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[The Bible Is Unique #2 ] The Bible is unique, which means, different from all others – no like or equal. And the way you can really appreciate that is
seeing it in a comparison with other literature. When I was a seminary student, I was at the home of a friend of mine, Dick Day, and that evening there was a knock at the door, and we opened it and there was a young man who was
selling the “Great Books of the Western World” series. So, we invited him in and we cleared off the dining room table and he laid out the entire sheet of paper with the backs of the “Great Books of the Western World.” He took about a half an hour telling us about the “Great Book” series and
I spent about a half an hour telling him about the Greatest Book. And when I finished, I challenged him to do this: to take all these books before him – not over a period of 1500 years but just 10 years, not 40+ authors but just 10 authors, not written on 3 different continents but 1 continent,
not in 3 different languages but 1 language, not from all different walks of life but every author from 1 walk of life, on 1 single controversial subject … now the Bible
writes on hundreds of controversial subjects … I said, on 1 controversial subject. I said, “Would they agree?” And I remember, he looked at me and looked at the “Great Books
of the Western World,” looked back and me, and he said, “No.” I said, “What would you have?” And he said,
“A conglomeration.” I said, “That’s right.” Two days later he came back and I had the privilege of sharing Christ with him and leading him into a personal relationship with God through Christ. The Bible is unique. Now, be careful – that does not mean that it is true. What it does mean is that any intelligent person seeking the truth would consider a book that has these qualifications.

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  1. Someone once compared the Bible to a portrait of Jesus Christ. The O/T serving as the background scenery and the N/T as the actual figure of Christ.

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