Christopher Hitchens on Classic Literature: Homer's Odyssey (2000)

19 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens on Classic Literature: Homer's Odyssey (2000)

  1. Ugh, this J Bottum guy has really obnoxious ways of imposing his Christian beliefs onto everything. It's fucking gold when Hitchens comes in and replies to it, it's like you almost forgot he's saying that on a panel with fucking Hitchens in it. Mr Bottum is an absolutely pompous prick.

  2. God, I wish the yellow haired guy would shut the hell up. I compared 3 translations of the Odyssey, one which was supposedly truest to the sound of the original poem by Rodney Merrill, one of the most popular translations by Robert Fagels, and the Stanley Lombardo translation. I went the distance and read it cover to cover with the Lombardo translation, because it is the most enjoyable to read. The pompous yellow hair twat, who has the gaul to sit next to a great interpreter of Homer and many other ancient poets such as Stanley Lombardo, and totally disembowel the life of the translation, is just disheartening to watch. Chris Hedges review of the Lombardo translation was mentioned earlier in the program (Chris Hedges is also one of my favorite journalists ever, and was before I knew of his review), and his review is worth reading, because it is glowing and gives deserving praise, and sparse criticism.

  3. That was the age of heroes and heroism .these heroes believed that they would become immortals if they fought bravely .they would be remembered forever in the songs

  4. After they finished recording, Stanley Lombardo put on his cape and fedora, and flounced out of the room

  5. Hitchens was such a great critic. Wish I would have paid closer attention to what he said while he was around.

  6. This blonde guy is a doofus. We get it you don’t like the translation, you don’t need to keep rubbing it in while the author is right there. And god can this guy not joke once in a while? He’s taking the thing way too seriously haha

  7. 1:50:30 the professor is asked about the olive tree symbol, and neglects to mention it was Athena's answer to a challlenge with Posideon for a gift to Greece. Even after all his mentions of Odysseus and Athena's symbiosis.

  8. Just like Achilles was a hero in ancient Troy, Christopher Hitchens is my hero in modern times, the most complete amazing orator, humanist and polymath of modern times, Hitchens voice will continue to educate the Masses for thousand of years. Wish that Mr. Lombardo will have done away with the fucking annoying drum, it distracts and takes away from the objective lecture.

  9. Debra commentary's is so asinine and inane; her presence in the panel definitely weakens it – greatly!

  10. now, in modern times….. life is nasty and brutish and LONG! maybe greek days was more noble not dying in the ''old folks home''

  11. why is that child killing western ideologue & scumbag, now rotting in hell, hitchen's despised name attached exclusively  to this video, when there are many others involved in discussion? is it a case of an ignorant, idiotic, irrational, sucker-boy(as all fans/twinks of hitchens are)  trying hard to see ,hear, smell, taste. only their god/idol and his penis? seems so . 

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