[Classical Composer Reacts] Heize (Ft. Giriboy) ‘We Don’t Talk Together’ MV

24 thoughts on “[Classical Composer Reacts] Heize (Ft. Giriboy) ‘We Don’t Talk Together’ MV

  1. okay so not to be rude or anything I mean this with no offense but you are white chenle (from NCT Dream) idk why but my brain just-

  2. What the hell was this? 5 minutes of blank staring for 30 seconds of dull commentary on the proposed flaws of the song that really just preference? Nothing on what he liked, anything that stood out in the composition from a COMPOSERS perspective? Reacttotheek needs to do better than this come on

  3. I want you to try and listen to some songs from Thai singers. We sing well And also combining Thai and international music 🇹🇭🙏😊

  4. My jaw hurts after watching him lol

    Thank you for reacting to this. Please take a listen to Mono by RM and I hope you can react to it.

  5. I’d love to see a reaction of RM’s most recent mixtape, especially the song “Everythinggoes”. The song has a lot of layers to it that I think everyone would appreciate.

  6. The interesting thing is that the version of AgustD / PDMin is very different and at the same time the song is a bit different from the arrangements shown in the video. You would have to react to all three and just compare it. But we already know why ….. Luck.

  7. if you're interested in looking more into khh (heize is more krnb but oh well) i would say look at forever by bewhy from smtm5. it's absolutely amazing and even if you don't like it i think you would get a kick out of it! if you happen to give it a listen i highly recommend the studio version over the live one – you lose a lot of the intricate musical moments in the live audio.

  8. Hi Sean! I love your reactions ^^ (I hope I wrote your name correctly hahaha…)

    I wanted to comment something that isnt related to this reaction. It's just because – and this is gonna sound sooooo weird, sorry xD – I'm a bit worried about you.
    I notice you clench your jaw way too much… I do this too actually! I grind my teeth during my sleep as well (it's called bruxism, idk if you do this too). Because of stress, etc. It's very unhealthy for your teeth and jaw, tho… You can get serious damage on your jaw and teeth… I went to see a doctor to find ways to help me with this. Maybe you should consider that too?

    Keep up with the good content <3

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