Cliff Martinez – Drive Composer Interview HD #CliffMartinez

23 thoughts on “Cliff Martinez – Drive Composer Interview HD #CliffMartinez

  1. Funny how the best tracks are not by Cliff martinez but the master mind Johnny Jewel ("Italians do it better"…

  2. Great soundtrack! For more information on the Cristal Baschet:

  3. I wrote something in the style of the great film composer that is Cliff Martinez if anyone is interested in hearing it then please check it out here – Thank you 🙂

  4. though I see a lot of people coming to know his work through Drive but I fell in love with composing style in Solaris which is sumblime & just magnificent

  5. Name is William Kirk I'm working on having my Fathers Play Script produced into a movie … and will also need help scoring … Any body willing to help? Captain Kirk here ready to listen.

  6. He really adds a whole new layer in film capturing the mood and bringing it to life. I think the Spring Breakers soundtrack went with the movie well too.

  7. Well…Jack Irons was actually the original drummer, but Cliff replaced him when he chose another band to record with. Cliff played on the first 2 albums though. 🙂

  8. It's completely awesome movie. Haven't seen such an original & well put together flick since I can't remember. As far as the fairy tale aspect I totally am holding my breathe for the sequel. Better have that fox Gosling in it or there goes the fairy tale. I guess it's easier for girls see that point of view.

  9. I am not an expert. But if I'd be a producer, I'd only order the soundtrack with Mr. Martinez. I truly believe he is one of the rare talents in modern music and completely wasted in this commercial rat race. Hopefully he earns enough money to be able to retire to serious composing!

  10. I am kind of suprised that Mr. Martinez refers to Drive as a fairy tale. I did not ever think of it as a fairy tale. It is an awesome movie but it was more gritty and realistic than a glossy, fairy tale action picture. Either way it works and shows why Cliff Martinez is one of the best.

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