Chris McCarrell and the Cast of THE LIGHTNING THIEF on Making Book Fans Happy & Honoring the Series

(jazzy music) – “The Lightning Thief:
The Percy Jackson Musical”, is on Broadway. In the popular book series, they enter Olympus through
the Empire State Building, so that’s where we are to talk
to the cast and creative team before they start their quest. ♪ I didn’t try to do anything ♪ ♪ I didn’t mean to hurt anyone ♪ ♪ I just wanna be a good kid ♪ ♪ Yeah, Percy, that’s a good one ♪ – I think I’m most excited
that they get to see a show that was created in a way
that we truly made it our own. All of our own personalities
are so integrated into the fabric of the show. – It captures the heart
that I fell I love with. It captures the soul and the tone that made everyone keep reading the books. – Everyone involved with it
has immense love for the books and all the inspiration that was required can be found within the
pages of Rick Riordan’s books and it comes from a place of love, so it’s very faithful
to the source material. – Some of the things are
taken directly from the books, some of the lyrics and some
of the dialogue itself. – And for people who
don’t know the books too, I think we’ve also worked really hard to bring people into the fold, to be like, this is an awesome series,
and I’ve heard from a lot of fans that are like, I’ve never even read the books and now I have to, so that’s also a joy. – The thing that’s so
gratifying about doing this show is that you sort of
have two groups of fans. You have the people who love the books and then you have people who love musical theater and Broadway, and so getting to see that
crossover, it’s so cool. – We knew we had to get it right, and a lot of that came from the tone really matching that humor with heart and really understanding that balance. – I mean, we consider
ourselves part of that fanbase and so, it’s been really important for us to make sure that the tone of the books is seen up on stage. – Rob has done such a great
job writing the music. Any time a character has a song, the lights just go into full concert mode and you feel like you’re at a rock show. It’s so awesome. – It’s just a wild ride. We go across the whole
country and back in the show. The most killer quest
on Broadway, I think, in my humble opinion. (guitar riffs)

8 thoughts on “Chris McCarrell and the Cast of THE LIGHTNING THIEF on Making Book Fans Happy & Honoring the Series

  1. I saw it while it was on tour. It's so good and does justice to the books. I'm so glad it made it to Broadway 😭🙌

  2., if you manage to arrange a Backstage series for Lightning Thief, I will personally sacrifice something* in honor of Dionysus, patron god of theatre

    *Most likely a can of Diet Doctor Pepper

  3. I freaking love this musical. PJO series lover or not you will LOVE IT. The cast is amazing and they capture the characters so well. Go see it while it's on Broadway!!!!

  4. Hi I have a story. I was blessed and fortunate enough to see the show on tour. After the show the wonderful cast held a Q and A (the cast we’re looking down at us from another floor of seating while they had everyone standing in the orchestra area )and being the weird person I am I was like “you know what I’m going to sneak up there and ask the cast for a hug “ I snuck up there like a ninja and I was standing right behind them. Practically breathing on the cast and no one noticed! (Except my friends standing on the bottom level freaking out) anyways once they started to leave I stepped in front of Kristen stokes (Annabeth) and asked her for a hug in which she kindly gave. Then Chris was behind her. I asked him for a hug and he just kind of looked at me and said “Hi! “ and waved. AND THATS MY STORY ABOUT THE TIME I MET CHRIS MC CARELL THANK YOU

  5. On Kristin's part of the interview, ngl I actually discovered the books because of this musical. I literally went from a person who doesn't actually read a fiction genre book to actually reading one. The people who've been in the fandom (or should I say, FANDAM–) longer than me made me curious about the show's accuracy from the original book they based it from and how the musical gave justice on the book unlike the movie adaptation. I literally read the whole PJO and HoO series in a span of 2 and a half months (okay sue me if im quite of a slow reader but I'm still new to reading, alright?)

    In conclusion, this musical dragged me to read the books as well (and by a help of a friend that was into it as well lmao)

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