Choosing the Right POV For Your Novel

21 thoughts on “Choosing the Right POV For Your Novel

  1. I like close third person past tense. I usually only focus on one character, but everything is third person. It's also my favorite to read, with the exception of Rick Riordan's books. He also does multi POV REALLY well. When he transitions from character to character, you know immediately who is narrating. But most fall flat.

  2. To me, I find writing in Third Person easier than in First Person.

    Because when in third person, it's expected your "voice" (author's voice) is the one telling the story. You can go all out; no restrictions in voice.

    Unlike in First Person, you have to write the story in a way that the character's voice is the one narrating the story and not the author–more like of a sort of stage acting type writing. For me, I want to convince my readers that my character is the one narrating their tale and not me 😆

  3. I personally do limited omninsent 3rd person. When I pick my pov I ask myself these Questions: 1. Can I stick with this character's pov for 7 to 15 pages? 2. Is the character active or reactive during this time? 3. Are the thoughts and experiences in this character's pov during this time useful or harmful to the tension of the story? 4. Can I sit in the character's pov for 7 to 15 in a believable manner. 5. How compelling and/or amusing is this character's pov for the next 7 to 15 pages?

  4. I have a problem with my current project regarding the POV. I have two POV characters, one of whom is overall the more interesting character and everything inside of me wants to write the story from his POV. Normally I would shift to him and tell his story. The problem is, that he can't see the ending. The character who spans the whole story is omniscent (he's like the god of his world), but because of this he is less human and therefor less interesting then the other character. It's so difficult, because the story can't be told from just his POV, but I'm afraid the god-like one just bores the reader (even after I got comments on how interesting the god-like one is …). ARGH

  5. I have what is possibly a silly question. Why is it that everyone is warned off writing in second person so strongly? I've been writing a lot of interactive fiction lately and most of it is done in second person because of the format (the reader is the main character, or at least guiding them). But after writing that way, I'm having trouble working out why it would be so bad for every type of creative writing? Surely it could fit somewhere? (I've written short stories in 2nd person as well which I think work, but then again I haven't had those seriously critiqued either as they were written just for fun so I could be wrong.) Anyway, just wondering what the thought is on why using "you" is so bad, but "I" is ok? (Genuinely curious 🙂 )

  6. Dune is the best example of a God's eye view done right. That book is amazing! I need to read it again.

  7. and that is why I never read YA, I like more complex stories, epic fantasy for me thank you. Give me a big cast!

  8. Alicia you seem to be a romantic … How about Steven Kings novel where this woman brakes this poor little helpless man who loves to Wright romantic storeys and he was famus for writing.. And she began to be possive over him . she owned him and keep cripeled him helpless and bead ridden.

  9. SAMEEEEEEE. I love reading and writing using first person, past-tense.

    Although, why is is First Person Point of View instead of First Person's Point of View? Hahaha!

  10. Hey, I'm a new subscriber and I fell in love instantly with your channel. I do have a question though. I'm about halfway through my first novel, and it is a multi pov story. It's about something that happens to a small town and we get to see everyone's reaction to this potentially life threatening situation they are all facing. Regarding PoV, is there anything you'd suggest doing to make the multi PoV writing easier and seemless?
    Thank you very much, and lots of love from Brazil <3
    Btw: It's told through 3rd person, past tense.

  11. I despise being forced into POV I don't associate myself with (and I don't tend to while reading). Close third person/cam from behind/from the shoulder of the character, like Martin executes it, is so much better IMO.

  12. I’m not a huge fan of multi pov in general but “her pretty face” and “i’ll give you the sun” are both books i REALLY love. I recommend them.

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