Collab with Kim Chance | Our Insights | Traditional vs. Self Publishing

20 thoughts on “Collab with Kim Chance | Our Insights | Traditional vs. Self Publishing

  1. I'm so glad you and Kim did this collaboration! It's so informative and helpful for me, a writer who is deciding which path to take!

    Also, it really does seem like all the AuthorTubers I follow know each other…What???

  2. I love Kim , you guys are such a sweet women I can’t wait to read the books , I am new to writing ✍️

  3. I can't believe my two favorites did a collab on a subject I myself have been debating with for a while. Surely I have been blessed ;;7;;

  4. Tuesday, of course 😉 Loved the collab, such a great idea! And I wouldn’t say the years you were thinking about building your author platform instead of doing it were "wasted"… Think of it as you learning and being lead towards your path 😊 Keep being awesome!

  5. I wish I had started my author platform a long time ago. I'm now struggling with figuring everything I need to know out. I'm currently a self-published author, but I'm thinking of trying to go the traditional route as well. I loved your video!

  6. I bought the two recommended books you posted a while ago. –Story Trumps Structure and Your First Novel. They have served me well!

  7. It was still funny seeing a collaboration video. But still I enjoyed watching both of your guys channels. 😁

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