yeah my name is Marie Peterson that I'm from Denmark and how did you hear about the Kent at Paris MA well I was looking for I was looking for programs to supplement my degree from back home so I basically just I think I just went on Google I was looking at it with my dad and we were both kind of browsing through websites and he found it okay so why did you choose the catch of Paris MA well I chose it mostly because it's supplements might agree back home very well I used to study a Scandinavian language and literature and back home with my old university I would focus very much on the language side the linguistic side of things so I felt like a literature degree would be a would be a good way to supplement that and you know the whole combination of having the possibility of going to England and going to France and it just it seemed like the perfect kind of combination of all sorts of things have you found that being in Paris has enhance the learning experience yes I think so because you have you have like all of all of the stuff we read about really is it's all around you all the time so I can't help but feeling but feel a bit you get more into it you kind of get a sense of being in the context of what you're studying and that's that gives the different learnings for exactly so which cancer Paris modules did you actually choose to study one you are here in Paris here I am studying a Paris reality in a representation and film and modernity and is the program meeting your your academic expectation oh absolutely absolutely have you had enough support from academic staff while you've been here yes I think that quite surprised me in general about camp that people were so helpful and so very concerned about whether our experience really met our expectations of Jose so you've actually had the opportunity to go on some visits as well while you were here yeah you mean the trips yeah yeah for example today we went to the Rodin Museum and that was lovely we've gone to we had the library visits we went on an excellent trip of the arcade – which was amazing because it we had just been reading about that for the for like both our classes actually so that fit very well and you mentioned libraries just now and have you found particularly berries that have been helpful for your research well I think for me at least the American Library in Paris has been good but I think mainly yeah what what I found was that the facilities at Kent are still very very useful even after like leaving Canterbury and going to to Paris they're excellent facilities on the website through the library at Kent so I use the online archives very much even though you're in Paris yes so tell me what do you do when you're not studying I'm not studying well a lot of different stuff there are a lot of lovely people at my house so I hang out with them or I mostly go out with people from the course I am here with two girls that I happen to be living with when I was at Canterbury so we obviously got very close living together there so we hang out a lot we go well we go out and the evening goes bars obviously cinema whatever you can concerts whatever you can find but we've well of course you have to do them the sightseeing bit but that's over quite quickly I find like you quickly find your kind of favorite spots Paris comes off as that's very kind of big and confusing at least for me but I quickly find your favourites about your favorite bars your favorite parks your favorite places to hang out so when have you any plans for your dissertation yet my dissertation I'm thinking about doing something on board Leo but I'm waiting a bit with narrowing it down until I've I've finished the essays that are due in May because I'm kind of thinking maybe maybe something new will turn up on the way so I'm waiting a bit with it but I'm guessing it will be something on board earlier because I really enjoyed that that session with Peter especially and so when any plans for the future yet well the future is a bit uncertain now after I'm after I go after I finished the Paris programme I go back to Denmark and I have applied for a PhD back home but we'll see if I get it otherwise I will finish my final dissertation at my university back home and then I will end up having a sort of double master a double degree I'll have my master's degree from here and my master's degree from back home and after that maybe teaching I don't know

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