Composer Buddy Baker on becoming a Disney Legend –

buddy you're one of very few people I
think who have been named dozen Disney Legends that happened in 1998
you know what transpired to cut to what happened there and what exactly is a
different question there's a committee that was formed when the Eisner group
took over to honor outstanding people with the company and some of them
weren't Disney employees except by on call but they had worked in a lot of
Disney Pictures and their name became familiar with Disney projects and I
think that's the way it happened so they have this committee and they choose I
think it's eight or ten people each year to become a distillation and and such
your name is that your face actually isn't it is it more than just your name
that's actually sort of in bronze yeah and your handprints yeah how does that
feel it's nice I'm right next to Hayley Mills down the area and so yeah that's
its point your honor

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