Cite a second author

How can we reference an author’s ideas without actually reading that authors work? Let’s say you’re reading this book by Portney for your sustainability assignment. In it, Portney refers to ideas written by someone else. You would like to use Odum’s concepts in your assignment. Ideally, you should read his book published in 1983. But you can’t find his book. Don’t despair, there is a way we can still include these second author’s ideas without committing plagiarism. To do this, we cite Odum in text but add the words ‘as cited in’ before the first author’s name. These words and Odum’s name only appear in text, not in the reference list. We only include the publication date of Portney’s book and not the date of the book written by the second author, Odum. Put Portney’s book in your reference list because this is the one that you actually read. For more details check the CDU APA referencing guide.

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