Christina Crawford, Author of "Mommie Dearest", Interview with Bill Boggs

40 thoughts on “Christina Crawford, Author of "Mommie Dearest", Interview with Bill Boggs

  1. Joan Crawford was no mother! She doesn’t deserve that title I well know that goes behind closed doors my so called dad abused my older sister and my older brother I saw him knock my sister to the floor, smacked my brother across the head ranted none stop he used to have a yellow bat and smack them with it the only ones he hardly touched is me and my other younger sisters but he was a monster to my older sister and brother. He didn’t even change as he got older he punched my neice full force on the arm for no fault off her own because he was in a typical mood! So I got in his face and told him if I ever see him hurting any of my nieces nephews or my children I will knock him out!! Abusers do select their prey so they ones that aren’t abused will take their side because either they never saw it or they think because it didn’t happen to them then the one getting the abuse must have done something to cause that abuser to lash out, they are very cunning but I witnessed my sister and brother being abused so I wasn’t going to let that thing that suppose to be my dad hurt any other child!! Joan shouldn’t have been allowed to take kids on and those that witnessed it and did nothing about it are just as bad end of

  2. This interviewer, or whoever gave him his questions, is a douchebag. He's very clearly trying to push the story against her.

  3. Christ sake man, get a grip. It wasn’t revenge. Being abused and having a parent playing mind games is awful. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our parents. Writing helps to get the pain out of oneself. I’ve always written diaries talking about how awful my father was. But I loved him and still do. He’s still as manipulating and I still feel anxious around him. I 100% believe Christina. I had a red book, I had to throw it away in my late teens as it upset me reading it so much. An example….100 lines, saying,” I must know what I want for my tea, when asked by my Dad”.

  4. I admire you Christina you are my real life hero. You’re the reason why I will continue to live my life and fight

  5. The guy interviewing Christina is HORRIBLE! WHAT AN ASS. I mean, what does he know about her life. Making assumptions about why she wrote the book?

  6. Parents often have their favourite, but also a favourite child to pick on which was me; I was beaten by far the most, resented and neglected the most.
    And my parents always dismissed their sexism, their taking sides and worst of all: their abuse and neglect.
    The favoured, youngest sibling to this day paints a rosy picture of our childhood but luckily my older sibling confirmed my stories when our parents tried to claim I was a liar or just imagining things.
    Everything that Christina Crawford tells rings true.

  7. Liar LIAR Liar LIAR…. You guys realize she's made her who life's career bad-mouthing her dead mother whom she had no chance competing with.. No Chance!!

  8. All a victim wants, is for their story to be heard, their reality to be acknowledged. But no, the interviewer and other child abuse apologists have to insist that this book is written out of revenge.
    It's not about the abuser, people. Why is that so difficult to accept.

  9. For a long time I didn't want to believe her.. "her mum was a Hollywood star for god sake" it was easy to think that she was benefitting from her mother's fame, and that she was bitter about being left out of her mother's will, but now that i'm older and wiser, I have changed my opinion and respect her for having the courage to speak about what happened to her, and opening herself up to be ridiculed and called a liar.. alright she made money from the book, but that does not take away from the fact that she was abused by her mother, who just happened to be "Joan Crawford".

  10. I love the early interviews with Tina. Shes so sweet and innocent. All victim. Her more recent interviews were so bitter. Why? You've lived off a dead woman for 40 years. Be proud.

  11. Even her body language suggests she's genuinely sincere….it wouldn't have sense that she made all up….then the book is quite different than the movie for which she isn't responsible of

  12. Victim shaming my ass. What a true victim go when parade around with drag queens at a showing of Mommie Dearest? Which he constantly rehash her supposed story with quote on quote new material every 20 years? I smell a rat. What's lacking in her story is consistency. Christina has been playing the victim for over 40 years now because it pays the rent. Read A Child Called It and you will know what abuse is.

  13. She should've been with her mother when she died and went to see her on mothers day. This twat hated her mother and it's sickening.

  14. Christina is no where near the level of beauty of Joan's face, Christina's eyes look like snake eyes and Joan's eyes were made for the movies. Jealous little Tina lol. Christina I hope you are seething from the popularity that Joan still has to this very day. I've seen so many young and new fans of Joan posting on instagram since the movie Feud Bette and Joan. Christina doesn't love her Mother. No one who loves their parent writes a book for profit about them. I just wish Christina would be truthful about her own ungrateful and selfish personality. Don't ever trust anyone who paints someone as evil and they are the angel. Puhhhhlease. Christina's was a horrible child.

  15. I went thru some of the exact same things as Christina. I also have a narcissist mother who could do no wrong and felt justified by all her actions. No regrets. No guilt. No apologies. I actually sent her this movie Mommie Dearest on Mothers day one year. No card. No note. Never heard a word. I know she got the message tho.

  16. I read Ms. Crawford's book. It did open my eyes to some of the actions of my own parents. Now I will say my parents never abused me to the degree as to the way she mentioned she was treated. My parents for the most part were good parent's, but they WERE NOT PERFECT PARENTS. it did suddenly open my eyes to say to myself when thinking back to some of the specific instances I experienced during my childhood, "Why the H – – L would you ever do that to your kid?"

  17. Joan Crawford left Christina out of her will because Joan knew she was writing this book before her demise=Christina not in the will. Not sure why Crawford left the son out …

  18. Dude he is a fu king soulless bitch!!!! Why question her? She went through hell and back. She has every reason to tell her story!!! Fucking twat man. Im appalled

  19. This piece of qhit guy condemning her forntalking about her abusive mother needs to go to hell! How dare he sit there and say "why say all this qhen she cant defend herself" that little girl couldnt defend herself at 5 years old when her mother beat the shit out of her!!! Fuck you son of a bitch. I hope you are rotting in hell. Cunt.

  20. People see what they want to see. Predictably, people always have to resort to "politics" to make their point. It would be nice if people could just make their point without dragging political leaders into it.

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