Christian Faith Publishing Is Transforming A Manuscript Into A Movie!

I over the past few years Christian faith publishing has built a positive reputation in the book publishing industry we have steadily become one of the largest publishers not only distributing books in a Christian market but a secular as well because of our size and stability new opportunities present themselves to us all the time that directly benefit our authors the idea of turning a book into a movie has been a dream of ours for many years we published so many fantastic stories here at CFP and so many could transfer over to the big screen if only we had the relationships the means the platforms to do so well I'm super excited and very pleased to announce that now we do Krishna faith publishing is gonna choose one manuscript and produce an independent film based on that story yes you heard me right if you publish with CFP in 2018 your manuscript will be eligible to be produced into an independent film with major distribution we have partnered with industry vets that have a long list of film accomplishments under their belt that will take the reins and produce a movie based on one of our authors manuscripts this is also very exciting but that's not it Christian faith publishing publishes a lot of children's books as well if you're a CFP children's book author in 2018 we're gonna create a children's animated film much like a modern-day cartoon again this cartoon will be based on a CFP authors manuscript in short we're gonna take a book and we're gonna make a movie we're gonna take a children's book and we're gonna make a cartoon how do you qualify you might ask well it's simple all you have to do is be a Christian faith publishing author by the end of the day December 31st 2018 and your manuscript will be in the running for these amazing opportunities you

8 thoughts on “Christian Faith Publishing Is Transforming A Manuscript Into A Movie!

  1. Hello , My name is Elaine Bass, also an author with CFP. My children's book titled, " Sally and 36 Cents" would be a very good book to use .Sally is so relatable ,cute and loving I might add . Sally is a great roll model for kids. She would be an awesome CARTOON . Not to boast or anything but sometimes you have to step out of the box and not be afraid to ask. Thank you for your time. Elaine

  2. Good morning Christian Faith! First, I would like to say, Merry Christmas to the Christian Faith Family! I would surely like to see my book, The Hidden Mystery on the big screen.  I truly believed that this book would make a good movie.  The story let the readers know that, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.  The main character in the story proves to the world that, everything that he needed was already on the inside.  All he had to do was, stepping out of his fear, by walking on faith. I hope Christian Faith will choose my book for the big screen.Thank you, Paul R. Hillman

  3. I am very excited to be an Author of Christian Faith Publishing! Looking forward to see my Book making a movie! that's one of my dream!

  4. Announcing a new nonfiction book: Vision
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