Citizens of Space Recruitment Guide * Recruit the Composer AND Translator

let's play citizens of space so you want to get the composer the composer is one of the earliest partner companions you can get with this guide you'll be able to find exactly where he is and find out what you need to do in order to recruit them I'm knitted Oskie and here we go in order to get the composer you're going to start on the promenade like so many of our other recruits but this you'll be teleported typically to this spot on the map you will want to go down and to the right of course to do this you'll need to be at the point where you can start going after Kwak McCool once you're at that point you just enter the gardens zoom now here if you haven't done it already you'll have a little event with this tree shaker where to next once you pass that you're going to go up here and all the way to this building over here so let's go zoom zooming zooming zooming groups and so here we are the music Orion and just zooming around do you have the rhythm inside of you and how about the rhyme if you feel it as I do you know with music time of dear wow what cadence such delivery you my friend would make a fine politician I don't mean to toot my own horn or yours but between my charisma and your way with words we'd be an unstoppable duet that does sound nice but it was the Fife your bureaucracy themes I don't mean to offend like dull boring meetings without any end he speaks truth through rhyme a pleasure to meet thanks for coming to great now I must return to my song see you again before too long oh look it's you and all your loyal crew what would you like to hear can you give me a hand I don't have my pan where you need me to do take a look can't you see well make music you and me if you follow my cue I'll join your crew so what'll it be make music with me let's make music music to my ear follow along it's simple okay just do what I say for us Pleasant come what buttons to play everyone all right this is reminding me very much of a 90s child toy perhaps I was not very good at this toy oh dear I hope it is stopped soon okay what stop it let that be it please oh it was like nails ready got a chalkboard I'm so funny I forgot how to rhyme maybe it'll come back and leave it to me what would you like hey let's try one more time follow along let's go this is not going to end well my ears are alive with the sound of music and just the ears otherwise that would be copyright infringement you did a great job very well quick flow can you keep it up forever only time will tell but I must come with you much I say if true so off we go we shed delay I'm right behind so lead the way and that's an honor to join your team with regular citizens of the theme okay we have our composer a new partner citizen joins the team composer he contains the music to suit your preference what a treat you found a friend who will never miss a beat composes Metro Manik precision and feel-good rhymes make every day with him like you're living in a musical of course he's a bit of him loudmouth but what can you expect from a guy with a trumpet for mouth now you know what you need to do in order to recruit the composer and now time for a bonus recruit the translator is one of the easiest partner companions to obtain and you do this simply by playing the game however you do need to find her talk to her and complete our quest here's how the translator is one of the easiest characters to find after leaving the Assembly forum you'll just head a little bit south and to the west down these stairs slow move it 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 translator screen go outgo box hello blue ball oh hello now you're speaking my language hello you understand me now a simplistic language but it will have to suffice allow me to introduce myself I am a translator in service to the Galactic Federation of Planets okay and I'm an ambassador in service to the Galactic Federation of Planets I'm sure she doesn't care sir negative my translation of his statement indicates a genuine expression of friendship it is nice to meet you mr. ambassador ditto hey I like her if we ever need to replace you I bet she could transition into your job without missing a beat oh yeah well if we ever need a translator I could fill in for her because let's just go smuggle glob do you not speak that language translation protocols ready for input error linguistic algorithm detects an insufficient sample size transitive efforts will not be successful can you at least translate that for me she's saying you need to talk to more people affirmative okay how many 176 verbal exchanges please record 800 lines of dialogue that was pretty good maybe you really could be my backup translator really well thank you sir once those are obtained just return to her have this conversation and you'll obtain er I know the best gossip in every language translation protocols ready for input as a result of your advanced linguistic experience with a diverse sampling of dialects in the parlance of galactic verbiage I will accompany you all I heard was you'll come with us so great the rest of whatever you said is the kind of stuff you'll translate for me from now on right I'll leave the talking to you and you can leave the listening to me I think that's the ambassador's favorite relationship in a new partner citizen joins the team translator she can communicate with creatures for you translator speaks every known and many dead and otherwise unknown languages in the galaxy and beyond her secret is lexically converting statements into intermediate can texts free grammar and your sleep I hope this guide to obtain the composer and the translator has been helpful to you if has go ahead and let me know in the comments below or ask any questions you have if you liked the video give us a thumbs up and if you want to see more guides and recruiting characters and citizens of space or if you want to check out our let's play episodes as they come out for citizens of space then make sure that you subscribe hit the bell notification and you'll get those episodes as they come out I'm Nitin ASCII as always have fun

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  1. I suggest make meteorologist, clown, courier, botanist, archeologist, curator a priority since they are the trickiest, i explored all planets top to bottom twice to recruit them

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