Composer Buddy Baker on teaching at LA City College –

I taught over Delhi City College and I
had a big wind ensemble which was comprised of a full symphony woodwind
section plus four horns and three string basses I believe it was and we could it
was a marvelous group in fact Capital Records we we were going to try to
record there and they thought it was too good just that they couldn't couldn't
sell it because they weren't in in that end of the business
yeah it was really a good sounding so I taught there and then I taught arranging
at Le City College in fact Jerry Goldsmith's was in one of the classes
sighs no kidding yeah so that would have been about Wham
can you guess oh yes 52 okay something like that I've ever spoken to
Jerry about about those days to see remember I mean he brings it up once in
a while yeah so that would have been an arranging a class yeah we're the old
French from way back

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