Christian Slam Poet on TikTok (Uhteakuh) Is SO WRONG About This!

on today's episode of we are headed to the app tick-tock for a tick-tock ministry from a user called Atika whose follower count is admittedly blowing up why you ask what is tick-tock you ask I'm mister atheist let's do this okay first things first what is tick-tock well originally it was supposed to be like a vine replacement since then as far as I can tell it's turned into a place for horny teenagers to make plans to go do heroin okay no not actually I signed up for it a couple of weeks ago to kind of look at it and see if it was a platform I wanted to extend out to still haven't really made a decision but it's mostly it's mostly a lot of silly stuff people doing song covers fun dancing and and sort of music based memes and it's very me malicious but you know me I don't participate in memes I'm literally wearing my buttoned shirt under this so anyway now where there are horny teenagers obviously Christianity's gonna follow it sees that as a group of good people to go shame and such and in this case we are looking today at this profile this was sent to me over on reddit our slash dear mr. atheist that's the place for people to suggest videos I believe it was from user if kpop was Punk and this is a Christian slam poet called Atika I think I'm pronouncing that right but I could be I could be incorrect before I get started the first thing I want to say is I kind of like Atika watching the stuff her flow is very nice she seems like one of those people that's just sort of always positive and happy and it's it's kind of one of those things where you're like why are you always so positive and happy and of course she's gonna say it's Jesus and I would disagree but you know but that's a topic for another time but she does seem like one of those people who's probably always positive always sort of nice and helpful but again this is based on the persona that she presents via tick-tock she seems perfectly Pleasant and in no way do I think anyone needs to go over there leave hate comments or anything like that but that's also just never been my style so there's not many people I would suggest that for so what Atika does is sort of short inspirational slam poems some of them mild some of them are not and and that's kind of what I wanted to talk about today I'm gonna show you some and it's it's that situation of here is a person that I find to be quite likable I genuinely do I think she is very very likable who unfortunately is still advocating for bad things terrible things in some cases and we will get to one such case so anyway let's just go see whatever her most recent one is I just want to let all my godly family know to never lower your standards and here's why so when you date to marry you're looking for a lifelong partner someone who loves you and uplifts you won't give up when life gets harder so it's okay to have high standards for the person you're gonna marry because lowering your standards and marrying them it's kind of scary okay so that one not the worst thing in the world now I disagree with the concept of dating to marry I don't think she necessarily said that that's what dating has to be for she also does talk about lifetime partner you're looking for somebody for life I know that's how a lot of people approach it I actually think that approach has been negative for a lot of people that is something I'll make a video on in the future that I'm I'm fine with the existence of marriage however the fact that so many people go into it thinking the only way for a marriage to be successful is if it lasts till you die that is something I via mentally disagree with and it seems to me that there is an expectation set in there that is not good let's go to the next one can you do it my god is a shield my god is a rock man that keeps me on top on top of the hate on top of the lies on top of the devil who's in disguise okay so this is just one of those sort of things that Christians do with their I mean it's not just Christians it's religious people in general and it's probably just people in general again this sort of thing not all that harmful however with the sort of these sort of repetitive mantras and things that you get in your brain it they can be they can make it harder for you to think independently definitely like they they definitely definitely can and they stay in your head for years just the other day I was singing in my head count your blessings and it was actually funny count your blessings and sweet dreams I'm Marilyn Manson for some reason both were stuck in my head on the same day explain that one Christians but yeah I think somebody had just said the phrase like count your blessings to me and I literally for the rest of the day when upon life pillows you are tempest-tossed when you are discouraged thinking all is lost you may notice that I whenever I sing hymns I don't I don't exactly try to put any mustard on it I just start a lamb lamb lamb lamb lamb let's just do a whole thing called burner blue eggs overdoing it's even better but anyway those kinds of things that there they do they do make it harder and they're things that you become attached to there's something very up that rhythm and something kind of nice about what she was doing there I don't remember all the words it was he he is my rock he is the man that keeps me on top that would've meant something else to me here is the church here is the steeple open the door see all the people at nope that was this one was it or was it no maybe it was anyway moving on to some of the stuff of hers that I'm not so in favor of it's gonna get a little bit worse then it's gonna get a lot worse I'm a Christian or not welcome to LGBT because Who am I to judge someone who's a human being like me Oh what it what a great start right like that is that's couldn't go wrong now that she's not going to judge people who are LGBTQ and and then she ruins it since our equals what church taught me so you can't be a Christian and hate sinners that's hypocrisy agreeing with it and loving them are two different things so I gladly give them the love that I received from the king okay this is the apologetics and people trying to feel better about the hateful things in their religion that many many religious people including myself in the past undoubtedly I did this exact same thing this is a way that people put a smile on hatred so let me be extremely clear to you Atika Atika who I like Atika I do like you I'm not just saying that for the sake of building credibility but the thing you need to understand is that this concept of loving the sinner but hating the sin is still hating the sinner because you're not talking about something like hey that person stole something I'm still gonna forgive them it's fine I get it they did that maybe they did that to me I can forgive them you can decide God can forgive them too we're not talking about that that thing that you and I both agree is immoral you you thinking that you're basing that on biblical precepts but the fact of the matter is you're not you actually hold that that belief that that is wrong because of modern society and that's how our society works however you as a person anyway we could argue about where society got that from but you are talking about identity you are talking about something that a person was born with and it's so sad to see from someone who should be able to understand you who is a person of color who can read throughout history the number of times people have said your mere existence and identity is disgusting or sinful I come from Mormonism that was certainly the case in 1978 God changed his mind about black people that was not a very good reenactment of the Sun but this is no different you would not accept that coming from another person saying listen I love you I just hate your dark skin you are talking about a person's identity in something that is true to them at their core and while I am sure that as a practical matter the way you day-to-day treat these people is likely with kindness with the same kind of kindness you seem to exude here on your tick-tock Channel when you advocate for these things you are advocating for the thought processes for the things that are in these children's mind who are killing themselves at ridiculous rates who are going to church knowing about themselves that they are gay or trans or whatever and that that is incompatible with these things that their parents or their family or just what however they ended up at that church that they want to get the approval of this god of this sky daddy and this person through these other people have laid down that something that is core to them is wrong is an abomination to use the words from the book you subscribe to and then comes the self-loathing because when you say hate the sin that that's the right way they go after that too they go this part of me is a sin and I hate it and that turns into hating yourself there will undoubtedly be people who see that I am reviewing your channel and think why would he go after her why what could he possibly have to say she's so nice she advocates for love and I wish you were and a lot of your stuff is mild because Christianity isn't true I wouldn't say that it's fine but it's fine but this is not this is evil this is wrong this is advocating for hate but trying to paint a heart on it when you say I love the sinner I just hate their sin I can't hate them themselves because that would be hypocrisy because I have sinned you are saying that these these things you do that are wrong or immoral or these times you have sinned that that is the same of these people who were born set to love who they're going to love set to be attracted who they're going to be attracted to so once again Atika I dare say I do like you I've scrolled through a few of your videos now you are enjoyable to listen to your tone your cadence even your voice I like most things about you this isn't one of those hate atheists oh look how cringy this is sure I do those videos from time to time this is actually me one person with a platform granted it's smaller than yours it actually wasn't when I first saw this account but now it is she's blowing up from one person with a platform to another person with a platform this specific thing and there might be more I will probably scroll through your tik-tok more I'm not interested in making a bunch of videos unless unless you really turn to the like complete and total dark side on this specific thing I very much hope you will reevaluate what you've said and I hope you will go into your book and do the apologetics I hope you'll go over to the digital Hammurabi's channel and watch the video that actually demonstrates that the original context of the Old Testament actually in many scenarios condoned it didn't condemn homosexuality I suffer no delusions that this video is going to take you out of Christianity completely but I do hope you will stop using phrases like this referring to gay people just being themselves being the selves they were born as and still telling them and still telling them that they are sinners because sin is another really disgusting concept to come out of religion sin is not the concept of morality morality is what we as a society have come to the conclusions that we cannot abide each other doing or that we like each other doing there's often a lot of incredible nuance and we work through those things sin is this concept that there is an individual somewhere and he's decided what is wrong whether or not it is justifiable or not and people should live according to that word regardless of whether or not it goes against their very nature even if that nature does not harm other people please Atika reevaluate and if you'd like to have a discussion reach out to me my email is dear mr. atheist at and we can have a totally non hostile conversation just because you and I disagree at our cores on some major issues doesn't mean we can't find some common ground and perhaps I dare say learn from each other that is where I am going to leave it and that is where this set is going to leave it I don't suppose you will see this set again on an episode of dear mr. atheist it'll still be on my live shows this weekend and it will appear on the episode of objectively dan which I am appearing on today by the time this comes out probably in like an hour too but if you don't watch life says say of either saying to this set we are moving everything to that new studio holy moley it's been a ton of work it is also extremely expensive so as always if you want to support the channel number one way to do it right now is the Amazon wish list which is all studio staff helping us get built up otherwise hit the subscribe button hit the like button and follow me on twitter and instagram @ dear mr. atheist reddit r slash dear mr. atheist that's where you can suggest things like today's topic which was suggested again I think the user was called if kpop was Punk and a special thank you as always to my wonderful patrons without them there would likely be no us here's some video suggestions if you want to support the channel by staying a while and a special thank you to my patron of the day Danielle Cavuto would love to all of you including you Atika I've been Jimmy snow mister atheist was not my father

31 thoughts on “Christian Slam Poet on TikTok (Uhteakuh) Is SO WRONG About This!

  1. I keep getting bible study apps ads before your videos? This time it was a kids bible study app. It's gonna be a yikes from me chief

  2. Playing Devil's advocate (because I agree with most of the things you advocate.) However…would you make the same argument for pedophiles? I'm just curious. Because we as a society have pretty much agreed that that is immoral but they would all say the same things about themselves that you are saying about homosexuality, that it is an identity. Part of them to the core. But to us its immoral. I can sympathize with them and see how living with that affliction must be torture but I definitely HATE that sin. And no matter what, I'm always going to hate that. I'm just saying it's all relative. We're drawing arbitrary lines. I'm not religious. At all lol. I'm just curious what the difference would be in your opinion.

  3. Oh well let her be irs between her and God and by the way I agree with her but I disagree with you a lot bc chirstianallity is real and is right so please does be like that to me religon

  4. Oh i saw her on TikTok but I didn’t think much of her. Now that you explain it i honestly dislike her now. I wish she’d understand the words coming out of her mouth were still negative.

    Also for the people who think TikTok is cringy and just for teens, it’s actually a pretty fun app with people of all ages! Heck I’ve seen a old married couple on TikTok who are 71 and 78 years old! Also there’s some great artists on cosplayers on there!

  5. Rip why is it that the thing i get right before this is about women trying to read me the Bible? God i help they aren't like the people you talk about 😓

  6. It's great that you like her so much but don't like or agree with her message. Good vid. God bless you & you, you bless God.

  7. You know, ive never did the lgbt hate the sin not the sinner. I thought it was always stupid even when I was mormon.

  8. Can anyone explain to me what's with the catch phrase at the end of every movie? "I am Jimmy Snow, Mr. Atheist was NOT my fater." ???

  9. I went to high school with Aatiqah omfg, I can’t believe she’s on your channel! We did theatre together, I actually knew her pretty well

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