[Classical Composer Reacts] ITZY ‘ICY’ MV

34 thoughts on “[Classical Composer Reacts] ITZY ‘ICY’ MV

  1. NCT 127 Cherry Bomb also using graphics, and this type of music and colours scream RV but it's more pop-y i think..

  2. I know the guys went back to their roots and it’s all about experts reacting
    BUT WHAT ENTERTAINS ME IS 7,8 reactors reacting in 1 video with an occasional yes girl and WOAAAHH

  3. The MV is kinda like LIKEY (Twice) and HAPPY (2ne1). The arrangement of the song is kinda weird but still a bop and those vocals and visuals *handsdown

  4. Please do a reaction to Face by Woosung from The Rose. You know his voice is 🔥 and the song I just really good.

  5. It really sounds like SM x JYP sounds tbh, like u can hear the Red Velvety-ish style, but I also can feel that JYP's flair in it.

  6. I think this comeback proved to me that I don’t like itzy. I saw potential in dalla dalla, but I am just not a fan of icy

  7. As a huge fan of Zimzalabim, I've already prepared myself for this kind of song. I'll say that Icy is kind of enjoyable. Actually, there's nothing memorable about the song except the dope choreography but it does kept getting better. Well, to be honest, even though Lia is the main vocalist, but she didn't stand out at all. JYP should've create the bridge that can make her voice stands out. I really love Yuna's part though. Overall, ICY is still a good follow-up of Dalla Dalla. ITZY is still a young group. They can take things slowly. Thanks for the reaction

  8. Please react also to NCT DREAM’S WE BOOM. It’s totally a new feeling with their previous songs

  9. See I can see all the composers influences, each section will work on different songs but all the styles together in this song, just doesn't work great for me at least.

  10. I think this song is too messy, there is way too much going on. Some parts are awesome, but others are just meh and they don't go well with one another. Their fashion, charisma and the mv are AMAZING tho!

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