Chris Palmer, author of Now What, Grad? Your Path to Success After College

during my career I've served in the world maybe worked for a prevalent on the United they produced giant screen IMAX bills on wildlife but none of those job gave me the profound satisfaction I get some teaching people how to succeed this is why I wrote my book now what grad will path to success after college I want to help students thrive in the real world after college one of my recommendation is for people to create their own special mission date once when I was in my young 20's are completely to engineering degrees and was effective asilah career designing and building warships and submarines for the Royal Navy but I was confused adrift and unhappy deep down I knew that I was not pursuing the right career path and then I had the idea of creating a personal mission statement which would describe in detail but type of life that I wanted to lead the process of making such a statement is not easy but it can be transformative it helped me decide on the type of life that I wanted to create for myself some of the biggest mistakes graduates make when entering the workforce for the first time include not showing up on time having a negative attitude and not behaving professionally instead they need to show up on time behave ethically welcome critical feedback and above all being enthusiastic this is what it means to behave professionally it paved the way for success one of my problems was always a terrible listener I never learned how to understand another person from their frame of reference listening is hard work authentic listening means you are listening with the intent to understand rather than to reply I also failed to make any distinction between what was the importance and what was urgent now I try to spend most of my time only working on important things which may not be urgent such as learning building relationships and personal development successful people are not afraid of failing they are really willing to take risks Amy does not mean your failure hailey does not mean work here it means you are trying hard taking risks getting out of your comfort zone all precursors to success when I worked at the National Wildlife Federation I got passed over for a major promotion I thought this failure was the end of my career but in fact he was the start of a new and exciting career and a professor and author when one door closes we are often blind at first to another door opening writhing in the real world takes skill Angeles my book now what grad can help people get there

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