Composer Buddy Baker on how many projects he did at Disney –

could you estimate how many shows you
worked out during your what 28 years at Disney any idea how many chose mine I
think there was around a hundred and forty or fifty television shows and
maybe said 56 or 58 feature films and then all the park stuff and all the
parts of him in addition during that period of time you were you you would go
back and forth between features and the television show right and the theme park
stuff right did you find that you were working more on the Disney television
show most of the time I mean we would say two-thirds of your assignments be
for television not necessarily it was times there where I'd be working
on a feature and and our television show at the same time and I just changed off
yes it had to be careful to be be sure I had the right reel up for that protector
show how often would that happen that would seem to be awfully difficult that
it's not easy but it only happened maybe three times but usually I could get the
television show out because we took less time get that out and then started on
the feature and they would try to the music department trying to work it
around so one of the five of us would be able to pick up whatever is coming up
next it's not like today where you had to make a demo for everything it was a
good part about being there Walt he had confidence in what we did

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