Christopher Columbus – My First Biography Read Aloud

today's read aloud is about Christopher Columbus who dreamed of adventure and discovery he sailed across an ocean to an unknown land he showed the way and many others followed Christopher Columbus written by Marian Dane Bower illustrated by Liz Goulet Du Bois Christopher Columbus was a dreamer when he was a boy he dreamed of sailing the ocean sea when he grew into a man Christopher Columbus was still a dreamer you dreamed of reaching the Indies by sailing around the world Columbus needed sailors and ships to make his dream come true he asked the King of Portugal for help the King said no he asked the king and queen of Spain for help the king and queen said no he asked again again they said no and again they said no but Columbus kept asking after many years the king and queen finally said yes Columbus sailed into the unknown with 90 sailors and three ships the ships were the Nina the Pinta in the Santa Maria they sailed the ocean for over nine weeks we will never see land again the sailors wept but only a few days later one of the sailors spotted something Durrel he cried land land plum is not on the ground and gave thanks for their safe arrival he thought he had arrived in the East Indies he called the gentle people who came to greet him Indians Columbus never knew that his dream had brought him to a new land the Americas Columbus dreamed the dream he showed the way many others followed

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