Chris Crowley, Bestselling Author, Younger and Thinner Next Year

4 thoughts on “Chris Crowley, Bestselling Author, Younger and Thinner Next Year

  1. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Get Younger Tomorrow on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/get-younger-tomorrow-review/ Thanks, Neel.

  2. Got your book a long time ago (10 year, is that possible?) and I followed the advice, although I always was a runner). I bought a polar v800 heartmonitor and after I was not able to run, I started swimming with it (backstroke) what I still do every day). Have a very good heart rate what is necessary for me. Never reacted on one of your emails because you made your training an upper class kind of thing (skying in Aspen especial).

  3. I was introduced to this book by my neuro surgeon before a disk-replacement, and it changed my life. As an over 70 retired soldier, I feel better now, can walk and run further, and do more that I could 20 years ago. BTW, a vegan on George McGoverns's staff gave us the low fat, high carb diet in the 1977 government nutrition guidelines that is correlated with our obesity epidemic. Exercise trumps diet, but both are important.

  4. Nutrition is first, then exercise is second if you eat plant-based, HCLF.
    Animal protein diets accelerate aging and cause disease.
    Please read 'The China Study' by T. Colin Campbell.
    Even this guy is still taking statins. He admitted to it.

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