried to get a job out there myself today I would know how to
do it because they they didn't do it that way that I came up but no it's it's
it's good to see these kids progress and we have some that are really up there
getting big money right now as composers yeah some of them would be like Chris
Young Chris well Chris teaches in the program
Chris Beck is doing he disappeared Marco Beltrami does it he's doing great these
days there's any number of them out there they're just doing fine who
graduated from this program on this program and who have gone on to great
careers yeah

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