Cold Emailing New Clients? AVOID These 5 HORRIBLE Mistakes Freelance Writers Make

hello there my friend and welcome back to my channel today I want to talk to you about something super important and that is of course how to write a good cold email / pitch or more specifically how not to write a cold email or pitch you can be the best writer on the planet but if you don't know how to market yourself and pitch and cold email and actually land clients just because you have writing talent doesn't mean you're automatically gonna become successful you still gonna have to work for it and learn how to put yourself in front of people who will hire you now before we get started I do want to mention that this is coming not only from the perspective of me having a lot of freelance writing experience it's also coming from the perspective of me having received a lot of pitches some of which were okay most of which if I'm being honest were pretty terrible the good news about that is that if you can actually write a good pitch it's gonna be really really easy for you to stand out because I'm not kidding when I say most of them are terrible if you can avoid the mistakes I'm gonna be talking about in this video you will be one step closer to landing client work or whatever opportunity you are pitching yourself board before you leave this video today make sure you enroll in my totally free freelance writing course it is linked out of the description box below over 5,000 writers have gone through this course and it is full of actionable advice you can use to market yourself in land clients even if you have no experience also if you enjoy this video be sure to hit that thumbs up button because it really really does help my channel out and subscribe if you want to see more videos about freelance writing let's go ahead and get started mistake number one is writing a giant wall of text let me tell you nobody it's gonna sit there and read a big-ass paragraph that a stranger sent a bit that's why you have to break up your text any time you're writing for the internet whether it's an email or even if it's for a blog post or website copy you have to make sure that your content is very easy to digest because people tend to skim the content they read online as opposed to actually going through and reading each word so how can you do this in your pitches and cold emails well you want to break up your text with things like bulleted lists and bolded texts and white space in other words don't have long paragraphs in there as much as you can let me give you an example of this if you are pitching three guest post ideas to a web that you want to write for don't just throw them all together and a big paragraph maybe put them in a list format with all the titles bolded with a one sentence non bolded summary out to the side of each something like this makes it very easy for the reader to scan for those important points and understand exactly what you are trying to communicate mistake number two is being the wrong fit and or straight up saying that you're not a good fit for the job one time I was looking for writers specifically writers who can help me by writing blog posts I had someone pitched me and say straight up that they were not a good fit that all they had was a journalism experience do you think I hired that person absolutely not because they just straight up said that they weren't a good fit for what I need it if you are not a good fit for something you are pitching either don't pitch them go pitch something else or make yourself a good fit the journalists who pitch me could have easily gone and self publish a blog post on medium or LinkedIn publisher or started their own blog and just send me even one blog post writing sample to let me know that hey they actually are capable of doing what I need them to do this is why having a clear niche and area of specialty is so important because for example if you're an IT copywriter you're already gonna be a great fit for IT businesses right you don't have to be a generalist and not really know whether or not you're gonna be a good fit for all different types of businesses you can be confident and present your niche expertise and present yourself as the perfect fit for the specific type of business you help based on your niche so again if you're not the right fit for someone either don't waste time pitching them and actually focus on pitching people you are the right fit to help or get out there and make yourself the right fit for them create a sample that aligns with the kind of work you want to pursue the third mistake I see this all the time is being way too self focused let me tell you when I was receiving a lot of pitches I had so many people say things like I really need this experience I really need this money I really need this job here's the thing clients do not give a about what you need they want to know what's in it for them what can you do to help them what are you bringing to the table to help their business so let me give you an example of this several of the pitches that I received have said stuff like freelance writer looking for work or freelance writer it needs job things like that are not client focus that is gonna get your email deleted again clients don't care about what you need and how much help you need it want to feel confident that you can help their business and that is not gonna happen if you were presenting yourself as a freelancer who is self focused in desperate for work if you have a clear nation if you know exactly who you're marketing to you should also know exactly how you can help that kind of business with your content those are the things you want to focus on talking about instead of talking way too much about yourself the fourth mistake is being way too unconfident now look I totally understand being new to freelance writing and having imposter syndrome and dealing with these stocks up oh I'm not good enough and the clients gonna hate my work and all those kinds of things I have definitely been there but here is the thing when it comes to confidence you can and absolutely should fake it until you make it you have to present yourself confidently because that builds trust with clients I've had people who have hired who have said things like I'll try to get it done by the deadline and I might be able to do that that does not cut it when you are a business owner you have to come across as confident commit to what you can do show why you're a good fit don't ever say things like I think I might be able to get this done that is gonna land your pitch straight up in the trashcan before it client will hire you they absolutely must trust you and presenting yourself confidently is what will build that trust on – mistake number five which is using way too much business jargon and just general words they don't really mean anything you'll probably know what I'm talking about words like leverage and synergy things you might see in a really boring business presentation but I'm also talking about saying things like I am a highly skilled writer who excels in creating error-free content first of all creating error-free content is not a selling point that is the bare minimum expectation of you as a freelance writer and second so many writers say these kinds of things about themselves that it just makes it meaningless if you want to show the e.r highly skilled writer who is worth trusting and worth hiring and show that by using social proof show that by sharing your website that has testimonials and it show it by positioning your niche expertise and coming across as confident with words are not enough it's not enough to say you're creative and highly skilled you need to show those things if you want to get hired and if you want to land awesome writing opportunities that's all for today's video my friend make sure before you leave you enroll in my totally free course it is linked down for you in the description box below it's gonna teach you the marketing strategies I use to build a five thousand dollar monthly let's write in business within about four months of getting fired from my shitty full-time job also hit the thumbs up button if you enjoyed this video because it really does help me out and be sure to subscribe before you leave as always thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

23 thoughts on “Cold Emailing New Clients? AVOID These 5 HORRIBLE Mistakes Freelance Writers Make

  1. Hi YouTube fam! What questions do you have about cold emailing as a freelance writer?

    Comment on the video and let me know! 🙂

  2. I mainly writing fiction pieces, journalism pieces and articles but I have no idea how to find companies to email! Please help

  3. I skim long form emails & I don’t understand why people still insist on writing them, even successful marketers…

  4. Liked/Sub I figured most of that would be a given, one of your videos, not this per say but the one where you emphasized personability and the importance of refining the pitch to the person. shockingly despite almost literally skipping past the web forms and going hunter io for emails at this point the very first web form i actually filled out I got a response 🙂 They were interested in a infographic but whatevs backlinks a backlink :D. P.S I don't know if it's the hair or the lips, or both, but dayum son! I dig your style 😀

  5. excuse me…could someone explain to me what does a pitch mean? i am not english native speaker and i cant find a meaning that i totally understand…thank you…

  6. I wrote a pitch but I have no idea how to format it, or what else to say. Since we have no idea what type of work they may have available, I'm not sure what exactly to say. After my pitch do I say " I'm not sure what you have available, but please hire me"? Obviously I know that's not correct but I just don't know exactly what else to include in the email. Thank you

  7. This was so specific! Thank you for putting out quality advice that doesn't contain run of the mill cliches

  8. extremely informative. Just from this video I learned how to reword phrases to make you seem more confident and market using more client focused text.

  9. Jorden you get all 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 from me. The more I watch these and I learn/listen, the more I sincerely feel like "I can really do this also" almost at the end with your content here..

    I'm getting crazy excited to get GOING. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 all best.

    And thank you!

  10. Hi Jorden!
    Thanks so much for sharing this video, I have found it very, very helpful when creating my cold emails for clients.

    I do have a question regarding cold emails for you. How do you create your list of new clients when cold emailing? I usually target businesses or persons whose work aligns with my niche but I feel like my list is usually short and hard to create.

    Thanks for your time!

  11. Thanks for the solid advice Jordon. My current niches are actually split into two. One being fitness (which I use my new fitness blog to back up claims), and the other is travel and tech (which I use my actual portfolio for). Do you think it's possible to get into the newsletter markets for this niches? Im just finding I cant get those $1000 jobs everyone else seems to be landing xD P.S going to be binge watching your utube channel. Some really great actionable advise from you.

  12. Hi Jorden, Awesome tips! I specially liked the 'fake it till you make it' thing as I'm a huge believe of that. Lol!

    Quick question – should I cold email businesses that have blogs with writers who regularly update them with fresh content? I am thinking why would a biz hire me when they've already got good writers working for them? Do share your thoughts!

  13. Great stuff as always, Jorden. I'm squirreling all this information away for when I'm ready to start pitching. 👍

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