Cinematic: “Reckoning” (Spoiler)

Varok… it’s time. Those who defend Orgrimmar are Horde as well. Our brothers and sisters. These warriors have sworn to fight. For you. Many lives will be lost. Or perhaps… just one. Sylvanas Windrunner! I challenge… Mak’gora! A traitor leading traitors. Why should I accept your challenge? You want to make me suffer. Brother… you cannot win. My old friend. You… and I…. We don’t get to hide. I set you on this path. And we knew where it could lead. Walk with me the rest of the way. Let it be finished. The High Overlord falls. I trusted you. And so did they. Death comes old soldier. And all their hope dies with you. You cannot kill hope. You tried at Teldrassil. You failed. Hope remains. You set us to kill each other at Lordaeron. You failed. Here we stand. You just keep failing. The Horde will endure. The Horde is strong. The Horde is nothing! You are all nothing! For Azeroth! If you could see yourselves as I see you. Toy soldiers in tin plate. Beasts who howl for honor. Standing as one. Savor it… Nothing lasts. What… …do we do now? We bring him home.

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  1. if you rewatch the wrathgate cinematic now you'll find some striking similiarities in what father and son fought for, and how they earned their warrior's death

    I hope the similiarities stop there as the thought of saurfang senior being brought back by sylvanas and her old god sponsor is unnerving to say the least. she did want to make him suffer…

  2. I do not know the specifics of the challenge 1v1. But I believed that Varok did not want to win but to reveal Sylvanas true intentions for the horde. Even her own forsaken, who thought their queen loved them was shooked.

  3. I do not know the specifics of the challenge 1v1. But I believed that Varok did not want to win but to reveal Sylvanas true intentions for the horde. Even her own forsaken, who thought their queen loved them was shooked.

  4. End of BFA will be Horde & Alliance allied faction vs Sylvannas and or Tyrande and her loyalists who still see the horde as enemies), leading into next expansion. Maybe Slyvannas used what could be death magic, she aquired covertly from the Goddess Elune herself, which could also tie into to who's Bwonsamdi's yet to be disclosed boss. Can't wait for the next expansion.

  5. Hats off to the people who make the World of Warcraft cinematics.. truly incredible talent. This gives the original trailer a run for its money.

  6. It's been a year now since i took a break from WoW but boy do i love those cinematics….they are worthy of a own movie….. and watching them over and over want to make me subscribe again….

  7. Sylvanas: close your eyes bro.
    Flag bearer: ok bro.
    Sylvanas: what do you see?
    Flag bearer: nothing.
    Sylvanas: thats hord to me.
    Flag bearer: bruuuhhhh….

  8. What the inconsistent and absurdic plot it is … What the f**k they did with Sylva… Sylvanus in BFA and she is in WC3 have so much common as some penguin and some battlecruiser have. Its not WarCraft that infatuated me more than 10 years ago, may be its cute in his own way, but this is two very difference things.

  9. First of all i really liked sylvanas design character …and i keep hoping for her to turn side for the good

    But guess she keeps failing my expectations

  10. I'm hoping in house hardware, especially these new Mac Pros coming out can speed up render times and production so we can get closer to a full-length movie. Blizzard does amazing work.

  11. Another great scene in which they dumped sylvannas character. She was not good but she was not this stupid. She always had plans and reasons – her rage was unleashed by plotting against someone. There in still no answer to that. Blizzard made another dump and reason to fight one of the main characters which we know how it ends but i wanna ask: "Why ?!"

  12. Varok is everything we men can never become, not in power, not in strength, not in skill but in the mind. Honor and the pure mentality makes him everything we cannot become, beacuse of our hunt for more and the greed that corrupts us.

  13. "All the negative, the wicked, the insensitive, the cheeky, the ruthless are unhappy. Forgive them"!—-Jean Reno. She was a victim of Scourge Apocalypse and Sad life,now she looking for something what she lost many years before,but she will never find it."She made life her enemie".And now she must pay!!! Sad but true…… 🙁 🙁

  14. Im so sorry for the Horde. I main alliance. But I also feel love for yhe horde. All of this game. Throughout the years iv fallen in love with it all.

  15. This cinematic would have so much more weight if this was the first time we came knocking on the gates of Origrimmar.

  16. I think this is the official ending to World of Warcraft, except for maybe a smaller sidequest to vanquish Sylvanas, this is the ending to WOW.

  17. Sylvanas is cunning, she’ll be back with a legion of undead behind her. She’s the banshee queen, after all. Don’t get me wrong, I have never rooted for her, but her sharp wit and underhanded strategies are what make her such a formidable opponent. She’ll return, that’s for certain.

  18. I feel like this cinematic is missing one thing. When Saurfang says for For Azeroth he should have instead said 'Lok'Tar Ogar FOR AZEROTH!'

  19. Anyone know why Thrall is always depicted with eyebrows? I know he was raised by humans, but he's not a true half-orc

  20. poor saurfang family, first Dranosh, now Varok.

    it's like ICC 10 man raid vs Dranosh, literally DPS race, and Sylvanas win rofl.

  21. I will follow sark lady to the end of world, anyone who stand against my queen will been punished by death!

  22. Blizzard pulls Blitzchung from Hearthstone tournament over support for Hong Kong protests

    Blizzard is China's pet

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