Christoph Vandreier, author of Why Are They Back?, at the 2019 London Book Fair

this is Christoph Vandreier at the London
Book Fair where we are presenting the English translation of Why Are They Back?
And why are the back is a book dealing with how the rise of the far-right and
Germany was ideologically and politically prepared. I mean in the
German parliament there are now deputies saying that they are proud of the German
soldiers in the Second World War who were involved in the greatest atrocities
and crimes in human history but even before that professors like Jorg
Baberowski at Humboldt University in Berlin said things like Hitler was
not vicious and there was not a single academic in Germany or internationally
opposing this the only ones that were opposing these attempts to falsify
German history where the Socialist Equality Party and its youth movement
the international youth and students for social equality IYSSE and we got a lot
of support for that because you have a huge opposition against racism the
far-right and anti-semitism in the german population but at the same time you
could see that in the elite the far-right is coming back and that is not
just a german phenomenon it’s true in the u.s. from sSalvini in iItaly, Orban
in Hungary the growing of nationalism in Great Britain and the reason the far right is coming back
is that all the unresolved issues of the 20th century are coming back. the deep
crisis of capitalism the interimperialist rivalries the danger of world
war and with this all the trash of history is coming back fascism racism
and anti-semitism. so the only way to fight this is to fight capitalism the
question is again socialism or barbarism and that is why I ask you to read the
book Why Are They Back and to help build the international socialist movement
thank you very much

6 thoughts on “Christoph Vandreier, author of Why Are They Back?, at the 2019 London Book Fair

  1. Comrade Vandreier's work on the return of fascism and the far right is of immense importance. I am certain that it will become an essential part of the political education of millions of people.

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