Composer Buddy Baker on Disneyland –

the first 10 years of dissing land
George grunts and I did everything out there among those first attractions at
Disneyland what what what music were you
specifically responsible for I was sure in that first batch of the first batch
well yeah we didn't have a lot to write for that that first year we didn't have
it a lot of the big shows but I remember I did the Wishing Well song and where
the well was working I did some of the area music George the only fully
finished show was the Tiki Room George did that I never did anything on the
Tiki Room but there was and what land is it not Tomorrowland I I did one show
that was in Tomorrowland and I forgotten the title of that and then I did like
the mining train what was that area to call it then one of the lands at the
dissenter land maybe hmm was it Adventureland maybe yeah maybe
that was it Adventureland and and there was Fantasyland yeah you worked on music
for the Haunted Mansion I think yeah I wrote I wrote that song too with exit
NCO who did the lyric I did extensions on small world and did extensions on a
pirate right which George did George wrote the pirate right suffering yeah
and but when you say you did extensions what does that mean well they kept
adding scenes to it and that was after George left the company you know and
also George did the original bear band and then they made just same extensions
of that and I added to the bear band was it a different it's a different kind of
challenge to write for theme park music I mean really nobody had done that I
think before Walt Disney came along No yeah and was a challenge and in that
especially when we got to Walt Disney World where we were had
audio-animatronic figures and film running in these shows at the same time
and I had to work a system to to synchronize with the audio and audio
animatronics so it was technically more complicated than maybe anything you'd
ever done right we had to work out the system on it okay
mr. Lincoln that exhibit at Disneyland did you work on that I did all of that
and all that and that was it was for the World's Fair
originally for the state of Illinois in 1964 in New York I see so the New York
World's Fair in 1964 was the first time that exhibited here okay and that was a
that was a first showing a small world wasn't there World's Fair really in New
York and the Sherman Brothers wrote it's a small world
Sherman Bo's wrote an but you are responsible for the arrangement and I
ran all of Bobby hammock did some did most of the original arrangements in New
York but then when they brought it out here they had extensors to it I did
those I did the clock at Disneyland which was a nightmare at a time and then
in Tokyo they went before the Tokyo at the Walt Disney World they expand
it's some more added scenes and it's more and Tokyo

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