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the old leash you walk the walk talk to talk Chuck did both I did a flying sidekick for the front windshield of a car in 1978 that was come a big deal if he says don't cross that line then just don't trust that lie because he's so precise I did about 23 movies before I went up doing this series Walker Texas Ranger I thought if it could go till three years they'd really be great they were expecting it to go over eight CBS was very anxious to get Walker back in the saddle as the cliche Carver said to me the other day with Walker Texas Ranger is coming back on I have so big fight scenes to do with some incredible Korean martial artists and the action should be pretty hot in him I've been offered series before Walker but I really didn't want to pursue a career in a TV series when I got the offer for the Walker series and they sent me the synopsis of what the story what the series will be about I start thinking about it I said if I would ever decide to do a series this is the kind of series I would like to do I'll be damned Walker Texas Ranger was an instant hit on America's Saturday night lineup Chuck Norris played Cordell Walker a modern-day cowboy as fast with his fists as he was on the draw the Walker character is such a classic Western hero from when I was growing up classic Western and classic American hero he is the Western the great American hero that's the highly distilled essence of what Chuck nala says he's the good guy he's the guy who never walk away from a threat his guy will always do the right thing at the end there's a lot of Chuck Norris in Cordele Walker well he is cordell Walker I mean that's the one thing about Walker and Chuck they're very similar human beings Jacque and his team of Texas Rangers beat the bad guys from 1993 till 2000 in fact CBS wanted to go another two years on the series and I probably would have considered that except that my wife was pregnant with our twins at that particular time toward the end of eighth season and I knew that I couldn't do a series and take care of my wife during her pregnancy so I know it's time to call it into it Texas Ranger Chuck Norris in one world has never gone away because he's all over television it's all over the world and people are always fascinated and it becomes one of those television iconic shows that everybody misses where's Walker what's Chuck doing and time went by that we felt we've given a lot up of a pause that it would be great if Walker came back Harper about a year ago we started talking about doing a walker movie of the week and we started trying to develop a storyline I think we came up with a real good story and developed into a screenplay and here we are shooting it CBS was very anxious to get water back in the saddle as the cliche goes finally one example one I know what my fan base is and all the fan letters I get it's like everybody's begging winners Walker coming back wait is Walker coming back and I don't care if it's children or grandparents and everybody in between they have been begging for this for the last since we shut down I think they're going to do be really really really happy we have a shri Wilson of course plays alex is back it's been so great walking in it's like Old Home Week and Judson Mills who plays gage his back it's gonna be it's gonna be back to here thanks Chuck Clarence Gilyard took place Trivette his back it becomes your family and for that you know eight and a half to nine years that we were on this show we developed and it trickles down from Chuck quite a family environment and then we have two new actors up Janine Turner I am the new kid on the block my character brings in the whole crime scene investigation aspect to the show and that's that's new so I'll be out there with my gloves and check from the dead body isn't doing my DNA test on the scene am i officially a Texas Ranger and then Andre a young actor young strong team now is playing read Harper who's the one being arrested for a couple murders Harper how does it feel to be arrested for murder in front of all your Ranger buddy so coming okay it's about an aerospace company in Dallas was building an updated guidance mechanism with our military and they finally accomplish their project give it to the Pentagon and one of the executives of the company makes a duplicate for Kim jong-il North Korea Kim jong-il is sent three of his top assassins to Dallas to oversee the project and of course that's where walk comes in and all the action of the movie that week gets involved guys quiet please come on sit don't step into the cake together and fun young action like young kids dirt bikes and lots of chases and stuff beyond the Koreans and the martial arts that supersede pretty much any of the fight scenes that we've had in a long time I expect this walker to be new it's gonna be exciting it's going to be urban they want to add a kind of a sophistication to look and to some of the scenes the place just let fly off they're going to have everything that they expect from Walker every night a much kind of more it's a little hipper it's a little newer and it's a little more uh more now Walker fans are going to love this show because at the end of the day the qualities that brought Chuck to television the problem too early motion pictures is a man that you can depend on who's going to get the bad guys who's going to stand up for what's right knows you to hit the first day is always a little bit scary but it feels like I've just came right back and started shooting when uh the next day it's incredible go to the West's integrity loyalty and friendship that's what the westerns uh of the 50s entailed you know that she not trees the Roy Rogers and you know all those Western actors of that era you know portrayed that and me growing up basically without a father they they became my surrogate fathers Chuck's own father spent long stretches away from the family home in Oklahoma where his mother Wilma was left alone to support her children we were very poor I did all kinds of jobs to feed my children because dad he wasn't home a lot of the times born Carlos ray Norris in 1940 Chuck was the oldest of three boys Carlos was a very gentle very quite boy was very shy in fact they used to say they didn't think he's everyone coming out from behind my right leg because he was so shy in 1956 Chuck's parents divorced and he became the man of the house Karl's had such a good relationship with his brothers he was like a father figure in a lot of ways Weiland was three-and-a-half years younger than me Aaron is 11 years younger than me I would come home from work sometime and he would be rocking Aaron to sleep he was always right there four-wheeling made sure we live was in the house at six o'clock and evening they'd always made sure that they were in bed growing up in poverty and mom was on welfare for over ten years and but she never let any of that affect her in a negative way she always kept a very positive image about life saying that we may be poor that were rich in love I did waitress work I did a lot of different kinds of work because we were so poor but it's so funny because we had a good life even then even though we were so poor that we was had a close life poverty being rich I think what really counts is I we always knew what love was we were very close and very loving and we had each other we had each other we had a lot of love and this is all I ask and I've always remembered that and she's always said that and always kept a positive attitude about life and that kind of carried off in me too and I think that was some of the success in my life has always kept a positive attitude about whatever it was I was pursuing when I joined the military out of high school as in boot camp one of my friends was Hispanic one day I said you know what Carlos means in English as a Charles he says yeah and the nickname for Charles is Chuck so I'm going to call you chuck whatever and he started calming chuckle and then everyone else started to call me Chuck and so I just kind of kept that name you know Chuck then and then when I got into acting it was Chuck Norris you know Carlos Norris is a little harder to say it had the Chuck Norris and the you know I answered it both my goal at that time was to be a police officer so I joined the military police in the Air Force and I was sent to Korea and that's when I got my first exposure to the martial arts and now this is 1967 a long time ago so I became fascinated with the Taekwondo system or they called it tongs to go then and so I started training in it and made my black belt as I studied judo on the weekends and so I got my brown belt in judo and after I was discharged I went to work in an aircraft Factory and I wasn't making enough money to support my family I was married and had a baby at that and so I started teaching this martial arts in my mom's backyard he went to work for Northrop aircraft in the daytime he talked karate and our backyard at night was floodlights in the back everybody was down on it because they they didn't know what karate was all about but he was determined he had determination we put up this kicking bag and we used to fly and jumping I remember jumping and kicking that bag and people look over the fence and pretty soon we had 20 people looking over the fence so my brother came with the idea of maybe making some money I fell in love with teaching and decided to pursue that as a career that's when he took off with his first karate studio a small one that we all went down and worked on to get it going I was proud of him I was proud that he had made up his mind what he really wanted to do and had the determination to go ahead when a lot of people was against it he tried to get cousins and everything to take karate so they could learn a karate and help him in his cruel but wheelin was the one that stood by Whelan they became one my first black belts and he taught for me in my karate schools we were extremely close in 1970 women joined the army and was and was sent to Vietnam and he was there for months and he was killed in action there he had the courage that it took he saved a lot of his men by by his courage and you know there's a long story to it and in combat he he was a hero he he had the heart and if you knew my brother Whelan you'd understand it type of guy who would fall on a sword for people when Carl found out that Weavin was killed I guess he just went to pieces it was devastating to him just like it was to us all but it they were so close that was probably the toughest thing I've ever encountered in my life was his death all right so let's just rehearse this and see what happens naturally with him getting up we have this bag here result background and action this particular scene is made coming to the open range Bar and Grille to take Trivette to the airport because he's leaving for Quantico to do a training session with the FBI agents learns over r-e over acted on he hasn't changed in four years I'm not very much in this episode but they wanted to make sure that the Walker family was there so they designed this scene to tell the audience where Jimmy is while all of these wonderful things are happening in this two-hour movie brutally hot right now it's really hot and it's over 100 degrees it makes a little bit difficult to filming it's a great day to be black yeah I know I love black on the undergrad degree days it's the sweat alert let's say yeah that's a bad page to see the Wardrobe chromate guys thumbs up please okay background first day you're on the set it's a new character and you're always finding your ground but everybody has been so lovely and so helpful retro action ball I feel very Eddie's being here are you ready yeah this is a big bed we can play bag my motivation to become a competitor was to hopefully win a some local tournaments and get right up in the local karate magazine and hopefully get students that way never envisioning me become an aural champion that's how goals are you set realistic goals goals that you think you can accomplish and once I won the LA open then my goal increased to the state and then from the state to the national and from the national to the international and then to the world title I just got where I just felt every tournament he went to he was gonna win but if I had thought at that time when I was first started competing that my goal was be a world champion I would have never followed through Chuck won the world karate championship titles six times in a row and retired from competition undefeated in 1974 hard work and man discipline you know those are two attributes that he brought to it you know he never did anything halfway it was amazing when he became world champion six times in a row very amazing Chuck Norris is still one of the most popular and influential names in karate when he was granted the honor of Grandmaster the only Western to get that that honor that to me said something you know about how the martial arts world embraces Chuck Norris even the legendary Bruce Lee took notice of Chuck when I won the World title in New York City in 1968 Bruce was there so we got acquainted and decided to work out together back in LA in which we did for a couple years and then he left for Hong Kong to pursue a movie career and I didn't hear from him for a couple years and finally out of the blue he calls me up he said I want to do a movie now with a fight scene that everyone will remember and the fight scene will be in the Colosseum in Rome like two gladiators fighting to the death and I said I'd like for you to be my opponent at that particular time I had no ambition to be an actor but I thought it'd be fun to go up there and do this Bruce had a charisma on screen that I don't think anybody can match and I mean I was meant to be those two being on screen together Bruce Knight kind of had lived the fight scene because we knew each other so well so he said what do you want to do and I said well I'll throw this this and this I was this he's okay I'll do this this and this and he says uh he said I'm not going to dominate this fight like I did all my other fights in my previous movies there's a classic fight scene even for it stands up in time kiddingly I said well Bruce who wins and he's an I win I'm the star of this movie ah every year you'll have a blackboard convention in Las Vegas every Afghan where all my black belts come in from all over the world well you might be hard right absolutely 27:54 area I was trying to think of a name for our system because Taekwondo is predominantly kicking our systems is a mixture of hands and feet but also blending jujitsu judo in a lot of different martial arts into our system jong-kook dole means universal way and I said well that's gonna be our new system chang-keuk Dale that's the name that we use today I tell you our Chung Kudo team gives one of the best demonstrations in the United States yeah oh yeah what's amazing about martial arts today is the youngsters just how incredibly good they are today Grandmaster a chunk of dough our founder mr. Chalmers we have a week of seminars and finishing off with a gala now will be your presentation we give out awards to our black belts and the final award is the Wheeling North award which we give to a black belt whoo-hoo phil has really dedicated their lives to not only the martial arts but to our country and to people in general it's really an honor to present the Lenoir award it's something really funny and wonderful they keep living with him all the time they tell me about times that they're out somewhere and they start laughing about what we don't want to said because we live was our comedian about what women would have said if you'd been there with him his type of guy who had talked to anyone and had the personality more than Chuck and I both put together and they laugh because they're imagining within this there with him seeing the things that they know he would say is the exciting part of doing a show like this here be able to lay my own stop driving I'm not sure what all my sins are about today firstly I don't even know until I get called it okay guys there's a quiet please okay and action Aran's directed about seven of my movies he was my co-executive producer on the walker series and so we've worked together for many years my brother and I we we seem to think alike you know so we we work well together they have a way of communicating and blocking scenes out because nobody can do it better than them Aaron has always been the director and you know it's just they really really take care of each other and they truly enjoy working together I know he's shooting that day it's always a lot of fun because he and I have we have a good time we think alike enjoy being around each other we're very very close I want him arrested because there are three days we're going to be put in 16 hours so Aaron's one of my best friends yeah I don't think we've really had a cross word with each other and all the years that we've worked together well he has a hot temper but I'm his older brother I'm 11 years older than him so he doesn't direct that hot temper toward me nice try each other in place we started the show there was a backlash because of the karate and their take on the amount of violence that Walker was responsible for compared to other shows breathe and they came out with like violence against America and Walker as those violent show on TV and yet as television evolved as what was happening in the world for one show that really prevailed because it had a core of virtue and integrity and an honesty was Walker Texas Ranger that was a family-oriented show it had the action that the dads will sit down and watch but not to the point where the kids could watching it and in the relationship with Walker and Alex and all the other characters I think brought the women in to view it as well and I think that's why Walker had the longevity that it had Walker Texas Ranger originally ran from 1993 to 2000 before establishing himself on television Chuck had actually been a big screen action hero for 20 years but making the transition from karate starter film star was not so easy how I got into films in the first place is that I had three karate schools and a company came to me and said Chuck if you'll sell these school to us we'll open up a chain of Chuck Norris karate schools nationwide and you'll have a thousand karate school now well two percent of a thousand school is better than 100 percent of three schools so I sold my skills in two years were bankrupt lost my schools and so I started teaching private lessons and Steve McQueen being one of my students he said well what are you going to do now that you are no longer you no longer have karate schools as I'm not really sure yet and he said it what have you ever thought about the acting field and I got a laugh but he said I would encourage you to give it a try now Mon you know I have teaching private lessons but I'm just barely supporting my family at this stage and not that boy you know now here I'm 30 I'm 32 at that time 33 and that ya know I thought I'll check out I'll check out the karate at the acting schools and can see what it cost so I start checking them out and it's like $600 a month you know oh my god I know I don't have that money and I'll never forget I went out for an audition for a part to move in and there's like a hundred actors there trying out for this part and a lot of my recognize you know I go golly I know him I saw him and so and so and so so I'm thinking about going up and getting their autograph I said this is not going to work so I went up writing my own screenplay called good guys wear black I started peddling that around Hollywood for four years and finally I found a production group that was willing to gamble on me I did a flying sidekick through the front windshield of a car in 1978 that was come a big deal critics have hated it to say the least he said I should get back in my karate school and start teaching again those days for walling where you go rent your own theaters also wasn't you know that was how we had to do it because no one would buy our movie so I would go and sit in a hotel room and our movie would play and certain theaters that we had rented and then all the money would come back to my hotel room and we'd counted up and distribute it yeah it was pretty pretty fun days good guys were black cost a million dollars to make we wound up being very successful did about twenty eight million dollars growth domestically and I went up doing four sub one where I played a world champion kickboxer then I did octagon which was the first ninja movie and and on and on using my martial arts and my films to help make them successful my move was successful and I was very fortunate to be one of the few to be able to do that chuck was able to blend great character with exciting action and because he was the real guy who didn't use the stuntmen who did his own work all of a sudden he became this big star that showed I think Hollywood that there's a need and excitement and a passion for the discipline and the absolute mastery of the martial arts it's just it's like watching as you know a beautiful ballet her dance sometime it's wild it's fun it's physical Chuck Norris could block out any one of the scenes he did action scenes because he has done them over and over again and then Chuck organically created the fight to fit that real environment and then then he would capture that on film and I think vats would made those fights very unique and also real so you as a view of what you're watching it you say oh my god if I'm in that situation this is what's gonna really have you if he says don't cross that line because he's got no fists or a you know his foot coming into frame and just don't cross that line stay way back better part of the bag of your mark because he's so precise Chuck Norris in Walker Texas Ranger is a hero because he's fighting the bad guys which is obvious but he has compassion and a sense of humanity much like his character who helped some protects those in need Chuck Norris dedicates a lot of his time to charitable efforts he cares about children does a lot of charitable work really that's what makes a hero giving of your giving of your time of yourself to help for the good of others nothing beats that when I did Walker we probably had 500 make-a-wish children come on the set good night eight years he's been granting wishes or almost 20 more than 20 years and does an exceptional job he's gracious he's warm he's welcoming the kids loved him and responded him to see their eyes they had the most positive attitudes and we can all learn a lot in these young people I've become very close to many of them the special part of me all my life this is proud American he wants to kick drugs out of America he goes into the inner-city schools and he teaches karate to put kids in a program so they're not you know joining gangs that they're belonged to a family kick starts a program being a martial art teacher for many years I've worked with thousands of young people and I was able to help them in many areas of their lives whether psychologically or are mentally or physically so I saw just how important the martial art so I did what it did for me you know turn my whole life around it raised my self-esteem and is still the discipline respect that I really needed in my life and so I knew that the martial arts worked this the the philosophy of it when I got into the acting field in the back of my mind I said you know I would like to help kids whose parents don't have the money to pay to go to a commercialized school and so finally I was having lunch with president former President Bush at the White House when he was president in 1989 Chuck Norris is a good friend a man I have great respect for he just kind of added blue asked me do I have any future goals outside the entertainment field and I said so I started telling him what may I would like to try to teach the martial arts in the inner-city schools well I just remember his telling me about the concept and asking what I thought and because of his reputation and my respect for him it sounded like it made a lot of sense I could reach a lot of these at-risk kids at that stage and teach them martial arts in the school as part of the program as part of the PE program I said I think we could help literally millions of kids to indirect them in a positive way of life rather than a negative part of a way of life high school here we hold that you will stay with the kickstart program we hope that you'll still train after school and the apartment kick-started program we first envisioned this program when he first did I wasn't sure how widespread it would be and how successful it would be but it is exceeded what I felt was possible and going strong 37 schools middle schools in our program 5,000 hits in the program we've graduated over 35,000 for the last 12 years and many of these kids going on to college and becoming successful in their own right in fact six of them have graduated from college and come back and now are teaching in our program so it's been it's been really incredibly successful with visions of youth karate programs in schools across the United States Chuck is putting together a professional kickboxing league with the intent of using the profits to fund the kickstart foundation well I've formed a world combat league which is a kickboxing league and it's going to be pretty exciting because they're not gonna be fighting rounds they have to go in there and fight for one three-minute round so they've got to go full throttle and then improve make make a statement in that three minutes I think so I mean an exciting league and my foundation kickstart will be the official charity of this league right now I want to guess at Drake Texas with this program in every middle school in Texas and then expand it out to all the states throughout the country I saw firsthand how committed he is to young people living good clean lives and I think it's because of what people say is his commitment to young people and his leadership in the 1980's Chuck Norris and his wife Diana divorced they'd been married for thirty years since he was 18 years old and had three grown-up children his two sons Eric and Mike had also joined the Walker family directing many episodes of the series something despite the success he'd found having no one to share it with left him empty my best friend just realized I had a hole in my heart I really did I was living a very fast-paced life and not really a constructive life I mean even though I successful in the film world and financially successful in all this up here he still saw an emptiness in my heart and he says you know that emptiness is because you don't have a soulmate to share it with and I you know I kind of hid mine I I'll need that you know he's well there's a girl I know a woman I know that you know I love for you to meet her that's it okay don't kind of thrown it away but anyway one night I'm at a sushi restaurant with my with a lot of my friends and some of my family and this woman walks in I was really nervous when I came in that night and I didn't really know what to expect and but I thought who is that over there who is this guy at the end of the table with the baseball cap he's pretty cute I look it up in her and he's like an angel standing there as holy mackerel you know and I just kind of staring at it for a moment nice at all it's nice to meet you Gina you know what oddly enough I'm from a little town in the High Sierras of 2000 people I worked in law enforcement raising kids working all the time so I didn't really watch a lot of TV but I think really not knowing was an advantage for the two of us I know it seems kind of hard to believe but I got to see him as a person you know a guy that just gets up and goes to work every day like every other man and so I didn't have all that celebrity stigma or whatever attached to him I got to see him for who he was couple days later she's doing a modeling assignment which is uh she was modeling wedding dresses so I go to watch your model these wedding dresses here in Dallas it was a good time in his life to find a soul mate and settle down it took a long time to find a person that he can be that madly in love with so I told my mom about her about gene I called my mom and told her about this gal that really else is really beautiful person not only physically but in her – so I told about the wedding dresses that bringing up any ideas I said no mom no no no no ideas famous last words because you know truthfully I was not looking to get married cuz I've dated a lot of girls and all of my dated I had no aspirations of getting married at all when Gina came into my life is a beautiful young lady uh you know she it'd be nice relationship but I didn't force it as a man marriage type of it really now let's talk about that well I didn't until until I found the inner you when I found they enter you the night that made a little more important to me I was doing Walker and working eight sixteen hours a day I said only break I have on Walker is Thanksgiving you know I have four days off at Thanksgiving and that's uh just weeks from now and I said that's the only time I have you know for us to get married and I said you know yeah you're like can you do it nicest can you can you do it in six weeks she says well I haven't said yes yet I said oh oh as a toy I said I would you bear I said yes she said yes I said well okay you got six weeks oh no pressure and we did it was a beautiful wedding but I tell you she she did an incredible job in six weeks she put this whole thing together we had over 500 guests although both Chuck and Gina had grown up children from their previous marriages they began talking about starting a new family together we decided to start a second family and when Gina got pregnant we go to for the first sonogram and yeah doctor goes oh yeah there's that little tight and she goes oh oh looks like there's another one here and I go WOW twins really you know and she's yep and then she goes to let oh it sucks there's a third one now I have to sit down I just three really like it's all here I can't no I'm carrying her like he's all lighted dance isn't is it right is it really three says what we don't know well we know for a week so for a week I'm trying like I cannot three how do you how do you hold three in your arms you know and Betty what of course I want to being twins Wow you know I'm almost done with mine mine are getting ready to move out it's got more energy and I got taken to see the rodeo oh it's the first time ever get your hat off then I'll get your hat there's your hat put it on by did you see that picture of the president back here when I had him out here before I was president like I gave his choking that horse well these are my people here you know the Texans and yellow Southwest these are people identified because we've got to go dr. stateman well earned the respect to these people because of his own life and overcoming adversity and also because of his excellence in his field he is a very famous personally around the world and it's no Chuck Norris is no fluke he's for real Piro runners Hostel oh man reaction he's just an actor a movie star he's an international icon and he's a hero to so many people it separates him you know gives him just a different quality because he's the real deal and he's our hero at home as well homegrown heroes tomorrow night an evening of princes charming gets underway with Williams women at 7:00 paying our respects to the Commonwealth tonight though as our Australia Day party gets started with Naomi Watts next

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  1. That's such a great honor awesome blessing that you have all these fantastic memories working with grandmaster Bruce Lee

  2. I think that Texas Ranger and many of his films are chauvinistic BS but I have great respect for his perserverence, will and talent and generous heart and he has contributed to children. I think he epitomizes the power of focus and dedication.

  3. 2 synchronicities in the first couple minutes, George Bush Sr died today and he appears near the beginning of this video, and 2nd the first glimpse of Texas Ranger ep they show was on normal tv last night. The universe is trying to tell me something… Whatever that is.

  4. Respect to Chuck Norris for his overall career as an actor and a martial artist, a great man with a great spirit and kindness.

    But you Americans please stop claiming that he is a 6th time Karate World Champion, winning average level USA championships calling themselves "World Championships" not being recognized by the Japanese Emperor (or Olympic comitee) and not fighting the real World champions fighters in Karate of his era doesn't make Chuck a Karate World Champion (even if he is a good martial artist).

    Chuck Norris didn't win titles in International Karate Organization (IKO), not in Japan Karate Association (JKA), Japan Karate Federation (JKF), not in World Union of Karate-do Organizations (WUKO) becoming World Karate Federation (WKF), all those who make the real Karate World Championships.

    The first (semi-contact point) Kumite  Karate World championship was in 1970.
    (by WUKO now WKF)
    And the first full contact (Kyokushin) Karate World championship was in 1975.
    Before 1970 there was the JKA All Japan Karate Championship in 1957.
    There was no real Karate World championship with the whole world competing before 1970, so 1960's Karate "World" titles in the USA are fake news.

    Chuck also didn't win against the best Karatekas of his time (neither did Bruce Lee) :
    he has zero wins against Jon BLUMING, Chris DOLMAN, Masutatsu OYAMA, Hiroshi SHIRAI, Dominic VALERA, Katsuaki Sato, Kenji Kurosaki, Tadashi Nakamura, Terutomo Yamazaki, Takashi Azuma, Hideyuki Ashihara, Makoto Nakamura. Morio Higaonna, Hidetaka Nishiyama, Keinosuke Enoeda, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Otti Roethof and hundreds more of the real Karate World Elite Chuck never fought against.

    Even in his federation the Kumite and the katas of his students all around the world shown in this video are of a very low level of Karate (and/or Tae Kwon Do). Because Hajime Kazumi, Semmy Schilt, Bas Rutten, Lyoto Machida, GSP, Rico Verhoeven, Christophe Pinna, Rafael Aghayev, Alex Biamonti, Wayne Otto in Kumite, and in kata (forms) Tsuguo Sakumoto, Dario Marchini, Luca Valdesi, Rika USAMI, Kiyou SHIMIZU are probably astonished if they see the low level of USA Karate and their exagerated Karate world champion claims winning US championships only (no wonder the USA is only 10th in the real all-time list by country in Karate).

    Chuck's real number of real World Karate champion titles under real Karate World federations fighting real World level Karate elite fighters is zero
    (all respect due it is the sincere truth see reasons above, i have to be sincere regarding the Japanese principle of MAKOTO and I do not mean to offend Chuck Norris or his fans, I am one of those fans myself, but the Truth is the Truth for all of us if we like it or not, you should not try rewrite martial arts history)

    Still respect to Chuck Norris (like Bruce Lee) for everything he did to positively influence people around the World and motivate many people to do Martial Arts, for that and his movies and his degrees in Tang Soo Do (not Karate) all martial artists around the World have to give him great respect and even if his World titles are not real one's.

    Lone Wolf McQuade intro with the music is epic and of the highest level, comparable of the best western movie openings ever. And the movie itself is by far his best movie.

  5. O M G i really enjoyed watching this bio of Chuck Norris. It was very good. I grew up watching Chuck Norris and my boys grew up watching him as well. They love watching Walker Texas Ranger with me and their grand mother.

  6. Chuck Norris is encredable what a great guy love all his movies watch walker reruns every nite great show. Brought back the western hero's of the 50/60 what I grew up on😀

  7. Chuck has told his Mom " Mama how many times have I told you to not call me Carlos, Any more,the Name is " Chuck" , Don't let me show you my Roundhouse kick Mama."

  8. I met Chuck & James Belushi, At a Cigar Show that they were appearing in Manhattan, Back in the 80's Two great guys to talk to & they signed my Photo of them also , Which I Now have up in my Den, A Collector's item for me for sure Happy 78th Chuck Today & many many more etc.



  11. Chuk Kuk Do. Hmm, sounds a lot like Jeet Kune Do. Could Chuck be actually copying Bruce Lee somewhat?…Maybe a little, Teeny bit? lol.

  12. Chuck Norris great actor and a great martial artist he's got Style just as great as Bruce Lee and his style. Keep it cool Chuck.

  13. Chuck Norris recently went sky diving. After jumping, he discovered his parachute would not open. He returned the parachute the following day.

  14. I was at a Dennis Alexio World Championship Kick Boxing Bout at Harvey's Lake Tahoe about 1991 and noticed chuck norris was sitting about 4 rows up from me and to the right. Myself being a TANGSOODO Black Belt at the time I wanted to meet him and say Hi. chuck got up with a few of his bodygaurds and stated to leave and I told myself it's now or never, so I stood up and bowed at him and stuck out my hand and said "Ong Yong Hawshipnika Sir!" ( Hello in Hangumal / Korean ) chuck sneared at me and ignored my offer to shake hands and kept walking. Since that day I have told everyone who ever brought his name up as to What a Arrogant ASSHOLE he is. One of the tenant's of TANGSOODO is Respect, He didn't show me any and as a result I now have none for him. I wrote this so people could know a side of him I experienced!

  15. Chuck Norris and Aaron Norris are the most down to earth guys you would just want to hang out with. Also they are Men of God. Not ashame of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God bless you both, Chuck and Aaron.

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