[Classical Composer Reacts] Hongbin & Hyung Won ‘Cool Love’

so at kcon someone that had tweeted that nct's hanging t he dreams come back was going to be cool bus and I heard Moo read that but I wasn't seeing this pleat I just saw her her read it and she said Wow cool bus is going to be NCT dreams come back and I thought wow cool bus all three of those were the title and so now I've been wanting Wow cool bus to be a song and this is cool love by homing and foam one which doesn't sound like I I still want Wow cool bus but it's cool something I'm Shawn react to the case arranger and host of possible composer breaks down the K 3 2 1 I'm enjoying a sparkly aesthetic yeah yeah that's fun okay it's not expect we feel good nothing was assured is good but this stuff good in the way I thought it was gonna be judging by the beginning Sims not and you guess pitch drift I'm not serving a pitch structure function nice color what's that paned glass like PA and Edie up tonight on dirtiness basis but it's like it's still a really chill aesthetic like it's not it's not trying to be really aggressive and another switch dance ready yes yeah obviously it's an aspirant they're dancing and they're not singing not to why bring that as I guess as if it's what maybe it's actually a chorus it's not a dance break how did I miss that they open them look like it has jpg artifacting at the edges like it looks like it's a real thing but like there's weirdness as how its constructed beside them anyway now we're back to the science particles oh that was those good I'm impressed by how I mean just by the production musically and and visually of it but also like I before I guess before pop stars I kind of assumed any sponsored song was gonna be just sort of some half-hearted effort where they're like oh hey let's make something that's vaguely shaped like a song that's promotes our product I mean I expected this song equivalent of Pepsi man as a game right and then I I mean pop stars obviously was a genuinely good song and now both blossom and this are actually songs that people clearly put effort into producing and making well and I and I also like have a good understanding of kpop too like with the big the abrupt stylistic shift it's like this isn't someone isn't someone who just knows American pop who's trying to who just like figured let's put it in Korean cuz k-pops popular with the kids or something like they actually made something that feels like a k-pop song has tasty kpop chords like jazz R&B influenced chords has like the electronic elements especially with the quasi drop but yeah that was that was a nice song I am impressed I don't know I've heard of some of Vic's I don't know their aesthetic really well but also everything is like monsta x's aesthetic is very very different from this so it's interesting to hear one of them do something so so chill anyway thank you for watching bye

29 thoughts on “[Classical Composer Reacts] Hongbin & Hyung Won ‘Cool Love’

  1. Hi ! Can you please react to Kang Daniel solo debut "뭐해 (What are you up to)" M/V ?
    Thank you very much for all your reactions !

  2. Please reacting
    1. NCT Dream We Boom 3rd Mini Album (BOOM, Stronger, 119, By My First…., Best Friend, Dream Run)
    2. NCT 127 – Highway to Heaven English Version
    3. Taeyong – Long Flight

    – Thanks

  3. Classical musicians should react to exo amazing vocals, that is a really good video, Also to May we bye of Onestar and Chen.

  4. Korea has the best commercial songs ever, chocolate love and visual dreams by snsd are really good too.
    Pepsi man game lmao

  5. yes i've been waitin for years for u guys to react to teayong's long flight and nct dream stronger and boom 😭😭

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